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DreadZone Dropships were flying transports which carried DreadZone troopers such as DZ Strikers, DZ Berserkers, DZ Vipers and their variants, Executioners and sometimes Claw Tooth Swarmers and Reapers. At the beginning of the game, these ships only brought enemies, but they later acquired the ability to fire their side missile launchers (first done in planet Kronos). Sometimes they would stay and attack, while other times, they just attacked and then retreated. Strong or long-range weapons such as the Fusion Rifle were good against these dropships.

They were first encountered in DreadZone Station; Advanced Qualifier.

Dropships could vary in power, health and color. These were the types of DreadZone Dropships ever found:

  • Marauder Dropship: These had the same color scheme as Marauder Suit's and had low health but could resist quite some damage. First seen in Advanced Qualifer.
  • Avenger Dropship: These had the color scheme for the Crusader Suit, and not the Avenger's. They had about 50% more health than the Marauder Dropship, and also had increased firepower. First encountered in the Avenger Tournament.
  • Crusader Dropship: These were colored like the Avenger armor, and not the Crusader one, these guys had about 50% more health than the Avenger ones, and had a much higher firepower. They debuted in the Crusader Tournament.
  • Vindicator Dropship: These were mostly brownish and had about 50% more health than the Crusader Dropships. Their power was very high compared to the predecessor. Their first appearance was in the Vindicator Tournament.
  • Liberator Dropship: Black with red outlining, these had a very high amount of health and firepower, dealing immense damage to Ratchet. They were first found in the Liberator Tournament.


  • When looking at a DreadZone Dropship, its color is the same as the color of Ratchet's DreadZone armor: red for Marauder, etc. but green for[Crusader and blue for Avenger.
  • The DreadZone Dropship was the first dropship to directly attack, give experience and give bolts; these Dropships also gave ammunition (similar to most DreadZone enemies).
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