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Will you lose your lunch if you have to watch one more reality dating show? Is your Blarg Gone Wild video scratched from overuse? Then it's time to turn that dial to something a little more… dangerous! Time for some real action! IT'S TIME TO BLOW S***UP!!! That's right! It's time for DreadZone, the galaxy's no.1 uncensored, unethical, and completely underground combat sport, blasting straight at you, live, from the Battledome! Watch, as Ratchet and Clank take on Ace Hardlight and the Exterminators! They saved the galaxy 3 times over, but how long can they survive in the zone?
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Gleeman Vox's explanation of his combat sport until he runs out air., DL

DreadZone was an illegal combat show, much like Thugs-4-Less's Destructapalooza, although it shared more similarities with Annihilation Nation, Galactic Gladiators, Megacorp Games, and Agorian Battleplex, which were all legal combat sports. Formed by Gleeman Vox, DreadZone began with two guys fighting over a breakfast burrito (according to Dallas) and slowly evolved into the illegal combat sport it is today. The contestants can advance to a new planet or tournament by collecting enough Dread Points. In each battle, they had to fight thousands of Gleeman's forces or each other in order to achieve their freedom from Vox. All contestants were forced to wear Deadlock Collars to keep themselves in line with Vox's demands.

The contestants who participated in this combat sport often were forced to do so against their will. This was the case with the untold dozens of superheroes who Gleeman Vox systematically captured during the later years of the show's run. Using his vast army of private forces to capture these heroes, Vox forced them to wear the dreaded Deadlock Collars and pitted them against each other and Vox's minions. This scheme gave DreadZone numerous boosts in the ratings, and resulted in the deaths of dozens of beloved superheroes.

The series had acquired six trillion (6,000,000,000,000) fans, and was broadcast in the four galaxies, three of which were the Solana Galaxy, the Bogon Galaxy and the Polaris Galaxy. [citation needed]

Filmed live in the Shadow Sector, DreadZone's numerous battles and campaigns were reported by Vox News's anchormen Dallas and Juanita.

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Rules and regulations

  • Contestants who strayed into a restricted zone would receive a painful shock from their Deadlocked Collar.
  • Contestants that were uncooperative or boring would be executed via their Deadlocked Collar.
  • Contestants entering another contestant's Containment Suite would be executed.
  • Contestants that tampered with the Battledome Shuttle's or Interplanetary Transport's flight control system would have said vessel self-destruct on them.
  • Contestants that did not complete the Qualification Round in the allotted amount of time would be executed.
  • Contestants that failed to arrive at scheduled DreadZone events were executed.
  • Certain forms of communication between teammates of the same team were prohibited.
  • Tampering with Deadlocked Collars was prohibited.
  • The use of banned performance-enhancing drugs by a contestant would result in said contestant being forced to compete in the Gauntlet of Doom, according to DreadZone regulation section six, stroke five, paragraph nine.
  • Use of the one-shot-kill Quantum-Demoleculizer mod was prohibited (Ace Hardlight, being an Exterminator, was able to cheat without fear of punishment).

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The end of DreadZone

DreadZone was finally destroyed by the very man who had created it. When Ratchet became a contestant on the show, he managed to defeat all of the Exterminators and became the grand champion. He was then forced to beat one final campaign which was to be the final episode of the season, and was intended to kill him. However, with Clank's help, he beat the course, and the final episode of the season finished without an ending. After a rejected media deal, Vox personally attempted to kill Ratchet in the arena, rigging the entire DreadZone Station to explode if Ratchet failed his objective. Ratchet, the heroes and the spectators escaped, leaving Vox to die in the Battledome alone when the DreadZone Station went nova.

Following the shows demise, the void left by the show was soon filled by a continuous loop of Lance and Janice episode 10,972 titled I Like You, But I Don't Like-You, Like-You.[1]

Behind the scenes

Cut content

According to cut audio files, DreadZone implemented a new regulation during Ratchet's servitude as a DreadZone gladiator, which set new height requirements to all DreadZone gladiators. Because of this new regulation, Nano Man was required to be executed because of his small stature.


  • According to Dallas, DreadZone started with two guys fighting over a breakfast burrito and the rest is history, but according to the Ratchet: Deadlocked Manual, Vox started it when he saw the heroes on the news. Which means that either the manual or Dallas was wrong.
  • Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence were coming within range of the Battledome, but it exploded before they got there.
  • One of the captives of Dreadzone was named "Agent 0." This may be a direct reference to Spyro the Dragon, the franchise Insomniac developed previously for Universal Interactive Studious.
  • The footage from the DreadZone challenge Grist For The Mill was used for the blooper reel on the 2AM timeslot on the show.

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