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Defeat Captain Qwark is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in the Nabla Forest, Florana. After walking the Path of Death as demanded by the mysterious man, his mask was removed, revealing him to be none other than Captain Qwark. Ratchet then fought Qwark out of vengeance.


If possible, it is good idea to purchase the N60 Storm for this battle. Otherwise, the Shock Blaster, especially if charged, or the Nitro Launcher will suffice.

Captain Qwark has the same attacks as the nabla natives, but with a different pattern. He will always open with a throw of his bladed boomerang, after which he will run towards you in an attempt to hit you with a melee combo with the same weapon. Any sufficiently strong attack (stronger than a normal OmniWrench strike) will cause him to cancel those attempts, and throw the boomerang again, followed by the melee strikes.

After losing a third of his health, Qwark will jump up and grab a vine, at which point several nabla natives will appear; after losing two thirds, he will do this again, with Floranian blood flies attacking as well. It is possible to stop him from calling for reinforcements if you manage to hit him hard enough to stagger him momentarily while he is moving towards the vine.

Qwark's boomerang can deal significant damage if it hits, but is relatively easy to dodge. If you constantly keep shooting at him he will always throw the weapon, having no time to use his melee attacks. It is best to continue dodging Qwark, and fire the Shock Blaster or Nitro Launcher at every opportunity. When the nabla natives arive, dispatch of them quickly and continue the fight. Eventually, Qwark will be defeated.

After defeating Qwark, you will be automatically taken to the Starship Phoenix, where the next mission, "Take Qwark to His Cage", commences.

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