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Trophy: I Shot Down Your Battleship
Complete "Destroy the battleships" Bronze

Just beyond the fort is a turret that can take down those battleships.

Mission description

Destroy the battleships is a mission in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) taking place in Fort Krontos on planet Batalia. After Ratchet and Clank fought through with Cora Veralux to get to the Starwatch Defense Cannon, it was time to destroy the four blarg battleships invading the planet.

Completing this mission unlocks the bronze trophy I Shot Down Your Battleship.


The Starwatch Defense Cannon is immobile. To get it online, use the Trespasser in the Invinco-Lock to the right of the stairs leading inside. The Trespasser can now deactivate rings with X; deactivate any rings that contain blockers or unnecessary lasers. In this puzzle, simply deactivate the ring in the middle and then connect the lasers in the outer and inner rings. The cannon is now usable.

Hop inside the cannon with Triangle. Rotate the cannon with the Right analog stick stick or Left analog stick stick, and fire the machine gun with R2. The machine gun fire can only destroy the blarg saucers, and are useless against the battleships, your main target. Seven icons in the screen will appear, representing a gauge before the ion cannon is active. Destroy the smaller blarg saucers to charge the cannon and add to the gauge, until all seven icons fill orange, and the gauge turns yellow. When the ion cannon is active, fire the ion cannon at the larger battleships with L2, which will destroy it in one hit.

After this, the battleships will fire red missiles heading towards you. Shoot the missiles out of the sky with the machine gun while destroy the saucers to refill your gauge. A red exclamation mark icon will point you to any imminent missiles you cannot see on screen, destroy them first. When the ion cannon fills, fire it at another battleship. Repeat this until all four battleships are destroyed. At times, groups of four saucers will fly in front of your cannon to attack you; make sure to destroy these before they hit, which will also help refill the ion cannon gauge to hit another battleship.

Eventually, all battleships will be destroyed, and the blarg will retreat, completing the mission. You can now take a flying taxi back to the ship. The Galactic Rangers will then ask you to travel to Quartu, for the mission "Meet up with the Galactic Rangers". However, if not already completed, complete the missions "Ride the rail" here, leading to the mission "Meet up with Felton Razz" on Pokitaru, first, and complete Pokitaru's missions before proceeding to Quartu.

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