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Trophy: The End Of The Beginning
Complete "Defeat Dr. Nefarious" Gold

Defeat Dr. Nefarious is a mission in the re-imagined Ratchet & Clank, taking place onboard the Deplanetizer. After Captain Qwark was defeated by Ratchet, Qwark had a change of heart and lamented his betrayal. Dr. Nefarious then arrived and attempted to fire the Deplanetizer to destroy Umbris, but it had already been knocked off course. He then dropped down to his Gadgetron Insta-Mech and fought Ratchet and Clank with the goal of defeating them and destroying the nearby star instead.

Completing this mission will unlock the gold trophy The End Of The Beginning.


The first section is a short grind rail section. As before, grind across the rails, avoiding all objects and jumping across gaps, using the Swingshot when needed. You will then land on a platform in the Supernova Chamber with a fuel station for the XK-81 Jetpack. Fuel the Jetpack and fly to attack Nefarious.

Nefarious will fire projectiles at Ratchet from his Insta-Mech. After sustaining damage, he will eventually interact with the artificial supernova in the middle to restore some health. The mech will then crash on the platform you were recently on. The chamber contains four platforms, each of which has a fuel station for the Jetpack, and several warbots.

Using the RYNO, the fight is trivial, and you can deal heavy damage to Nefarious; otherwise, use any ranged weapon against him. When he interacts with the supernova, continue to fire at him until he crashes; at which point, fly to the next platform, destroying all warbots, and then repeat the process. Eventually, you will destroy Nefarious. The closing cutscene commences, finishing the game, giving you the option to either begin challenge mode or to warp back to before "Stop Captain Qwark" and retrieve any collectibles or trophies. You will also unlock the Insomniac Museum.