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The director[1] is a minor character in Up Your Arsenal. He is a yellow-skinned humanoid male who is Clank's director for the Secret Agent Clank series. He uses a floating chair as his director's seat, carries a megaphone, and wears casual clothing, he also has a thick beard.


The director first appeared when he sent a transmission to Clank on his way to Aquatos to infiltrate the underwater hideout, in which he was annoyed by Clank's absence from the set. After refusing to understand Clank's absence, Ratchet simply shut off the transmission and continued to Aquatos.

The Director fires Ratchet.

Later, in "Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode", the director wrote an episode, "Maxmillian Strikes Back",[2] for Clank in which Courtney Gears starred as the baroness, which Clank had requested so he could learn more about Gears' motivations for working with Dr. Nefarious. In the episode, Clank fought Maxmillian's mini-ninja henchmen and also transformed into Giant Clank to defeat the Terror of Talos. The episode would have starred Ratchet as the chauffeur, but the director fired him after a mistake in which he pressed the ejector button accidentally, replacing him with Skrunch. After a few frustrations with the filming, the director was overall satisfied with the episode, believing it to be "box office raritanium" that even the critics would love.[2]


Concept art of the Director.

The director is excitable when delivering his lines, quick to congratulate Clank for a good performance, and also to berate him for a poor one. The director is also utterly uninterested in galactic events, failing to sympathize with Clank's absence from the show and simply offering him a bigger trailer or daily oil massage to return.[3] Towards Ratchet, he shows contempt, relegating Ratchet to Clank's chauffeur in the role, and replacing him with Skrunch after his mistake for "Maxmillian Strikes Back".



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