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Trophy: Nefarious No More
Defeat Dr. Nefarious. Silver

Defeat Dr. Nefarious is one of the final missions in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the launch site, Mylon. After Ratchet and Clank reached the launch site, Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence teleported inside the Biobliterator, and took off. Sasha Phyronix sent the Ranger dropship to pick them up and follow it, where Ratchet confronted Dr. Nefarious to defeat him and put a stop to the war.

Completing the mission in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Up Your Arsenal will unlock the gold trophy Nefarious No More.


The mission opens with a HALO jump in which you must avoid missiles, but this is only necessary for the first attempt. If you are struggling with this mission, purchase better armor or the Shield Charger (which can be financed through Annihilation Nation or the Aquatos sewers), or upgrade your weapons on Koros and Mylon. If you become reliant on a few weapons to deal most damage to him, consider purchasing the Gadgetron PDA on the Thran Asteroid Belt. The Charge Boots found on Daxx, and the Bolt Grabber V2 found in the Zeldrin Starport, are also very useful for a portion of this mission.

The first phase of the fight takes place in a small arena, and Dr. Nefarious has a pattern of attacks. Nefarious will open with an attack in which he generates holographic projections to charge towards Ratchet and perform a melee swipe. After a few of these projections, Nefarious will become temporarily dizzy, before moving to the next attack. Nefarious will then side-flip and fire laser beams from his arms to sweep across an area, before side-flipping again to fire the same beams across another area. These beams will sweep across the distance between Ratchet and Nefarious, but Ratchet can stay at a far enough distance that they cannot reach. Nefarious will repeat this a few times, before moving into his final attack. For this, Nefarious will throw several energy bombs high up into the air, which will land and create a vast shockwave.

All of Nefarious' attacks can be dodged by jumping over them and strafing. While strafing, fire at him with your most powerful weapons, which should include the Plasma Coil, Annihilator, Bouncer, and the Disc Blade Gun. In particular, it is possible to take advantage of Nefarious' dizziness after his first attack. Make sure to focus on dodging the attacks as a priority, however, as this fight will last a long time. Several ammo crates and nanotech crates also spawn in, so make sure to restock on ammo.

After losing a fifth of his health, a short cutscene commences. Following this, Nefarious will engage a shield and start flying away. Follow him, and several soldier bots and mega bots will warp in to attack you, while Nefarious will also occasionally blast a large purple laser beam that follows you. It is not actually required to engage these enemies, but they do provide cover, as they leave behind part of their arm, from Nefarious' beam attack. Alternatively you can use the Charge Boots to speed past them and follow Nefarious. While more mega bots will appear later, some Galactic Rangers, which do far more damage than before, will warp in to fight the mega bots. Make sure to also continuously break the nanotech crates that appear to restore nanotech along the way.

Eventually, you will reach Nefarious in an arena on another island. Nefarious has a similar set of attacks, but a different pattern. For his first attack, Nefarious throws bombs once more. Next, Nefarious uses more holographic projections to swipe at you. This time, he either uses a cluster of projections together, meaning they have to be dodged by jumping further distances or when he is on lower health, creates a series of projections around the island that will activate periodically and try to follow you until he runs out. Nefarious then flips and uses his laser attacks again. After this, Nefarious jumps into the air and unleashes a burst of energy, after which several missiles appear across the ground with reticules for where they will land, and sometimes more purple beams that follow Ratchet across the ground. Nefarious will then repeat this a few more times before landing and coming dizzy. Following this, the pattern resets.

Nefarious continues this pattern until you deplete his health, though his attacks become more and more aggressive. Continue to dodge his attacks, and make use of all your most powerful weapons. The aforementioned weapons remain useful, also make use of the Agents of Doom and Miniturret Glove to provide additional damage, and remember to break the ammo crates and replenish your ammo when needed, as Nefarious has a lot of health.

After you defeat Nefarious, a small cutscene will commence, leading into the final mission, "Defeat the Biobliterator".

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