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Defeat the Thug Ships is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the Thug rendezvous, Feltzin System. After Ratchet and Clank won the hoverbike race on Barlow, Biker One, the leader of the Desert Riders, gave them the biker helmet and inducted them to the gang, affiliated with the Thugs-4-Less. He then gave them a telescreen with coordinates for the Feltzin System, informing them that the Thugs-4-Less were meeting for an employee picnic in the system. Ratchet and Clank decided to infiltrate to crash the meeting and learn more about the whereabouts of the Unknown Thief.

This mission is entirely a space combat mission.


Upon arriving to the Feltzin System, the first space combat challenge, "Defeat the Thug ships", becomes available. You must beat this challenge to progress.

After beating the challenge, a cutscene will commence, and you will unlock coordinates to the Canal City, Notak. You may want to beat the other challenges in the Feltzin System first to earn bolts. If they prove challenging, however, Slim Cognito's Ship Shack is unlocked on Notak straight after, so you can wait until you pick up ship upgrades from there before returning.

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