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Destroy Thugs-4-Less Fighters is a mission in Going Commando, taking place in the Wupash Nebula. On the way to the Galactic Gladiators arena on the Maktar Resort, Ratchet was ambushed by Thugs-4-Less fighters hired by the Unknown Thief. In order to progress, he had to defeat them in his ship, the Star Explorer.


To control the Star Explorer, use the Left analog stick to steer, X to fire your main lasers, Square to boost, and Circle to fire your homing missiles. Your laser cannon has unlimited ammo, so just hold X throughout to destroy as many fighters as you can. The small, green fighters are killed with a single blast, while the larger, blue fighters can take more damage. Only fire your missiles at the blue fighters, but do so sparingly, as you have limited ammo for them. Your boost also has a limit but will recharge over time, so use it only when necessary to evade.

To defeat the fighters, move around the map and fire lasers at any that come within the line of fire, or fire missiles if a larger ship comes within range. When attacked from behind or from the sides, simply perform a barrel roll with L1 or L1 to evade, turn to where they are firing or wait for them to get in front of you and destroy them. If you are sustaining heavy damage, hold Square and just boost to evade more quickly. Make sure also to destroy as many crystals and asteroids as you can, as they may contain Raritanium (which is used for ship upgrades later). If your shield runs out, it may be restored by destroying ships, so just keep on the evasive to avoid your ship's health dropping too low.

When few fighters remain, follow the minimap to find the rest. After defeating the first 19, another wave of 20 will attack. Repeat the same tactics as before, making sure to stay evasive when the wave comes in, as several shots will fire at once from one place.