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Destroy the Encampment is an optional mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in Kavu Island, Tyhrranosis. After defeating the Momma Tyhrranoid, Ratchet and Clank led an assault by the Galactic Rangers, on a remote tyhrranoid military base on Kavu Island.


The Holoshield Glove goes on sale for this mission, which creates a defensive barrier where it is fired. It can be useful in certain circumstances for this mission, but ultimately, the Flux Rifle or the Annihilator should be prioritized.

To complete this mission, all four missions in Operation: ISLAND STRIKE must be completed. They can be completed at any time, though it is a good idea to complete them after defeating the Momma Tyhrranoid for bolts. After this, return to the Phoenix for the next mission, "Complete VR Gadget Training".

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