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Destroy the Ultra-Mechs is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet wanted to find out more about the Ultra-Mechs and traveled to planet Quartu, where he and Clank found an Ultra-Mech Scientist. Said scientist had been contracted to re-engineer his Enlarging Machine to create Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds. When he found out that Alonzo Drek had been behind his employment he decided to try and sabotage his own work. He asked if he could enlarge Clank, so that he would hold off the mechs, while he disabled his device.


Giant Clank is a nigh-unstoppable machine, capable of nearly everything normal Clank can (though his ability to jump is essentially negligible), with the addition of firing homing missiles (Circle) and a powerful energy bomb (Triangle). The latter has a cooldown timer, visible in the top-left next to your hit points, but will instantly destroy any enemy it touches. The missiles can be fired indefinitely and have good range and damage, but are more useful to destroy enemies with precision or those that are farther away, instead of trying to crush them in a melee. Melee attacks are arguably the most useful of Clank's abilities, as his added bulk and weight means he can easily destroy anything nearby. The sole downside is that it is rather unwieldy against smaller and more agile enemies.

Begin by smashing the nearby structures, crushing the many plasmabots and Chompers that will guard this walkway, for they are unable to hurt Giant Clank. Once you have ventured around the central structure, you will encounter blarg heli-commanders, which are best defeated with your missiles, unless you can reach them with a punch. Enter the stadium-like area, which effectively traps you inside with the many Ultra-Mechs and helicopter commanders. Both of them will begin to swarm the arena with more and more numbers if left unchecked, so be careful not to get overwhelmed.

The energy bomb is the most important weapon, as it will clear essentially everything in front of you. The Ultra-Mechs will either attempt to engage in a melee, but lack Clank's strength and range, and are themselves easily staggered when hit. They will also mount the walls and fire missiles, forcing you to either get close enough to hit them, or use your own missiles to repel the robots. Do not neglect the helicopters however, as their continuous machine gun fire can prove deadly if ignored. The mission ends once every enemy has been defeated.

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