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Disable the security lasers is a mission in Ratchet & Clank, taking place in Skorg City on planet Quartu. After attempting to infiltrate the factory, the Galactic Rangers found the security lasers impenetrable. Clank suggested that he could sneak inside to disable them himself.


Clank will enter the factory, so head up, defeat the chompers, and hit the green button in front of the next door; ignoring the holocard for now, as it is blocked by a barrier only breakable with a bomb that you cannot yet use. Pick up the bridgebot here and throw it to create a bridge to the other side. Here, Zed, Drek's assistant appears on the other side, and will flee from you as soon as you create the bridge.

This commences the first puzzle. You will find two machines to your left, a gap directly in front of you, and a gap just to the right.

  • Pick up the gadgebot here and transform it to a bridgebot, then throw it directly in front of you to pick up the gadgebot on the other side.
  • Take this gadgebot back across the bridge, turning it to a springbot, and leave it on the ground here.
  • Pick up the bridgebot and then throw it to create a bridge across the right instead, creating a bridge up to a wall, and throw the springbot at the end of the bridge.
  • Jump up and pick up the gadgebot, turn it into a powerbot, then head back across the bridge and throw it to power up one of the two machines.
  • Pick up the springbot, turn it to a powerbot, and power up the other machine. This will open a door with a bomb inside.
  • First, use the bomb to head way back to the start of the level where you saw the RYNO holocard, and throw it to break the barrier and obtain the holocard. Then return to where you found the bomb.
  • Throw the bridgebot to the gap to the left of it instead, pick up the bomb, then cross the bridge and throw it to destroy the barrier blocking the entrance to the next room, then head through.

In this room, head through, and Zed will drop a cage full of chompers in front of you, though these are easily dispatched. Head up through here up the conveyor belts and a path to the right will be revealed, throw the powerbot to activate the machine raising up the presser and allowing you to head through.

This leads to another puzzle in a large room.

  • Pick up a gadgebot, transform it into a powerbot, and throw it on the round, moving conveyor belt. This will cause the pressers by the lava to raise one-by-one, as it activates the machines corresponding to them.
  • As the powerbot circles around the conveyor belt, head below the raised pressers. Eventually, you will reach a small hallway. Run forward towards Zed, and he will drop explosive crates; simply back away from these until they explode and take the bolts. Hit the button to the left opening a door, and pick up the gadgebot to take with you.
  • Turn this gadgebot to a bridgebot, and throw it to the gap on the left to create a bridge across to the locked door.
  • Pick up the powerbot you left on the conveyor belt, and take it across, then leave it here.
  • On the ledge here is a powerbot. Turn it to a bridgebot, and create a bridge (there should be two bridges on either side of the gap now).
  • Pick up the powerbot ear to you, and throw it across the bridge on the left from where you are standing. This should activate a machine hidden back in a cage.
  • Run across the bridge to the other side, pick up the bridge that does not hold the powerbot, and turn this one into a powerbot.
  • Run back across, and throw the powerbot to the machine. With both machines powered up, this should open the door to the next room.

In this next room, simply break the crates, then hit the button to open the door to a room only containing a bomb in the middle and two boxes to the side. When you enter, Zed will bring in a warbot to your left; throw bombs until the warbot is destroyed, making sure you hide behind the boxes when the warbot fires its lasers to avoid fire. Repeat this when another warbot arrives from the right. Next, Zed will bring in two from the middle; simply repeat the same strategy, and once destroyed, use a bomb to break the barrier leading to the next area. This commences the final puzzle.

In the final room, Zed will lock himself in a cage in front of the room with the security terminal, meaning you need to obtain the three gadgebots around the room, turn them to powerbots, to operate the crane, as the button to use it is currently red and inoperable.

  • First, to your right are a set of boxes moving across conveyor belts. Jump across them, making sure you do not fall, and reach one of the gadgebots on the far end of the room. Take it back to the crane. Turn it into a springbot.
  • To the left of the crane is an upper level with a gadgebot on top. Throw the springbot so you can reach this gadgebot, then turn both here into powerbots and use them on two of the crane's machines.
  • Head back to the conveyor belts, and you should see another gadgebot here, perched on a ledge in the wall. Jump up across the boxes to reach it.
  • Before finishing mission, however, turn around from this gadgebot and you should see a holocard set, with long boxes traveling towards it on the conveyor belt. Drop down to the crate, turn this gadgebot to a springbot, and wait until the box hits the other side. Then, jump on the springbot and bounce up to reach the holocard. After you reach the holocard, the springbot you left behind should appear back where you found the first gadgebot; pick it up again and turn it to a powerbot.
  • Take this powerbot and return to the crane. Throw it to the third and final machine, and the crane is now active.

Before you activate the crane, these three bots can be used to obtain a gold bolt. Turn one powerbot to a springbot and throw it to the left of the crane in the upper level where a gadgebot was obtained, then take two powerbots up there. When up here, directly behind it is a grating with a gold bolt inside. Turn one powerbot to a bridgebot reaching across to reach it, and another to a springbot, thrown at the end of the bridge. Then, collect the bomb from the previous room, and bounce up the springbots to where the grating is found and destroy the grating, obtaining the gold bolt in here. Afterwards, turn all the bots back to powerbots and use them to activate the crane again.

With the crane active, hit the now-green button. This will commence a cutscene, completing the mission. Clank will return to Ratchet, commencing the mission "Investigate the factory".