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Meet Fizzwidget at Deep Space Disposal Facility and Disable the Disposal Facility's defenses are missions in Going Commando, taking place in the Deep Space Disposal Facility in the Hrugis Cloud. After watching a video in the testing facility in Dobbo in which the Experiment was shown to eat its handlers, Ratchet and Clank contacted Abercrombie Fizzwidget to request they meet him in the Deep Space Disposal Facility, where it had been recommended by Megacorp scientists that the Experiment be destroyed. Fizzwidget gave them a password, "Qwarktastic", to get past the defenses. However, after inputting the password, the hover turret defenses instead attacked them, forcing them to destroy the turrets until Fizzwidget arrived.


Between this mission and the missions on Joba, there is no advantage to doing one before the other, aside from the fact that unlocking the Gravity Boots on Joba makes it possible to reach the Mining Vehicle on Tabora and mine Raritanium for upgrades. It is recommended to visit Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, and purchase upgrades. Recommended upgrades are the Fusion Laser Cannons, Advanced Shielding System, and any new weapon system (be it the Electro-Mine Launcher or Torpedo Launcher) or an improvement to an existing one, like the Fast-Lock Missile Launcher.

After completing the challenge, consider completing the remaining challenges in the Disposal Facility, and then move on to Joba, before traveling to your next mission on Todano, "Explore the Weapons Facility".

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