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Defeat the Thug Leader is a mission in Going Commando taking place in Lunar City, Dobbo orbit. While exploring the testing facility on Dobbo, Ratchet and Clank encountered the Mathematician, who was inviting challengers to the Megacorp Games on Joba if they could defeat a challenger in the Lunar City. The challenge in this instance was none other than the Thug Leader, fight in his mech. Clank recognized the Ultra-Mech Pad technology close to the Mathematician, and used it to transform into Giant Clank.

This mission can be replayed at any time, but offers no specific rewards for doing this aside from the opportunity to earn the "Dukes Up" and "Robo Rampage" skill points if desired.


This mission is played entirely with Giant Clank. Use Square to punch, Circle to fire missiles, and Triangle to throw a bomb. X allows you to dodge attacks and jump extremely high, and when you land, you will crush buildings and enemies underneath, and deal damage to the Thug Leader's mech. Holding X allows you to jump higher, though a short hop by tapping it can allow you to move quicker. Punches and jumps will deal the most damage, but require you to get close to the opponent's mech. Ammo and health is replenished by picking it up from destroyed buildings, or destroying the respawning Attack-Copters.

Your mission here is to destroy the Thug Leader's mech, which is roughly equal to yours in strength. The main challenge here is that the Thug Leader's mech will bring in Attack-Copters, in increasingly large numbers as he takes more and more damage. Near the end they will be a far larger danger than the Thug Leader if left unchecked. The Thug Leader himself will usually walk away from you, firing missiles as he does so. Rarely he will go for a melee offensive or fire a bomb himself, in which case either counter him with your own version, or dodge and jump on-top of him. The missiles are difficult to avoid, but using the buildings for cover works well. Note that his melee attacks are quite strong, but it is worth it to engage in a melee as the same goes for Giant Clank, who is a lot faster to boot.

The bossfight remains otherwise large one of endurance, take care not to lay waste to all the buildings as soon as possible, due to the health they contain. Simultaneously, take care to continually rid yourself of the Attack-Copter if the Thug Leader has walked too far to attack, as he will return eventually on his own.

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