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Destroy the blarg ships is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. The blarg were dumping toxic waste in the waters around Jowai Resort, and the Resort Owner requested their help in destroying them, offering an O2 Mask in return.


Immediately available after buying the Thruster-Pack from Bob in the previous mission "Buy Thrusterpack from Bob", use the power slam move (X + L1 or Shoulder R) to activate the power slam switch and access the jet fighter. Once in the sky, use the Left analog stick to steer, X to boost, Square to shoot machine guns and Circle to shoot homing missiles. blarg saucers will periodically try and attack you, forcing you to either dodge or destroy them in return. Destroying them will drop ammunition crates that fly down from parachutes and can be picked up to replenish your missile stock.

The real targets are the four blarg waste disposal tankers flying around, easily found through the yellow blips on the minimap, or by finding the long green ships with spheres attached in a line. Each sphere, or cargo container, must be destroyed, either with prolonged machine gun fire or waiting for the missiles to track on and home in on their own. Alternatively you can fly up close to them and fire the missiles at point black range.

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