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Trophy: Ferocious Oxide
Complete "Defeat Victor Von Ion" Bronze

Defeat Victor Von Ion is a mission in Ratchet & Clank, taking place on board the Phoenix. After Ratchet destroyed Victor Von Ion's death ship outside the Deplanetizer, Victor swore revenge on Ratchet, aiming for the Phoenix, where he could kill Clank and Elaris. While Ratchet had infiltrated the Deplanetizer, Clank attempted to defeat Victor here on the ship.

Completing this mission will unlock the bronze trophy Ferocious Oxide.


From the beginning, simply run towards the camera, as Victor will arrive. Run away from Victor towards the camera, jumping over his lasers and missiles while avoiding the fires in front of you, circling around until Elaris opens a door. Head inside to enter engineering, beginning the first puzzle.

In engineering, your goal is to activate the backup generators. Despite the dialogue outside making this appear urgent, you can take as long as you need to.

  • Jump down to the gadgebot here, and turn it into a bridgebot. Create a bridge across to the left, to an area with three machines. This is where all three powerbots will need to go to begin with.
  • Cross the bridge to find another gadgebot, and use that to create another bridge to the left of here to reach a third gadgebot. This should create three bridges across each gap in a triangular pattern.
  • Head across to grab the bridgebot from the first bridge, turn it into a powerbot, and head back to the area with three machines and use it to power one. Then, run back and grab the third bridgebot that created the bridge to the starting area, turn it into a powerbot and use it on the machine. Finally, take the nearby bridgebot and turn to a powerbot and all three machines should be powered up. A green button will light up; hit the green button to move onto the next task.
  • The powerbots are no longer needed to power the machine. Take the powerbots and turn each of them into bridgebots, creating the same triangular set of bridges you previously had across each of the three areas (beginning with the bridge from this area with three machines to the gap on the left from here).
  • From the area with three machines, take the bridgebot that starts from here and turn it into a springbot. Take it across the two bridges up to the area with the wall and the arrows leading up. This leads up to an upper level with two machines that need to be powered.
  • Run back across the bridge to retrieve the bridgebot and turn it into a powerbot, then bounce up the spring to throw it to one of the two machines. Next, jump back down and grab the other bridgebot, turn it to a powerbot, and take it up to the upper level to power the next machine. Hit the button that lights up green to finish the task.

With the task complete, you will head outside and be forced to run from Victor again. As before, continue to evade him until a door opens to air ducts, commencing the next task in the damage control room. Your goal here is to power three machines on the upper level to the right of where you start.

  • From where you start, drop down to the starting area and pick up the gadgebot here. Turn it into a bridgebot and throw it to cross the gap on the left, leading to a very small platform with a gadgebot on it.
  • Pick this gadgebot up, and take it back across the bridge. Turn it into a springbot, and use it to create a spring to bounce up the wall on the starting area (signified again with three arrows leading up).
  • Pick the bridgebot up, and turn it into a powerbot. Jump up the springbot you just threw and instead of throwing it to one of the machines up here, throw it down to the left on the lower level. Throw the gadgebot up here down to that level also, and then drop down.
  • From here, throw the powerbot to activate the machine, which will rotate the small platform in the room allowing two bridgebots to cross. Pick up a gadgebot, turn it to a bridgebot, then throw it to reach the small platform. Next, pick up another gadgebot, turn it to a bridgebot, cross the bridge to the platform, and throw a bridgebot from here. This should create a path leading back to the starting area.
  • Head to the starting area and pick up the springbot. Take it back across the two bridges and throw it to lead to the upper level from the left side.
  • Run back and collect the two bridgebots, turn them into powerbots, and then bounce off the springbot to jump up to the upper level and throw them to two machines. This should power two out of three.
  • One machine remains, so jump down to the lower level where the powerbot is contained, pick it up, and bounce up again with the springbot to the upper level, and activate the final machine. Hit the button, and the pumps will be back online, completing this task.

Once again, run from Victor. Shortly after, you will run towards a switch. Hit the button here, and a short cutscene will commence, completing the mission. This will return to Ratchet, where the mission "Disable the Security System" will commence.