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DESTRUCTAPALOOZA! Where there are no rules. No regulations. Just one basic principle: Try not to get D-E-D! DEAD!

Announcer, ItN

Destructapalooza was an arena owned by Thugs-4-Less. It was located on the planet Kragg in the Zarkov Sector of the Polaris galaxy. Much like DreadZone, it was completely unregulated, and served to prepare recruits into hard hitting Thugs-4-Less enforcers.

​Arena Challenges

Bronze Cup

Challenge Name Objectives Completion Reward
Introductory Beating Survive 3 waves of Thugs and Blade Balls. 3,000 bolts
Mangled Survive the Mangler and defeat 3 waves of Jetpack Thugs. 4,000 bolts and 2 raritanium
Pest Control (Into the Nexus) Kill all the Serathoids and Serathoid Spawners in 30 seconds. 5,000 bolts
Blazebot Battle

Defeat the Blazebot.

6,000 bolts and a Jetpack.

Silver Cup

Challenge Name Objectives Completion Reward
To The Skies Fly through 12 rings using your new Jetpack within a time limit. 8,000 bolts
Put Through The Grinder Survive the Mangler, now upgraded with Flame Jets, and defeat 3 waves of Jetpack Thugs. 7,000 bolts
Like a Flying Lombax Kill 12 Thugs using your Jetpack within a time limit.

10,000 bolts

Zero Hour Blitz Defeat all 5 rounds of enemies within a time limit. 9,000 bolts
Gargathon Hunter Defeat the Rabid Gargathon. 11,000 bolts and a gold bolt

Gold Cup

Challenge Name Objectives Completion Reward
Doom Canyon Platform your way through Doom Canyon while Thugs try to kill you. 13,000 bolts
Precision Shooter Knock back an amount of enemies into the Mangler in an amount of time(amount depends on the difficulty). 14,000 bolts
Revenge of the Thugs Face 2 rounds of Jetpack Thugs using the Grummelnet Jetpack. 15,000 bolts
Wrench-o-Rama Defeat an amount of enemies within a time limit (amount depends on the difficulty). 17,000 bolts
Return of the Mangler Survive the Mangler and defeat 2 waves of Jetpack Thugs. 17,000 bolts
The Bigger They Are Defeat the Prog Bot. 18,000 bolts and a Treasure Mapper.

Platinum Cup (Only in Challenge Mode)

These challenges can be done in any order, but Iron Lombax is unlocked after completing all challenges.
Challenge Name Objectives Completion Reward
Lightning Rounds Survive for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. 60,000 bolts and 3 raritanium
Stay Frosty Turn 20 enemies into snowmen with the Blizz-O-Matic snow-nova in 1 minute. 60,000 bolts and 3 raritanium
Cracking Time Defeat 30 enemies before time runs out (you earn time by defeating enemies). 80,000 bolts and 3 raritanium
Kill Shot Defeat 15 enemies by shooting there weak points with a modified Plasma Striker in 1 minute. 80,000 bolts and 3 raritanium
Iron Lombax  Defeat 3 rounds of ThugsBlade Balls, & Serathoids, and on the final round, a Blazebot. 160,000 bolts and 10 raritanium


  • Destructapalooza utilized all natural lava for their arena, as Thugs-4-Less cared about the environment.
  • Despite the fact that Destructapalooza was on an abandoned sector, apparently it had a commercial about it.
  • There were two rejected cups called the Azeril Cup and the Zero-G Cup where Ratchet would fight Thugs outside Planet Kragg's atmosphere, similar to the cage match of Going Commando.
  • Bursting Blekkos, Nethers, Thug Raiders, and the B1 Brawler were cut out the arena and/or game.
  • Thug Raiders had concept art, but were canned from the game. The Announcer said they train thug raiders by pumping iron and watching bad action films.
  • Thugs would have lines in the stands while watching Ratchet fight in the arena.
  • Bonus Crates would drop into the arena for a limited time to give Ratchet ammunition. However, they were cut from the game.
  • Bladebot's trillium blades were used to torture Kerchu warriors of Planet Jasindu. The Destructapalooza cleaned up the mess and turned them into hotdogs.
  • In the Zero-G Cup, Ratchet would grav leap on platforms while shooting at Thugs from the Nebulox 7. As a punishment for failing to kill Ratchet a few hours ago, they had to kill Ratchet, or else they wouldn't return to the planet.
  • When arriving at Destructapalooza for the first time, a thug will be tossed out of the arena and land near Ratchet's ship and get stuck within the rubble. Ratchet can whack his body several time to earn small amounts of bolts.
  • In the Precision Shooter challenge you will use a level one Temproal Repulsor, regardless of the actual level of the weapon.
  • In Rift Apart, Zurkon Jr. took the remains of the Mangler from the Kragg Destructopalooza of Rivet's dimension and modified it to be used in his Battleplex at Zurkie's.



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