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Desert dune monsters[1] are enemies in Going Commando, fought in the mining area, Tabora. They are immense, round, cycloptic, flying, orange and brown-colored monsters that hide underneath dead wood and large rocks in the dunes of Tabora to take cover from the desert heat. They also use this as an opportunity to ambush unsuspecting prey.[1] After being awoken, they will hover in mid-air, and fire an electric tendril from their eye, that will sweep horizontally across the ground. Ratchet fought them in the dunes, during the mission "Return crystals to mystic", and while hunting for desert crystals. 35 of them are found in the dunes, and each has a desert crystal.

Desert dune monsters are very durable and have thick armor. If not dodged, their electric attack can hurt, but it is simple to jump over their electric attack. If Ratchet runs too far from their original hiding spot, they will not follow and just stay near their original nest. The best weapon against them is the Pulse Rifle, as their size makes them easy to aim against, and three shots can kill them. The Seeker Gun and Minirocket Tube are also strong weapons against them. Many are accompanied by mutant sandflies and spitting dune crawlers, which can be defeated with the Synthenoids or Miniturret Glove while focusing on the dune monster.

Behind the scenes

Desert dune monster concept art.png

The desert dune monsters were originally named "beholders". The lighting from their eyes was a difficult effect to program, as it had to travel along the ground perfectly.[2]


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