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Dreamtime is a level in Size Matters. It is a nightmarish dream sequence in Ratchet's subconscious, which he was forced to fight through while his DNA was extracted by the technomites at Medical Outpost Omega. Ratchet fought through nightmarish visions of enemies he had encountered, before Clank successfully awoke him.

The view of the first and third-person camera is limited, with a distorted camera effect on the screen surrounding the edges, limiting the player's view. Despite being a dream sequence, items obtained in the Dreamtime were brought back to the real world. At the remains of Medical Outpost Omega, it is possible to return to the Dreamtime by interacting with an operation table.


Ratchet's dream began with Doctor Qwarks, visions of Captain Qwark in a doctor's outfit, and Skrunch dressed in a nurse outfit, as they attempted to cut him upon with a chainsaw. After fleeing, Ratchet escaped through a door that led to a beach resembling Pokitaru. Here, a sinister, red-eyed version of Clank beckoned to Ratchet, but as Ratchet stepped towards this Clank's door, it vanished.

Ratchet fought through the mysterious realm, filled with visions of Ratchet's past foes. Ratchet also traveled through his past homes, his garage from Veldin, and his apartment on Endako. After fighting through several more visions, a sinister version of Giant Clank appeared, as Ratchet's weapons turned to butterflies, and Giant Clank itself threw butterfly bombs at Ratchet. After avoiding its attacks for a while, this Giant Clank turned into butterflies and disappeared.

The real Clank then arrived to Medical Outpost Omega, having flown there from Metalis at Skrunch's advice, and tried to wake Ratchet, who was still in deep sleep. Two doors then opened next to Ratchet, one with the sinister Clank, and another with the real Clank. Here, Ratchet heard the voice of Clank in the real world, as Clank blamed himself for not spotting Luna sooner. Ratchet comforted Clank, assuring him it was not his fault, and Clank pulled Ratchet through the door, awakening him.[1][2] Ratchet could return to Dreamtime by heading to an operation table at the remains of Medical Outpost Omega.


The Dreamtime location map.

The Dreamtime sequence opens with an area resembling Pokitaru, with two islands. The first appears normal, though as Ratchet reaches the second, he will find it is shrunk, as the huts are smaller than him, and that its sky is actually a dome wall, which once broken through, reveals the main Dreamtime area.

Dreamtime is largely comprised of a green void, with a few floating islands resembling pieces of Veldin's land. The islands are traversed by a few rocky platforms, umbrellas from Pokitaru, and occasional Hypershot targets. In addition, mimic plants form plants with Captain Qwark's head as the fruit, which are used to create Hypershot targets. As the sequence progresses, two later islands are warped visions of Veldin's land, with a purple waterfall seen on one, and purple soil on the other with large severed Clank heads.

In between the islands are different pieces of traversable land. These include a large vision of Qwark's straw hat, a landing pad for Ratchet's ship (on which the ship disappears once Ratchet reaches it), Ratchet's garage from Veldin, Clank's apartment from Endako, and large floating bolts. The floating bolts are all disparate, and portals are used to hop between them.

Within the void itself out in the distance are floating asteroids, large bolts, as well as solid images of the Plumber, scuttle crabs from Pokitaru, and Qwark's floating head. In addition, translucent images appear of people from Ratchet's past: Chairman Drek, Darla Gratch, and Dr. Nefarious. Later on, there are also large stone blocks from the Ryllus temple.

Dreamtime is also haunted by visions of enemies that attack Ratchet. Strange flying hypos, flying needles, warp in, and also appear from mirrors in Ratchet's garage and Clank's apartment. Floating eyeballs watch over some of the platforms, and their red gaze would instantly kill Ratchet upon making contact with him. Apparitions of a Doctor Qwark also appear, resembling Captain Qwark in a doctor's outfit using a chainsaw.

Behind the scenes

Art of Dreamtime in the credits.

In the artwork for Dreamtime in the credits, a massive monstrous silhouetted creature with red eyes and tentacles appeared.


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