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Explore the moon and Defeat the mothership are optional missions in Going Commando, taking place on the Damosel moon in the Damosel orbit. Using an Ultra-Mech Pad, Clank was able to transform into Giant Clank to explore the moon, where he and Ratchet fought the Mothership. After defeating it, they obtained the Mapper.

This mission can be replayed at any time, but no rewards are offered for doing so.


You control Giant Clank throughout the entire mission. The objectives are mostly the same with the Lunar City mission; destroy the minions and buildings to recover health and ammo, while focusing on the boss, which is the Mothership. However, the strategy is different due to the different nature of the boss.

There are two stages to this mission. In the first stage, the Mothership is invulnerable, surrounded by a force field, until it lowers to the ground to deploy four of its robot minions at a time. The minions can deal either melee or ranged damage, while the Mothership itself fires a weak laser cannon. The Mothership will only deploy robot minions when there are few already on the ground. This means that it is best to destroy the robot minions, using bombs or melee attacks, while staying close enough to the Mothership to catch up with it when it descends and becomes vulnerable.

As it does, walk towards it, firing the missiles, and hopefully land as many punches as possible, as these deal by far the most damage to it. Make sure to destroy buildings to replenish health, and to destroy robot minions as soon as they are deployed. Their melee attack deals a lot of damage, and it is easy for them to sneak up on you from behind. Melee attacks are the best defense against them, as it also ignores their melee move.

The second stage begins when the boss loses two thirds of its health. At this point, it will move to a central position in a circle of bridges, generating electricity around it, meaning it is unsafe to use melee attacks or even stay nearby. It will fire green blasts at you, making it difficult to stay nearby it at range as well. The most effective way to kill it is to jump on it repeatedly, while firing missiles. During this time, it will occasionally let off blue waves of energy, though these can still be dodged by jumping at max range to avoid them before it releases them.

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