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Dimension A2-66 was the dimension‏ where Percival Tachyon was trapped following his defeat at the hands of Ratchet and Clank.[1] He fell through a wormhole created by the Dimensionator, which was damaged and malfunctioning at the time, that led into this dimension after being subdued in the asteroid dimension.[1] It was here that he was stranded on a planet fragment.[2] He was later joined by Artemis Zogg after he too was defeated by the duo and sent to the dimension by the Surinox Shard. They remained stuck together, locked in a heated argument over who was in charge of the fragment.[2]

Entering Dimension A2-66

Percival Tachyon

Percival Tachyon plunging into the depths of Dimension A2-66

Percival Tachyon was sent to the asteroid dimension after combat with Ratchet and Clank. He managed to drag Ratchet and Clank to the dimension with him. After further combat Ratchet and Clank defeated him and he fell through a wormhole created by the malfunctioning Dimensionator into Dimension A2-66.[1]

Artemis Zogg

After fighting with Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, Talwyn and Vorn over the Surinox Shard on Galactic President Qwark's ship Artemis Zogg prepared to kill them so that he would be unopposed in completing his galaxy.[2] As Zogg contemplated his next action Qwark remembered that applying negatively charged energy to the Surinox Shard would create a bridge between realities. After asking Vorn if the Praetorian OmniWrench used negatively charged energy he kicked Ratchet towards the shard allowing him to hit it with the Praetorian OmniWrench.[2] The negatively charged energy created a bridge between realities which started to suck everyone in the room into Dimension A2-66. Talwyn, Vorn and Ratchet held on to items in the room while Qwark, who was not sucked in as he was tied down with duct tape, held on to Clank's foot with his mouth. Artemis Zogg; however, lost his grip on the damaged container that had held the Surinox Shard and was sucked into the Dimension shortly before the bridge between realities closed.[2]

In Dimension A2-66 Artemis Zogg crash landed on the same planet fragment Percival Tachyon inhabited. The two immediately began to fight over who was in charge on the planet fragment.[2]

Behind the scenes

Dimension A2-66 is first named in Ratchet & Clank: Issue 6: Bros Before Foes as Artemis Zogg arrives on the planet fragment inhabited by Percival Tachyon.[2]

Notes and references