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Destroy the bombers is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. The Commando ordered Ratchet and Clank to destroy the blarg destroyers, and after exploring the walled city finally found their way to the turret. Here they met the Mechanic, who had repaired it, but noted none of the locals had the skill to use it. Ratchet offered to do so in their stead, but the Mechanic declined since it could cost him his job. Nevertheless, the Mechanic was convinced when Ratchet said that it was useless if no one was using it, adding that the blarg chased him off the last planet and that they deserved payback.


Enter the turret to begin the mission. Note that there is no timer and the only danger is being destroyed by the bombers. A minimap on the bottom right displays their position as well as any fired missiles, which will damage your hit points visible on the bottom left. The turret can take three hits before it goes down by the fourth, though fortunately, the Mechanic will rescue you and repair the turret to let you try again.

The aforementioned missiles will either travel directly towards you, or move away from the bomber only to eventually curve towards you from a distance, forcing you to pay attention to your peripheral view and the minimap to catch any strays. The bombers are otherwise harmless and destroyed once the rotating ring of bombs on their hull is destroyed. There are four bombers, with one of them being notably larger than the others. Once all are destroyed, the Mechanic will reward you with a Metal Detector.

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