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Destroy the Momma Tyhrranoid is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the Korgon Base, Tyhrranosis. After destroying the plasma cannon turrets around the base, Ratchet and Clank went to the lair of the Momma Tyhrranoid to destroy her.


The Momma Tyhrranoid's lair can be reached using an elevator from the floor of the biggest building, marked by red on the minimap.

The Momma Tyhrranoid will first attack by charging at Ratchet and swinging its tentacles in a melee attack, which can be dodged with carefully timed jumps if far enough away from it. Immediately after a melee attack lands, or after a few failures, it will then cling to the ceiling for a bit, and extend down cannons that will fire over an area, which can be jumped over. In between these attacks, the Momma Tyhrranoid will roar, leaving itself vulnerable to fire.

In the first stage of the battle, use an array of weapons to deal damage to it while avoiding the attacks by jumping. Use the Agents of Doom and the Miniturret Glove to provide supplementary damage, then use any weapon of choice here, as most are viable. It is good to retain a distance from the Momma Tyhrranoid, however, meaning the Plasma Whip is not advised. In emergencies, a nanotech crate is found in the middle of the area, so use it if you are low on health.

Eventually, a short scene will commence in which the Momma Tyhrranoid destroys a pillar, and then the screen will change to the Momma Tyhrranoid's perspective. For this, you simply have to run forward, over the bridge, dodging the missiles the Momma Tyhrranoid launches by jumping over them. You will reach a corridor where one-eyed tyhrranoids appear. Use the Lava Gun or Plasma Whip to clear them out, or alternatively use the Suck Cannon to suck them in for ammo against the Momma Tyhrranoid, and then head forward into a room identical to the one where the battle started.

A short scene commences, after which the camera returns to Ratchet's perspective. The strategy is much the same as before. If possible, try to land the killing blow with a weapon that you want to upgrade (as the weapon that gets the kill receives the most experience).

Eventually, a cutscene will commence when the Momma Tyhrranoid is defeated. Enter the Galactic Rangers dropship that appears, allowing you to continue in "Destroy the Encampment" in which you participate in Operation: ISLAND STRIKE. This is a good idea to obtain bolts for the following challenges. Either way, you are afterwards expected to return to the Phoenix for the next mission, "Complete VR Gadget Training".