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Drek's fleet is a location in Ratchet & Clank. It is the blarg warship fleet commanded by Chairman Drek, used as his base of operations. It consists of six large warships: the water tanker, the missile cruiser, the dreadnought, the light cruiser, Drek's flagship, and an unknown vessel. Ratchet and Clank infiltrated the fleet when it was in the Veldin orbit, before Drek invaded Veldin with the Deplanetizer.


You really are an idiot.

Chairman Drek and Captain Qwark inside the water tanker.

Ratchet and Clank received coordinates for the water tanker in Drek's fleet on planet Quartu from an infobot released by Clank's mother, which told them that Drek's fleet was in the Veldin orbit. Infuriated, Ratchet went at once to stop the fleet. The two infiltrated using the Hologuise to sneak past several sentry-bots to reach the teleporters to take them to the next ship, and once they reached Drek's flagship, made use of a jet fighter to destroy the defenses on the water tanker's hull, which allowed him to travel across Drek's flagship with Magneboots to reach the control room. Once they arrived, they found that Drek had vacated the flagship, and were left only with an infobot with a broadcast about Drek's impending use of the Deplanetizer on Veldin below. The two were also able to swim through the water tanker to find a CodeBot.


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Water tanker

Drek's Fleet map

Map layout of Drek's fleet.

Drek's fleet 1

The interior of the Water tanker

Drek's fleet 5

The water tanker towing Drek's new planet.

The first ship Ratchet and Clank arrive in is the water tanker, where Drek ordered Captain Qwark to use a space shuttle to travel to the Gemlik Base. This ship carries water to be used for Drek's new planet,[1] and the ship's water reserves are filled with traps that include mines and lasers. Ratchet could travel through these traps by pressing a button that would open the underwater doors and deactivate the electric security system, but trigger a countdown before it was reactivated. Ratchet could swim down and find the CodeBot.

Missile cruiser

The missile cruiser is a small battle ship that is easily accessed from the water tanker. When Ratchet and Clank explore it, they merely find a corridor containg sentry-bots and robomutts. The teleporter takes them to the dreadnought.


Drek's fleet 2

The interior of the Dreadnought.

The dreadnought contains many Sentry-bot guards and robomutts where Ratchet needed to kill the robomutts and not allow the Sentry-bots to see him without the Hologuise. After passing through, Ratchet could reach the light cruiser.

Light cruiser

Drek's fleet 3

The interior of the Light cruiser

The light cruiser is filled with robomutts, as well as security systems such as laser beams. After traveling through, Ratchet could reach Drek's flagship.

Drek's flagship

Drek's fleet 4

The flagship's control room.

Drek's flagship contains the control room from which Drek gave orders. When Ratchet and Clank reached this room, they had to walk on the ceiling and exterior of the ship using the Magneboots and O2 Mask. The water tanker's turrets here also prevented Ratchet from progressing further, meaning he had to acquire a jet fighter to destroy its turrets before reaching the control room.

Unknown vessel

Back so soon?

Qwark and Drek in the interior of the sixth ship.

The sixth, unknown vessel is visible from space, but not accessible to Ratchet or Clank. The vessel is small, and its main body is shaped roughly analogous to a leech with two massive engine pylons connected to its sides. It contains the room that appears in cutscenes with Drek on his ship, such as cutscenes when Drek had meetings with the Novalis chairman, Qwark, and the blarg elite commandos.


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