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Trophy: Biobliteration
Defeat the Biobliterator. Gold

Defeat the Biobliterator is the final mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the launch site, Mylon. After a long better against Dr. Nefarious, Ratchet and Clank defeated him, causing him to call for Lawrence' help. Lawrence teleported him and Nefarious on board the Biobliterator, which transformed into a giant robot. Before the Biobliterator could kill Ratchet, Captain Qwark flew in with his shuttle to rescue them both at the last minute. Ratchet and Clank then piloted a hovership to destroy the Biobliterator and finally defeat Nefarious.

Completing the mission in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Up Your Arsenal will unlock the gold trophy Biobliteration.


The Biobliterator is fought using the hovership. Get in the one that appears right at the start, and fly towards the Biobliterator and start shooting. The Biobliterator has a very simple attack pattern: it fires missiles from both its arms that fly straight, before releasing a burst of homing missiles from its chest that surround the area, and then fires plasma blasts from either arm, before repeating the pattern. The missiles and plasma blasts can be avoided by flying around them, whereas for the bursts of homing missiles that surround you, simply fly upwards or descend to avoid them. A pair of tyhrranoid dropships appear and also fire at you, but otherwise pose little threat.

If your hovership is destroyed, you will be ejected out of it and towards a turboslider. Drive across the islands to find the nearest hovership, which will spawn nearby one of the hangars around the islands, avoiding the missiles from the Biobliterator as you do. Use the next hovership to fire at the Biobliterator some more, and if this one is destroyed, repeat the process to find another. If the turboslider explodes, you can simply use the Charge Boots to get around.

You can also use the Flux Rifle to hit Bioblitrator as well, if you can find something to hide behind to avoid it's attacks. Note that when you are on foot, the Biobliterator will be firing at Quark's shuttle which is flying around it, and you only need to avoid the homing missiles. Eventually, the Biobliterator should fall.

After destroying it, you are greeted with the final cutscene. After the credits, you have the option of either warping back to before the Biobliterator was fought, or to enter challenge mode. Time warping will allow you to obtain any skill points, titanium bolts, or Starship Phoenix trophies you have missed. However, challenge mode is necessary to obtain all trophies, and thus, to access the Insomniac Museum.

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