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The Defragmenter is a weapon featured in Going Mobile. It is available at the Weapon Store in both the Series 40 and 60 versions, but for only 700 bolts in the former, and a massive 18,000 in the latter. It is expensive enough that it likely requires all the prize money from The Arena's challenges, and the bolts collected so far, when it becomes available after completing the Data Mainframe level. It can be upgraded to level 3 with use.

The Defragmenter in action.

It is a grey shotgun, with an exposed yellow top and a green cable, that fires a spread of blue beams. The beams pass through enemies, objects, and walls, making it very useful against grouped enemies and when targeting those behind walls. It has decent range and good rate of fire, allowing it to effectively stunlock enemies. Although it is rather weak at first, it becomes more powerful once properly upgraded, V3 doubles the ammo use however.

It is useful against Maxmillian, for the piercing shots can hit all parts of it in one attack.

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