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The Disc Blade Gun is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Up Your Arsenal. It fires a large rotating saw blade-like disc that deal heavy damage to enemies.

It can be purchased upon reaching Obani Gemini for 175,000 bolts. With use, it can be upgraded to the Multi-Disc Gun, which can split into up to sixteen discs. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Multi-Disc Gun for 500,000 bolts.

The Disc Blade Gun is a red and dark grey weapon, with a left-hand grip. It has a single slot from which discs are fired. The Multi-Disc Gun has a barrel with two slots instead.


Ratchet using the Disc Blade Gun.

The Disc Blade Gun fires discs that deal good damage when it is first acquired. It is useful against medium-to-large enemies, though it is initially outclassed by the Annihilator's range and rate-of-fire. However, the Disc Blade Gun's upgrades greatly improve the weapon. At V2, its discs ricochet off walls, and at V3, they also ricochet off enemies. The discs also explode at V4. These discs make it especially useful against groups of enemies, and in enclosed spaces. Though individual discs deal decent damage on their own, the damage greatly adds up with multiple discs.

The Multi-Disc Launcher is especially illustrative of this. Each of the Multi-Disc Launcher's discs split up upon hitting an enemy, up to sixteen discs at a time, and thus ensuring a large amount of discs hitting mobs of enemies. The discs will then continue to ricochet around the field, and thus, can also be coupled with fire from other weapons to deal a great amount of overall damage output.

An apparent downside is is that the enemy ricochet effect is near non-existent, as in open spaces discs will often not home in on enemy and rather veer off into the distance.

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