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Destroy the signal transponders is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the Thugs-4-Less jamming array near the Maktar Resort, Maktar Nebula. Abercrombie Fizzwidget informed Ratchet that the Unknown Thief had been seen on the Maktar Resort, and that the Thugs-4-Less, hired by the Thief, had towed a moon-sized jamming array into the Maktar Resort's orbit, which was interrupting the Galactic Gladiators broadcast. After finding a space limo to reach it, he then disabled the transponders.


The jamming array is the first spherical world you will visit. When pressing Select to use the map, you will instead be zoomed out to an outer view of the moon, allowing you to rotate the view and find your way. Your goal on this planet is to destroy the signal transponders placed atop pillars, highlighted by a green light they emit on top. To do this, reach a bolt crank near the pillar, turn it by pressing Square to attach to the bolt crank and spin it, raising the transponder's tower and exploding three bright rods; hit the exposed rods to destroy the transponder. If lost, to find a transponder, simply press Select, rotate the planet until you see a green light, and then make your way towards it. The Megacorp Chickenbots and Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Models are your enemies here, and once again, can be defeated with the Chopper.

The first transponder will be placed immediately ahead of you when you land. Destroy the Chickenbots and then turn the bolt crank to expose the transponder's rods, then head forward. Past this transponder is a yellow cable on the ground, which will direct you to the next transponder. This transponder is placed on the ground and is identical to the first; destroy the Chickenbots, turn the bolt crank, and destroy it. The next cable is found on the right of this transponder. Follow it to a jump pad, which you can use by simply standing on the pad and jumping up to a pillar. Destroy the enemies on the pillar and use the jump pad on it to jump across to the next pillar with a transponder. The bolt crank used to expose this transponder is on a pillar directly behind it; use the jump pad to jump across, turn the bolt crank, then destroy the transponder. Jump down to the ground directly below you.

The cable will now lead left to a series of floating platforms that form a path over magma and hot red pipes. Jump across the platforms to find a transponder, and the bolt crank is on a pillar directly to the right of it; destroy the enemies here and turn the bolt crank to destroy the transponder. Jump across the platforms across the destroyed transponder and they will lead to another jump pad. Jump up to another pillar, destroy the enemies, and use the platforms to reach the next transponder on the pillar. The bolt crank is located on a pillar behind it; jump across the platforms to reach it, turn the bolt crank, and destroy the transponder. Drop down to the ground and follow the cable leading right to the final transponder. This cable will lead to another jump pad onto a pillar with a few enemies and another jump pad to reach a higher up pillar, where the transponder is located. The bolt crank is found on a pillar directly behind it, reached using floating platforms. After turning the bolt crank and destroying the last transponder, a cutscene will commence and you are automatically returned to the Maktar Resort.

A cutscene will commence, giving you coordinates to planet Barlow, and the missions "Find the Desert Riders" and "Scout the ruined machinery". However, it is best to first complete the missions "Rescue Clank from the thief" and "Visit Clank's apartment" on Endako, as both are crucial for Barlow.

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