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The Dimensionator, or "Lombax Secret", is a giant helmet that allows the user to travel through realities or to another dimension, for example, the dimensions where the Lombaxes and the Cragmites went. The Dimensionator was created by the 8 most brilliant minds in Lombax history. It was protected by Kaden and was hidden on the planet Rykan V, but was re-located to Jasindu by Max Apogee, after Space Pirates stole the Lombax artifact that showed where the Dimensionator was hidden. Its main power source was the Surinox Shard, which the Lombaxes used to manufacture their Dimensionators during the days of the Great War. The Dimensionator also needed the 3 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer to make its primary reflux coil work, which the Plumber gave to Ratchet. According to the Beta testing trailer on Rykan V, people who are pregnant, have a heart disease or are allergic to intergalactic travel should consult a doctor before using the Dimensionator. The Dimensionator was tested and developed on Sargasso by the Center for Advanced Lombax Research.

Emperor Tachyon using the Dimensionator to bring back the Cragmites

To make the Dimensionator work, a person must pull the cord located on the bottom right of the helmet. A large metal sphere with two antennae, some springs and some stupidly added parts such as a Lombax doll and a punching glove (not the walloper). The sphere will then open portals to the desired location.

The Dimensionator in A Crack in Time

Dimensionator in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

After Ratchet and Clank used it return to their original dimension, it would appear that the Dimensionator broke permanently, as it was never used again and Cronk even commented, "Don't look at me! You said it was broken!."

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

A "low-rent" Dimensionator was made and used by Vendra Prog to summon the Nether to her dimension. Neftin Prog later fixed and used the original one to help his sister escape the Netherverse while also trapping the Nether Leader back in it. It may have later been destroyed; however, Clank picked it up, suggesting he may have tried to rebuild it again or permanently destroy it.

3 ¾ Centicubit Hexagonal Washer

Clank holding the washer in Tools of Destruction.

The 3 ¾ Centicubit Hexagonal Washer is a key component of the Dimensionator. It is thought to be made for fixing pipes. The Plumber possessed a spare copy which he granted to Ratchet and Clank when they found him on Sargasso. At the end of Tools of Destruction, the two used the washer to mend the Dimensionator after Percival Tachyon was defeated. It was later used in Into the Nexus to once again fix the Dimensionator, in order to banish the nethers from Meridian City.

Behind the scenes

Concept art of the Dimensionator's two modes

The team challenged themselves to make the design for the Dimensionator as crazy as possible, relishing in the potential for a zany reveal.[1]


  • The Dimensionator can be unlocked as a head item in the competitive mode of Resistance 2.
  • The Alpha Cannon was once thought to be the Lombax Secret, too, due to its unbelievable power.
  • In Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, when Clank met The Plumber in his subconscious, the Dimensionator could be seen among other objects that The Plumber seemingly pulled out a warp pipe Clank later goes down.
  • It is possible that there may have been more than one Dimensionator as mentioned by Alister Azimuth while fighting him in the Great Clock in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. He can be heard saying "There are no more Dimensionators left, this is the only way." A second Dimensionator later appears in All 4 One, and a third is built by Vendra in Into the Nexus.
  • In the Ratchet and Clank comic series it's revealed by Artemis Zogg that a comet shard was used by the Lombaxes to build their Dimensionators.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One a Dimensionator could be seen briefly on the ground in the cinematic after the Wigwump fight.

Thugs-4-Less agent giving a Dimensionator to Vendra Prog


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