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Deadlocked script comprises the full verbal transcript of Deadlocked.

  • Menu transcriptions are found on Deadlocked menu transcript.
  • Some scenes are interspersed within a mission, or are otherwise related, therefore some scenes may be placed non-chronologically but instead prior to or after their respective mission section.
  • In the PAL version of the game, every instance of Vox News is replaced with Pox News.
  • Some in-game dialogue is not included in their respective sections if they are not unique to said section. These lines will be placed together in a single section in the § Miscellaneous section.
    • However, some dialogue is triggered only once upon introduction, despite technically being able to be triggered elsewhere if the introduction happened there. In these cases, the dialogue is placed in the earliest possible section.

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Not Captain Starshield!

On-screen: One week ago, somewhere in the Shadow Sector...

Captain Starshield: (whistles)

DZ Striker: (screams)

Captain Starshield: (laughs)

Ace Hardlight: Gotcha!

Dallas Wanamaker: A dramatic conclusion to one of the most exciting episodes of DreadZone I have ever seen! Captain Starshield, the number one ranked gladiator has been terminated by Ace Hardlight! Ace has now eliminated a record thirteen contestants in the regular season!

Ace Hardlight: (laughs)

On-screen: Eleven hours ago, aboard the Starship Phoenix...

Clank: Incoming call from the mayor of Metropolis. The, ahem, new mayor of Metropolis.

Ratchet: Oh! You mean... right! Heh, just a sec.

Ratchet: Uhh, greetings mayor, I... no, no, no. Uhh, well, long time no see! Uh, no... Uh, so, Metropolis still in one piece, huh? Heh...

Sasha Phyronix: Greetings, Captain. I see you're taking good care of my old ship.

Ratchet: Well, she needed a lot of tuning up but I've kept her running.

Sasha Phyronix: (chuckles) Of course! Anyway, I'm afraid I bring bad news. As you know, Captain Starshield disappeared over a month ago. I've just been informed that he's been killed.

Al: Oh my gosh! No!

Ratchet: Wh—what happened?!

Sasha Phyronix: Apparently he was involved with some kind of illegal combat sport, something called DreadZone. We believe it was being run by this man, Gleeman Vox. He operates an underground media empire from within the Shadow Sector.

Clank: The Shadow Sector?

Sasha Phyronix: It's a lawless region of space on the fringe of the Galaxy. Many other heroes have disappeared recently and we fear they might have met with the same fate. Ratchet, I just wanted to warn you before—

Clank: Unidentified craft approaching.

Al: Uh-oh!

DZ Berserker: Are you the lombax known as Ratchet?

Ratchet: Umm... I don't suppose you guys are here to fix the starboard engine, huh?

Meet Vox

On-screen: Six hours ago, at DreadZone headquarters...

Gleeman Vox: Yeah?

DZ Berserker: We have captured subject 209, Mr. Vox.

Gleeman Vox: Excellent. Bring him in.

DZ Berserker: Yes, sir. We caught to strays in the process. Should we terminate them?

Gleeman Vox: Give 'em collars and see if you can get some work out of them, first.

DreadZone Station 1

Where am I?

On-screen: Present time, in an uncertain location...

Al: Hello?! Hello in there?! Can you hear me? You've been unconscious for hours! You're probably a little disoriented. Ah, how many fingers am I holding up?

Al: Whoops! It looks like we've got a feedback loop in the visual matrix processor. Hold still a second!

Al: How's that? Okay, now to activate your speech function.

Ratchet: Me out of this thing you blarg-headed frack monkey! I can barely breathe and my tail feels like its shoved right up my-...

Al: I- I, there seems to be a problem with the speech circuitry. I-I-I'll have to take a look at it later. Now hold still, let's just see if I wired that teleportation circuitry right.

Ratchet, Come on Down!

Al (communicator): The new armor you're wearing is standard issue for new contestants.

Ratchet: Contestants?

Clank (communicator): We will explain later. If you do not complete the qualification course in the allotted time, we will all be terminated.

Tutorial (gameplay)

(After the cutscene plays.)
On-screen: Use Right Left analog stick to look Left.

Clank (communicator): We must calibrate your battlesuit's targeting matrix. First, look over at the holo-target on your left.

(Upon aiming at the holo-target on the left.)
On-screen: Use Right Left analog stick to look Right. L1 to fire.

Clank (communicator): Turn to face the holo-target on your right, then fire.

(Upon aiming at and firing at the holo-target on the right.)
On-screen: Right Left analog stick to look up. L1 to fire.

Clank (communicator): Good! Now shoot the holo-target above you.

(Upon aiming at the holo-target above.)
On-screen: L1 to fire weapon

(Upon firing at the holo-target above.)
Al (communicator): All right, Ratchet. Your movement circuits should be in working order now! Try getting to the top of that ledge!

(If you take too long to get on-top of the ledge.)
On-screen: Press X to Jump. Press X again quickly to double jump.

Clank (communicator): You will need to double jump to reach that ledge.

(After reaching the top of the ledge.)
On-screen: R3 button or SELECT button to enlarge minimap

Clank (communicator): I am transmitting a digital minimap representation of the area. Can you see it? The minimap will show you the positions of nearby enemies. I am reading three more holo-targets in your vicinity.

(While playing during co-op mode.)
Clank (communicator): Are you wondering who your handsome new teammate is? Meet Alpha Clank! In order to boost ratings, DreadZone has built a specially modified replica bot of me. Apparently, I am quite popular in the Shadow Sector! (laughs)

(At some point once enough time has passed.)
On-screen: In the Pause menu, select OPTIONS to change the orientation of your Left Left analog stick / Right Right analog stick to inverse or normal.

Al (communicator): Oh, by the way. You also have the option of using a third-person control scheme. You can change your control scheme in the options menu.

(At some point once enough time has passed, can be prior to the previous message.)
On-screen: To access your map, press R3.

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you can expand your map at any time to get a better view of the area.

(Upon defeating the last three holo-targets.)
Clank (communicator): Good, Ratchet. There should be a teleporter nearby that will take you to the next stage of the qualification course.

(If you take too long to use the teleporter..)
On-screen: Proceed to the teleporter to reach the next qualification round.

(Upon taking the teleporter to the next room.)
Gleeman Vox: Greetings, hero! And welcome to DreadZone! Rest assured, you are now far beyond the reach of hope. There will be no rescues, no pardons, no possibility of escape. You are now a contestant on the greatest holovision program the galaxy has ever known! A celebrity gladiator battling for the pleasure of a billion screaming fans across the Shadow Sector and beyond. Chances are you'll be dead by tomorrow. But, those of you who play the game with skill and strategy will earn the chance to win your freedom.

Gleeman Vox: So, good luck, hero! We'll be watching you. (laughs)

(After the cutscene ends.)
On-screen: Helpful messages will be displayed here regularly.

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, I have figured out a way to get information to you without Vox knowing. Pay attention to secret messages at the bottom of your screen.

(Upon entering the arena.)
Clank (communicator): At the top of your screen is the experience bar. As you destroy enemies, you gain experience. When the bar is full, you will gain a level and your nanotech will increase!

(While playing challenge mode.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, here is a surprise for you. In challenge mode, you have the added luxury of a bolt multiplier. For each enemy you defeat, your multiplier increases by one up to a maximum of twenty. If you take damage, your multiplier falls back to times one.

(Upon approaching a health crate.)
On-screen: Break blue containers to gather health.

(Upon not equipping any weapon.)
On-screen: Quickly press R2 or Triangle to cycle between the last three weapons you have used and equip them.

Clank (communicator): Tap R2 to switch between recently used weapons.

(When the DZ Strikers appear.)
On-screen: To use your quick select, press and hold R2 while using Right Right analog stick.

Clank (communicator): Hold R2 or triangle and use the left analog stick to select any weapon.

(Upon defeating all of the enemies.)
Gleeman Vox: Note the Deadlock collar securely fastened around your neck. This collar cannot be broken or removed. Should you stray into any restricted area, the collar will administer an extremely painful shock. Observe.

Robot C: I hate this job. (screams)

Gleeman Vox: Should a contestant become uncooperative or worse, boring, his or her collar can be detonated at any time with the push of a button.

Gleeman Vox: Well, there you have it! Nothing to lose your head over. (laughs) Right?!

(After the cutscene ends.)
Clank (communicator): Congratulations Ratchet, you made it through the qualification course. Check your map, there should be a teleporter nearby. Use the teleporter to meet me back at our DreadZone containment area.

(Upon taking the teleporter back to the containment suite.)
Ratchet: Wow, this place is crazy! I've always wondered what it'd be like to be a professional gladiator. I mean these guys have the life, the fame, the money, the babes!

Clank: Try not to forget we are being held prisoner by a criminal organization. This is no time for fantasizing.

(After the cutscene plays.)
Vox (intercom): Welcome, hero, to your new living quarters. Your luxury containment suite is equipped with everything you will need as a contestant on DreadZone. Please make yourself comfortable. You'll most likely be spending the rest of your life here.

(Upon idling next to Clank in the containment suite.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you should go find Al. I have marked his location on your map. I think he has something to show you.

(While playing challenge mode.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, in challenge mode you can buy the massively destructive mega weapons version of any weapon that has reached maximum upgrade level!

(Upon continuing to idle in the containment suite.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, have you visited Al yet?

(Upon approaching Al's area.)
Ratchet: Hey, Al.

Al: (spits) Oh, uh, hey, Ratchet. Heh, I have something to show you. Meet your new battle bots!

Merc: Call me Merc. This here's Green.

Green: Uh, hi, sir.

Al: I got them off a former contestant who um... he won't be needing them anymore.

Merc: Don't worry, boss. You won't end up like that last guy.

Green: I hope not! I still have nightmares about it.

Merc: Aww, suck it up, Green!

Al: Once you win a few battles, we can afford to upgrade 'em! Just come and see me whenever you wanna juice 'em up!

(Upon walking out of Al's shop.)
Merc: You ever been in country? You know, seen combat?

Green: Me? Uh, yeah. Before I came here I saw a little action. It didn't end too well, heh. I got my legs blown off. But I was top of my class at boot camp!

(Upon continuing to idle in the containment suite.)
Al (communicator): Hey, you ought to go say "Hi" to Clank. He's set up on the other side of the containment area! I bet he's lonely.

(Upon approaching Clank's area.)
Ratchet: Hey, nice digs!

Clank: Umm, digs?

Ratchet: I mean, what's all the hardware for?

Clank: Ah! They call this the mission control room. Each contestant is assigned a mission engineer to monitor their progress.

Ratchet: Right. So what's his face figured he'd save a few bolts and make you do it.

Clank: Ahem.

Gleeman Vox: All right, fresh meat, enough chit-chat. You're next up in the Battledome after Mobius Man. And from the way he's fighting it won't be much longer. Now move it!

Clank: Ratchet, I will assist you any way I can.

Ratchet: Thanks, Clank. These guys obviously don't know who they're messing with.

(Upon idling in the containment suite.)
Vox (intercom): Attention, hero. Report to the Battledome transport shuttle immediately. Failure to comply will result in termination.

(Upon entering the transport.)
Gleeman Vox (recording): Greetings hero or heroine. We thank you for choosing Vox Airways for your traveling needs. We do hope you have a pleasant flight. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our in-flight entertainment. Courtesy of the Vox Network.

Time to Blow $!% Up!

Tyhrranoid: There's something you should know, I'm not a real tyhrranoid.

Female tyhrranoid: (screams)

Gleeman Vox: Will you lose your lunch if you have to watch one more reality dating show? Is your Blargs Gone Wild video scratched from overuse? Then it's time to turn that dial to something a little more dangerous. Time for some real action. It's time to blow (censored) up!

Gleeman Vox: That's right! It's time for DreadZone! The galaxy's number one uncensored, unethical, and completely underground combat sport. Blasting straight at you live from the Battledome! And now, on pay-per-view, watch as Ratchet and Clank take on Ace Hardlight and the Exterminators! They saved the galaxy three times over, but how long can they survive in the zone? Catch it live, right here, on Vox!

(After the cutscene plays.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh and that is it for Mobius Man, ladies and gentlemen. That is the Eviscerator's fourth victim already this season! Next up we have, uh, lemme see here... Ratchet? Eh, I've never heard of him. Well he's probably just intermission material, folks. But don't worry, we have Gray Thunder and Hydro Girl coming up later so stay tuned to DreadZone!

Dallas Wanamaker: Well, here he is! (laughs) He's a little guy, isn't he? Well don't bother getting up for drinks, folks. This guy won't last two rounds.

Ratchet: We'll see.

Advanced Qualifier (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: DreadZone fans, this is it. Let's introduce our first contestant. He's a lombax, he's spent time in prison, he hates candy and children. Let's hear it for Ratchet and Team Darkstar!

(After clearing the first few waves of enemies.)
On-screen: Press Down [Down] to resurrect your bot.

Al (communicator): Uh-oh! I guess I didn't calibrate that bot correctly. Go ahead and press the down directional button to initiate the auto-repair sequence. You can do this anytime a bot becomes too damaged to continue.

(After repairing the combat bot.)
On-screen: Press Down [Down] to regroup your bots to your position.

Al (communicator): You can press the down directional button at any time to make your bots regroup to your position!

(Upon running out of ammo for any weapon.)
On-screen: Press Square to swing wrench

Clank (communicator): Remember to use your wrench if you are low on ammunition.

(Upon approaching the bolt crank.)
On-screen: Press Square to grab the bolt with your wrench and move the Left Left analog stick in circles to crank it.

Clank (communicator): DreadZone challenges sometimes use bolt cranks to activate devices or lower forcefields. But be careful, Ratchet. The bolt cranks may trigger incoming waves of enemies.

(If you take too long to turn the bolt crank, this message only plays prior to activating the bolt crank.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, keep moving and jumping side to side to avoid incoming fire. The DreadZone bots have heavy firepower, but they are not good at hitting moving targets.

(While traversing the platforms to the last room.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, my scanners show an extremely deadly 70 millimeter stalker turret ahead of you. You need to get behind cover immediately.

Clank (communicator): The shields on that turret are impenetrable. You will have to use an EMP to take them down.

Clank (communicator): Command your bots to EMP by pressing the left directional button.

On-screen: Press Left [Left] to activate your Bots EMP attack.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Clank (communicator): Excellent work, Ratchet. Now that you have survived the qualification course, you will be allowed to join us back at our containment area.

Vox has a Hissy

Ace Hardlight: Let's keep this quick, Vox.

Gleeman Vox: Ah, well, far be it from me to keep the superstar exterminator from his busy social schedule. (chuckles) I just have one question for you.

Ace Hardlight: Okay, shoot.

Gleeman Vox: Would you like to buy an Ace Hardlight video game? How about an Ace Hardlight lunch box, action figure, movie rights, collectible trading cards? Ace Hardlight is the perfectly manufactured celebrity straight from the presses of the Gleeman Vox media empire. So tell me, why is it that I can't give this stuff away?!

Ace Hardlight: Well, uh—

Gleeman Vox: Don't answer that. Let me take a wild guess.

Gleeman Vox screaming: It's because my fans can't stand Ace Hardlight! He's a pompous (censored) with a charisma of blargian nut cheese!

Ace Hardlight: So, what are you saying exactly?

Gleeman Vox: Zip it, wonder boy! The little Billies and Susies of the world are spending a trillion bolts a day on worthless swag and I'm completely cut out of the market! Either you start selling this junk or I'll find someone who will. Now get out of my sight!

(After the cutscene ends.)
Clank (communicator): This is the interplanetary transport. It will take you to DreadZone battle courses on other planets. It travels on a planned course. Any tampering with the nav-computer causes the ship to explode.

Grist for the Mill (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ladies and gentlemen, let's make some noise. It's time to kill or be killed in the annihilator round! Ratchet must survive under relentless attack from wave after wave of lethal enemies!

(Halfway through the challenge.)
On-screen: Hold R2 or Triangle and use the Left Left analog stick or Right Right analog stick to select the Magma Cannon.

The Big Sleep (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: It's time to get silent but deadly!

Juanita Alvaro: (groans) Oh please! Open a window!

Dallas Wanamaker: Don't get excited, Juanita. I'm talking about the gas round! Where Ratchet must defeat all the enemies before the toxic fumes snuff him out!

(After the initial dialogue ends.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh baby I love that smell!

(Halfway through the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, he's looking a little unsteady. Some gladiators just can't handle their gas!

Catacrom Four

(Upon arriving on Catacrom Four.)
Dallas Wanamaker: It's a beautiful spring day on Catacrom Four, Juanita! As we kick off a brand new season of DreadZone!

Juanita Alvaro: That's right, Dallas. And we're lucky enough to have bird's eye view of the action.

Dallas Wanamaker: Even from up here, this season's DreadZone battle courses look bigger and deadlier than ever.

Juanita Alvaro: It's a wonder contestants keep volunteering, isn't it?

Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro: (laughs)

Dallas Wanamaker: That's a good one.

Juanita Alvaro: (sighs)

Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, yeah. The Vox construction team really outdid themselves in turning this once sacred robotic burial ground into deadly DreadZone battle course!

Juanita Alvaro: And look! Here comes today's first contestant. Oh, my. They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find these guys, aren't they? I hope you folks at home aren't too squeamish, because the next one looks like a bleeder.

Valley of Heroes (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet's first objective is a gimmie, Juanita. All he has to do is make it to the other side of this mountain pass.

(Upon starting the challenge in challenge mode.)
Clank: Here is a nice little perk. In challenge mode you can now buy basic mods at the weapons vendor!

(Upon approaching the 70 millimeter stalker turret.)
Clank (communicator): The shields on that turret are impenetrable. You will have to use an EMP to take them down.

Clank (communicator): Command your bots to toss out an EMP by pressing the left directional button.

(During co-op mode.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you will need special gadgets to get past certain obstacles. Whenever you acquire a new gadget, it will appear in the bottom-left corner of your visor interface.

On-screen: Press Left [Left] to activate your Bots EMP attack.

(If you take too long to cross the platforms.)
On-screen: Press the Left [left] directional button to EMP the platforms

Merc: Should we deploy the EMP on that platform?

(Upon approaching the jump pad.)
On-screen: Press X while standing on the jump pad to jump really high.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Green: Woo-hoo! We never saw anything like that at boot camp.

On the Prowl (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: As Team Darkstar continues toward the Catacrom Burial Dome, they'll need to cross what I like to call the chasm of endless falling and eventual dying. In the unlikely event that they survive, they'll take control of the big, bad, and burly walking armored tank called the Landstalker. Good luck, kids.

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you will have to capture all three nodes to extend the bridge.

(Randomly while traversing the Catacrom Four grounds.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Here's a chilling thought: Team Darkstar is walking on top of a giant robot burial ground!

(Upon approaching a bolt crank.)
On-screen: Press the Right [Right] button when close to the crank to activate Bot Bolt Turning.

Al (communicator): Hey, Ratchet. I've upgraded your bots to turn bolt cranks! Get close to a crank and press the right directional button!

(Upon turning a bolt crank yourself.)
On-screen: Press Right [Right] to command your bots to turn bolt cranks.

Al (communicator): Why work up a sweat turning cranks when you can get your bots to do it for you?

(Upon ordering a bot to turn a bolt crank, after having purchased the Shield Link gadget.)
On-screen: Press Right [Right] button to have a bot create a shield

Al (communicator): You should check out the shield link feature, just press the right directional button to have one bot create a shield around the other one!

(Halfway through the tunnel to the turret.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, according to DreadZone show requirements; enemies appear red on the radar, allies appear green, challenge objectives appear blue.

(Upon approaching the bridge without extending it first.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, if you want to extend the bridge—use the node crank.

(Upon approaching the Swingshot target.)
On-screen: Jump towards a Swingshot target and press L1 to swing

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, I am detecting a Swingshot orb ahead. Jump towards it and hold down the fire button. Your swingshot will deploy automatically and carry you across the gap.

(Upon falling while trying to swing across the gap.)
On-screen: Equip the Swingshot by pressing and holding Triangle or R2, and then pressing and holding Square to bring up the Alternate Quickselect menu. Select the Swingshot and then press L1 to use it when looking at the orb.

Clank (communicator): Quit fooling around, Ratchet! Jump back up and try it again. Remember, you can always manually equip the Swingshot from the Quick Select menu.

(Upon finishing the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: What do ya know, folks? Ratchet has found the Landstalker!

All Aboard the Landstalker (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: This all-terrain mech of destruction comes fully loaded with power steering, AC, jumbo-sized drink holders, and enough plasma mortars to take out a small star system! Team Darkstar is not out for a Sunday drive today, folks. They'll be blazing a trail right into the center of the Catacrom Burial Dome.


Landstalker Controls
Move Legs: Left Left analog stick
Rotate Torso: Right analog stick
Jump: X
Sidestep: L2 / R2
Fire Guns: L1
Charge Mortars: L1
Fire Mortars: Release L1
Enter or Exit: Triangle

(During co-op mode.)

Landstalker Driver Controls
Move Legs: Left Left analog stick
Rotate Torso: Right analog stick
Jump: X
Sidestep: L2 / R2
Fire Guns: L1
Switch Seats: L1
Enter or Exit: Triangle

Landstalker Passenger Controls
Charge Mortars: L1
Fire Mortars: Release L1
Aim: Left Left analog stick

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you will have to use the Landstalker's mortars to destroy those quasar orbs. That should clear the way.

(Upon firing just the gun at the quasar orb.)
On-screen: L1 fires guns, hold L1 to charge mortar, release to fire

Clank (communicator): If the need arises, you can switch to the mortar launcher at anytime.

(Upon destroying the second quasar orb.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Team Darkstar is breaking this place apart!

(Upon destroying the third quasar orb.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet is on a rampage with the Landstalker! Oh, I can't imagine the damage bill DreadZone is gonna get for this!

Rise Up (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We are loving this carnage, folks! But it's time for the final showdown in the Catacrom Burial Dome! There's no telling what lurks inside these walls.

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you must defeat all your opponents in order to complete this challenge! In other words, stay alive.

(Upon the first wave of zombies appearing.)
Green: They're coming up from the ground!

(Upon the fourth wave of zombies appearing.)
Green: Zombies dead ahead! Oh, heh, no pun intended, sir.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Clank (communicator): Excellent work, Ratchet. I must admit, I was worried.

(Upon entering the challenges menu.)
Clank (communicator): Well done, Ratchet! You have completed your first DreadZone campaign and won a medal. You have also unlocked a new set of objectives called Dread Challenges. Earning medals and defeating Dread Challenges are the key to survival in DreadZone.

Hoverbike Madness (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)

Hoverbike Controls
Strafe: Left Left analog stick
Steer: Right Right analog stick
Strafe: L2 / R2
Jump: L1 or X
Fire Guns: L1

Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet will race to beat the clock. Each checkpoint he passes will earn him a few extra seconds. Team Darkstar, get ready to race!

Destruction Derby (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: It's time to hop into the Landstalker. Take out as many enemies as you can!

Monuments of Death (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: This is a DreadZone favorite! Our contestant will have to destroy three ancient statues all in a matter of minutes. You gotta love it!

DreadZone: The Game!

Vernon: I attack you with a spider-tank, power level five!

Eugene: I defend with level six lawn ninjas!

Vernon: (laughs) Sucker! You fell right into my trap! (laughs)

Eugene: (gasps)

Vernon: You're exterminated!

Eugene: No! No no! Wait, wait!

Reactor: (laughs)

Vernon: Yo, Reactor! Slap me some skin- oof!

Reactor: (laughs)

Gleeman Vox: That's right, kids! Exterminator trading cards are here! There's Reactor, Shellshock, the Eviscerator, and your favorite exterminator: Ace Hardlight! Collect them all and exterminate your friends today!


Alien Soil (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Welcome back, DreadZone fans! Have we got a show for you! On today's episode, Team Darkstar has been dropped onto the hellish alien world of Sarathos! Their ultimate goal: destroy a monstrous alien creature known as the "King Leviathan" and take it from me people, monstrous is putting it nicely.

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, there is a combat arena up ahead, that is your first objective. Be careful, the outside is heavily guarded.

Merc: I've got a bad feeling about this.

(Upon going behind the arena.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Folks, what is this sneaky lombax doing behind the arena? This could be... nothing. It's nothing! He's getting ammo.

(Upon approaching the combat arena entrance.)
On-screen: Press Right [Right] directional button to have the bots hack the orbs.

Al (communicator): You can order a bot to hack into one of those orb locks.

(Upon approaching the combat arena entrance during co-op mode.)
On-screen: Equip Hacker and press L1 to use

Clank (communicator): You can use the hacker ray to crack orb locks like that one.

(Upon successfully hacking into the combat arena.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Well, they got the door open! Now, let's find out what's waiting for them on the other side!

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ooh, goodie! The swamp is up next! Oh, I love this part!

Sarathos Sprint (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ooh just look at that putrid, festering, slime hole! Oh! Wow I can smell it from up here! (disgusted) Ratchet's not gonna make it outta here on foot. He'll have to commandeer the Puma on the far side of the swamp!

(After killing the first leviathan encountered.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Wow! That was a close one. One false move and those alien suckers will be eating your head for lunch!

Juanita Alvaro: Mmm! My mother used to serve lombax brains for breakfast with eggs and salsa. Muy bueno!

Dallas Wanamaker: Yikes! Remind me never to eat at your house.

(Upon approaching the final area with double Swingshot targets.)
Clank (communicator): A double Swingshot... I cannot bear to look!

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Green: Whew! Let's get out of this swamp before I start rusting up!

Where the Leviathans Roam (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: In order to advance to the Leviathan lair, Team Darkstar must capture three control nodes!


Puma Controls
Accelerate: Left Left analog stick
Turn: Right Right analog stick
Fire Guns: L1
Fire Turret: L1
Enter / Exit Vehicle: Triangle

(During co-op mode.)

Puma Driver Controls
Accelerate: Left Left analog stick
Turn: Right Right analog stick
Fire Guns: L1
Switch Seats: L1
Enter / Exit Vehicle: Triangle

Puma Passenger Controls
Fire Turret: L1
Aim: Left Left analog stick

(Upon falling into the water with the Puma.)
Green: This water doesn't seem too safe, sir. Get us out of here!

(After capturing the first node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Team Darkstar only needs to capture two more nodes!

(While driving nearby the middle core structure, either one of the following two occur.)
Green: My short time in the corps, seen some ugly places, this one takes the cake!

Merc: Boss, I've seen alien monkey poo prettier than this place.

(After capturing the second node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Only one node remains between Ratchet and his date with the Leviathan!

(After capturing the third and final node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: He's completed the third stage! Tell him what he's won, Juanita!

Juanita Alvaro: He's won an all-expense paid trip to the Leviathan's lair! Where he will enjoy golf, tennis, fine dining, and an agonizing death as he is slowly dissolved by stomach acids in the Leviathan's colon!

King of the Leviathans (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We are now in the final moments before the epic showdown with the King Leviathan! Team Darkstar must hack all the orbs to wake up that big fella! Happy hunting!

Juanita Alvaro: Mmm! I am breathless with anticipation!

Dallas Wanamaker: Sure you're not just breathless because you get to sit up here next to me?

Juanita Alvaro: No, but that does explain why I'm feeling nauseous.

(After completing the challenge.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, if you want to gain more experience or earn more bolts you can return to any challenge you have already completed.

Check Me Out (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Time for an adrenaline charged Hoverbike race! Ratchet is racing to beat the clock. Each checkpoint he passes earns him a few extra seconds. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Swamp Fever (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: DreadZone has unleashed an angry pack of Leviathans for Team Darkstar to battle! They'll have to destroy them all before time runs out!

(Upon traversing around the mountain ridge towards the leviathan's lair.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Juanita, if Ratchet can pull this one out, I will shave this gorgeous head of hair!

Juanita Alvaro: Right, like that rug is really attached to your head.

Dallas Wanamaker: Excuse me Miss Smartypants! This is not a wig! Here, touch it, go ahead pull, here. Now tell me that doesn't feel natural!

Juanita Alvaro: Nice. It's amazing what they can do with hair plugs these days.

Shellshock and the Twins

Dallas Wanamaker: And now for a Vox Sports update, DreadZone's extermination of the day award goes to Shellshock for his three-sixty tomahawk finishing move on Plutonium Jones.

Juanita Alvaro: It was a beauty, Dallas. And it marks Shellshock's third extermination of the season.

Dallas Wanamaker: Ah, fourth actually, the Omega Twins count as two.

Juanita Alvaro: Good point! And we're now live with Shellshock for comment. Shellshock?

Shellshock: (laughs) Those Omega Twins went down like wee little girly men! (laughs)

Dallas Wanamaker: Yes, quite ironic, especially since they were actually teenage girls.

Shellshock: (laughs) Yeah, ironic! Hey, Juanita. Are you wearing Ace Hardlight underwear?

Juanita Alvaro: (laughs) And now for a heartwarming story in entertainment news. Courtney Gears has made a remarkable recovery after a near death experience last year when she was attacked by two psychotic fans!

Dallas Wanamaker: Ah! Poor girl. You know, you just hate to see that kind of senseless violence.

Juanita Alvaro: It's appalling, Dallas. I'd just like to take those two creeps and... (screams)

Dallas Wanamaker: I'm sure we all would, Juanita. And you may just get your wish because those very evildoers are about to come face to face with the mighty Shellshock! Catch it all, live, on DreadZone!


Infiltrate the Cathedral (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Folks, we're live tonight from the planet of Kronos where commander Shellshock and his army have taken over the city and don't like visitors. Ratchet will fight to keep Team Darkstar alive while Klink tries not to get him lost and... what? Klink? Clank? oh Clank, that's what I said. Well, yeah it doesn't matter because Team Darkstar is about to become team dead-star. (laughs) Will they survive long enough to enter the foreboding Dark Cathedral? If so, Shellshock will be there to finish them off for good! Place your bets everybody! Because we're going straight to the action!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): The cathedral is completely locked down, but I have found a weakness! Two giant spotlights lie dormant nearby. If you activate them, their beams will trigger a solar sensor on the temple and unlock the door! According to my nav-grid, the spotlights are in separate sections of the city. Good luck, Ratchet.

(Upon approaching a pad to launch a grind cable.)
On-screen: Press Right [Right] to command bots to fire grind cable

Al (communicator): Your bots can also launch grind cables!

(Upon approaching a pad to launch a grind cable in co-op mode.)
On-screen: Equip Cableshot and press L1 to use

Al (communicator): You can fire a grind cable from that turret. Look for a cable target!

(Upon failing to jump onto the grind cable.)
On-screen: Jump on the Grind Rail

Clank (communicator): Jump onto the grind rail to traverse this gap.

Introducing Shellshock (gameplay)

(Upon entering the arena.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the one, the only Shell..(yelling) Shock!

Shellshock: (screams) C'mon little furry man, time to die!

(At the start of the round, but only after dying once.)
Shellshock: Initiate annihilation program!

(When Shellshock fires his rockets at Ratchet for the first time.)
Shellshock: Target acquired, terminating with extreme prejudice.

Enemies are Such a Grind (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Team Darkstar must now traverse a grind rail suspended hundreds of feet above the water! Is that even safe?! Of course it's not! This is DreadZone, baby!

(Upon reaching the top of the elevator.)
Clank (communicator): My map shows this is an excellent spot to use the Holoshield Launcher.

(Upon approaching the first grind rail.)
On-screen: Jump on the Grind Rail

Clank (communicator): Jump onto the grind rail to traverse this gap.

(Upon failing to switch over to the second rail.)
Clank (communicator): You can switch rails by jumping towards a nearby rail.

(While traversing the first grind rail.)
Juanita Alvaro: I think I saw this on the Galaxy's Most Painful Home Movies. I love it when they miss the jump and smash their crotches on the railing. So wacky!

Infiltrate the Cathedral, Part 2 (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The action is heating up as Team Darkstar lights up the spotlights that will unlock the Dark Cathedral of Kronos! A treacherous path lies ahead as DreadZone's deadliest warriors will be waiting to ambush them! Oh, baby I love this job!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, there is a magnetic lift up ahead. It will take you up the road that leads to the next stadium.

Shellshock Returns! (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Whoever said getting into that cathedral was easy? I did? Well, that was then and this is now, huh? Team Darkstar will have to fight their way through a series of increasingly deadly arenas! Bet they didn't see that coming!

(When Shellshock appears.)
Dallas Wanamaker: It's Shellshock baby! Oh yeah, he's back! You know what they say about these omega series warbots! Takes a lickin', keeps on kickin' butt!

Merc: Oh man, deja vu. Didn't we already scrap this guy?

Shellshock: Initiate annihilation program!

Juanita Alvaro: As you know, Shellshock's brain was destroyed by a cruise missile in the Obani Moon War. His brain was later replaced with an A.I. chip taken from a coffee machine. As a result, he's totally impervious to pain.

Dallas Wanamaker: But I understand he makes a fantastic cappuccino!

Fight to the Cathedral (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Team Darkstar is on the final stretch. This road leads right to the gates of the Dark Cathedral of Kronos! But it's chock full of twists, turns, and baddies that'll make your mother weep! Let's go to the action!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, your path to the cathedral is blocked. I suggest using a grind rail as an alternate way in.

(Upon approaching the grind rail.)
Green: Looks like this is our only option, sir.

(Upon riding the first grind rail.)
Merc: Woah. I guess this is a bad time to mention I'm afraid of heights.

(Upon approaching the second grind rail path.)
On-screen: Press Right [Right] to order bots to extend the Grind Cable

Merc: Might be a good spot for a grind cable, boss.

Showdown with Shellshock (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Team Darkstar has made it inside the Dark Cathedral of Kronos. It's cold, it's dank, it's scary, it's just like my ex-wife! Take a good long last look at Team Darkstar, folks. Because Shellshock is about to plaster them all over these cathedral walls!

(Right before Shellshock appears during the first phase.)
Juanita Alvaro: Did you know that Shellshock was recently named the "Sexiest Robot Alive" by Vox Magazine?

(When Shellshock fires his rockets at Ratchet for the first time.)
Shellshock: Target acquired, terminating with extreme prejudice.

(Sometimes while using either the missile or bomb attacks.)

  • I will clean my armor with your face!
  • I call this one my dishonorable discharge.
  • Target acquired, terminating with extreme prejudice.
  • They said I was too crazy to fight! I'll show them crazy!

(Sometimes while not actively attacking Shellshock.)

  • Are you going AWOL, soldier?
  • Come on! How can I get crazy if you are not hitting me?

(Sometimes during the fight.)
Shellshock: All units: execute assault program delta!

(As Shellshock appears during the second phase.)
Shellshock: (laughs)

(As Shellshock appears during the third phase.)
Shellshock: Initiate annihilation program!

(Upon turning the third bolt crank.)
Dallas Wanamaker: It's almost over, folks!

Ratchet, eh?

Gleeman Vox: Look at those idiots cheering! Six million bolts of hardware down the drain and those ingrates are celebrating like, like they won the freakin' lottery! Ooh, remind me why I put up with these morons.

Ace Hardlight: Who else would watch Vox News? Temptation Asteroid? Galaxy's Funniest Decapitations?

Gleeman Vox: Yeah, yeah..

Ace Hardlight: Queer Eye for the Tyhrranoid?!

Gleeman Vox: I get it! Seems we've underestimated our lombax friend.

Ace Hardlight: He got lucky. Shellshock was too slow and too stupid to be an exterminator. He should have been retired years ago.

Gleeman Vox: Well, he's retired now! Ratchet, however, huh. He just may be useful. He's even more popular than you were back in your heroic youth! Come to think of it, he reminds me of you.

Ace Hardlight: I said he got lucky! His luck won't last forever.

Night Flight (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)

Hovership Controls
Ascend: R2
Descend: L2
Move: Left Left analog stick
Turn: Right Right analog stick
Fire Guns: L1
Lock Target: L1
Fire Missiles: Release L1
Enter or Exit: Triangle

(Upon starting the challenge during co-op mode.)

Hovership Driver Controls
Ascend: R2
Descend: L2
Fire Guns: L1
Move: Left Left analog stick
Turn: Right Right analog stick
Enter or Exit: Triangle

Hovership Passenger Controls
Lock Target: L1
Fire Missiles: Release L1
Aim: Left Left analog stick

Dallas Wanamaker: It's time for death from above, as Ratchet takes on the Hovership challenge! Our fly-boy has a limited time to destroy every enemy in the zone! Those of you seated in the bleachers, get ready to duck and cover!

Inverted Action (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, keep hacking the security orbs, or the arena walls will collapse on top of you! And watch your back, DreadZone will send wave after wave of enemies in your direction!

Dark City Arenas (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The arena challenge brings us back to the days of classic arena combat! An old fashioned arena deathmatch! Just like mom used to make.

DreadZone Station 2

(Upon returning to the containment suite after defeating Shellshock.)
Ratchet: Clank! Did you see me out there against that Shellshock guy?! Yeah, I was all... (gun pew pew noises)

Clank: You worry me, Ratchet.

Ratchet: Ugh! Come on, Clank. Can't I just enjoy the moment?

Clank: Do you realize how many other heroes they have killed? Here, watch this.

News Break

Dallas Wanamaker: And now for a Vox News action update.

Juanita Alvaro: The new season of DreadZone is underway and on pace to break ratings records once again. This year's contestants include the notorious mafia crime boss known as Ratchet, seen here at his Maktar estate.

Dallas Wanamaker: And to think that other networks actually call him a hero.

Juanita Alvaro: It's truly sad, Dallas. Other notable contestants include Ratchet's ruthless robotic accomplice, Clank.

Dallas Wanamaker: Ugh. I never did like the look of him, Juanita.

Juanita Alvaro: I'm just glad he's off the streets, Dallas. And lucky for us the Vox all star exterminator crew is headed, once again, by five-time grand champion Ace Hardlight. Last season, Ace shocked the galaxy by terminating a record thirteen contestants. Including Captain Starshield, The Brown Ranger, and Mad Monkey McKnight.

Dallas Wanamaker: DreadZone's six trillion fans are in for some unbelievable action over the coming weeks.

Juanita Alvaro: They certainly are, Dallas.

(After the cutscene plays.)
Ratchet: Yeah, I remember hearing about Ace Hardlight when I was a kid. He was this famous hero who disappeared.

Clank: That must have been someone else. Why would a hero kill other heroes for money?

Ace Hardlight: Not money, tin-man. Fun!

Clank: I do not understand.

Ace Hardlight: (laughs)

Ratchet: You traitor! Do you think this is some kind of game?!

Ace Hardlight: That's exactly what it is, furball. And you're going to be the star of my highlight reel. Hmph, I'll see you soon, lombax.

(Upon idling around the area before starting the campaign.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, they have requested that you compete in the next tournament before moving on to anything else. The Battledome transport is waiting.

Manic Speed Demon (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The action is hot in the Battledome as Ratchet takes on the Avenger Tournament! If he can survive this grueling series of challenges, he will earn the rank of Avenger!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Get ready for the speed round! Oh, the humanity!

The Tower of Power (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Folks, the Battledome is shaking with excitement! Get ready to watch Team Darkstar fight for survival as they make their way to the Tower of Power!

Climb the Tower of Power (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: It's time to climb to the top of the terribly tubular Tower of Power!

On-screen: Press L2 and Square to throw your wrench.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet has reached the top of the Tower of Power! He may be the first contestant to do so in the history of DreadZone. Juanita, what do you think about that?

(Upon obtaining the Avenger ranking.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We now have a new Avenger!

Dallas Wanamaker: After making his fortune selling cigarettes to children, Ratchet went on to pilot a tanker ship for Zexxon.

Juanita Alvaro: A week later, Ratchet got drunk and crashed his tanker into the ocean world of Aquatos. Who can forget these graphic images of baby seals smothered in radioactive waste.

Al: (gasps)

Juanita Alvaro: Little Coco never had a chance.

Al: How could you?! What did little Coco ever do to you?!

Ratchet: Wh- what?!

Clank: Al, how can you believe these ridiculous lies?

Al: Uhh, no! I was just uh, uh, you know... I mean-...

Ratchet: Come on, guys. We need to get outta here before we all wind up dead! What's the plan?

Clank: I have been chatting with a tech droid on the operations level. She may be able to provide the blueprints for these deadlock collars.

Ratchet: That's great!

Clank: But we must be very careful. Vox has eyes everywhere.

Perfect Chrome Finish (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: This challenge mode is downright nasty, Juanita. Our contestant must destroy every enemy without getting so much as a scratch!

Close and Personal (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The Butcher of Bogon has his work cut out for him this time, Juanita. He starts the round with only a wrench for protection.


Return to the Deathbowl (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Tonight on DreadZone: Team Darkstar embarks on a journey through the hollowed grounds of planet Shaar. What was once just a boring, historic, ancient temple is now the centerpiece of this explosive new battlecourse! Ratchet will have to complete some of DreadZone's deadliest challenges ever, just to gain entrance into the main temple! But, even if he survives that far, no contestant this season has come out of that temple alive!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
On-screen: Double tap L2 to activate charge boots.

Clank (communicator): You can use the charge boots for quick bursts of speed!

Dallas Wanamaker: A win today will keep Team Darkstar in the running for a shot at the championship title and Ace Hardlight!

(Upon approaching the bridge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The action has begun, folks. The wind is blowing and the snow is falling. This is perfect sauna weather!

On-screen: Press the Right [Right] to have your bots hack the orbs.

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, hack those security orbs to activate the bridge!

Landstalker Stalkin' (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The temple has been divided into three sections, separated by impenetrable forcefields! To advance, Team Darkstar will have to cut the power to the forcefields.

(Upon approaching the first node.)
Juanita Alvaro: Look at the way Ratchet handles the Landstalker. He drives like my grandmother.

(After capturing the first node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh the explosions, the gunfire, the carnage! This is DreadZone, folks!

On-screen: X to jump, L2/R2 to sidestep.

Clank (communicator): The Landstalker has an impressive vertical leaping ability. It can also perform rapid lateral jumps in order to evade enemy fire.

As the Wrench Turns (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The next set of nodes have been cleverly concealed beneath these priceless stone carvings.

Juanita Alvaro: Here at DreadZone we're serious about historical preservation. Future generations will look back at recordings of DreadZone to see these historic sites blown up, in high definition video.

(Upon going through either the lower left or right paths.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Our contestant is really kicking some proverbial butt. And by proverbial, I mean the... I don't really know what that means.

Merc: It means we're unstoppable!

Assault on the Frozen Tundra (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: This time, Ratchet is dropped into the thick of the action with no weapons, whoops! Keep your eyes peeled, though, there are weapon crates placed throughout the zone!

Shoot to Kill (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: It's time for some maximum vehicular destruction! Drive hard and blast everything in sight!

(Upon starting the challenge in co-op mode.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, no need to call shotgun, boys, you'll both get to shoot! One partner mans the machine guns, while the other guy is on the mortar launchers. Destroy everything in sight!

Whack-A-Swarmer (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: This next challenge is pure madness. Swarmer madness! Let's see how many enemies Ratchet can destroy before time runs out!

Robots in a Barrel (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ladies and gentlemen, let's make some noise. It's time to kill or be killed in the annihilator round! Ratchet must survive under relentless attack from wave after wave of lethal enemies!

Under where?

(Upon traveling to Orxon.)
Vernon and Eugene: (laughs)

Narrator narrating: Kids across the galaxy know that wearing the right pajamas can give you super powers!

Eugene: I'm Gammatron! My eyes shoot laser beams! (laughs)

Vernon: I'm Reactor, I can eat metal! (roars)

Kid C: I'm Battle-Hawk! I can fly! (yells) Ouch!

Gleeman Vox: (laughs) Oh, I love that part!

Robot C: Uh, sir. We have the latest sales figures.

Gleeman Vox: Eh, what's the bottom line?

Robot C: Um, nobody is buying the new Ace Hardlight merchandise. In fact, sales are down across the board, except for fuzzy lombax ears.

Gleeman Vox: We sell those?!

Robot C: Eh, yes sir. Uh, they're an accessory for the Tiny Tots Assault Weapon Kit.

Gleeman Vox: Well, you've obviously made some sort of idiotic mistake. Report to B-level for disintegration.

Robot C: Yes, sir.

Gleeman Vox: Wait!

Robot C: Sir?

Gleeman Vox: On your way there, tell the lab to set up a focus test. Find out why this stuff isn't selling!

Robot C: I'll get right on that, sir.


Labyrinth of Death (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We're here on the beautiful blargian homeworld of Orxon, overlooking a massive raritanium mining facility. Each week challengers navigate their way through the facility with one goal in mind: Destroy it! DreadZone would like to thank the generous people of planet Orxon for, uh, donating a new mining facility every week.

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Green: Sir, permission to speak freely? This place stinks.

(Upon approaching the two branching path forcefields.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you have a choice of two different paths. I'm afraid each one is equally dangerous.

(Upon choosing the left path.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ooh! They went left! Bad decision.

(Upon choosing the right path.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ooh, they chose the path on the right. They're gonna regret that.

(Upon approaching either of the unrelated forcefields blocking off the rest of the area.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Folks, we are halfway through! And I don't know about you, but I am ready for some more carnage!

(Upon reaching the final forcefield.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Don't go anywhere, they've only got one forcefield left!

Node Overload (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: In stage two, our contestant must boost his way up to the second tier and capture six control nodes!

(Upon capturing the first node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: And Team Darkstar has taken the first node! Oh, they really did some damage... not! (laughs) Kill me.

Juanita Alvaro: Not if I kill you first.

Dallas Wanamaker: You know, Juanita, there's no need to get personal, hun. We're both professionals.

(Upon capturing the second node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: There goes node number two!

(Upon capturing the third node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The number three node is down!

(Upon capturing the fourth node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: And there goes node number four! Wow, this action is hot!

(Upon capturing the fifth node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Five nodes down!

(Upon capturing the final node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Wow, that giant exploding drill was neat! Who would have thought the highly toxic drill fuel would leak out the back of the factory endangering countless lives? I did!

Refinery Ambush (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Update, DreadZone fans are getting quite a nose full of toxic vapors. Talk about allergies! Better hurry Team Darkstar, that toxic fuel is causing quite a stink on the other side of that factory!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet, and then shortly following after each other.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you will have to enter the factory and disable the forcefields to get to the other side.

Dallas Wanamaker: Showtime!

Green: I-I'll hack these orbs while you hold them off, sir.

(Sometimes randomly during any point in challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Okay, okay, enough with the kiddie stuff, let's get some real enemies in here.

(Randomly at some point during the challenge.)
Juanita Alvaro: Oh no, I can't bear to look! Yes I can.

Chains of Villainy (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh my goodness, look at that! Hundreds of DreadZone fans on the verge of obliteration! I can barely watch! What can Ratchet do to avert this disaster!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Merc: Those anchors are pure raritanium. We'll need the Landstalker's firepower to break 'em.

(Upon destroying the first anchor orb.)
Dallas Wanamaker: He's done it! He's freed one of the ships! But can he save the rest?

(Upon destroying the last anchor orb.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Holy mackerel, what a finish! That little lombax never ceases to amaze me!

Swarming the Gauntlet (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Folks, we've added a special twist to the assault mode. Our contestant will only have access to weapons placed in the battlecourse! Good luck!

(Upon reaching the halfway point.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet has reached the halfway point! He's really tearing it up out there, folks.

Scoring with the Blarg (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, it's time to play blargian turkey shoot! This challenge tests our contestant's speed and accuracy!

(Upon approaching the finishing pad.)
Dallas Wanamaker: All right, let's go to the scoreboard and see how well our contestants did.

Reactor: Introspective

Narrator narrating: In a world, where dreams come bigger than life and passions run wild in the streets.

Reactor: Bu-bu-but baby, I-..

Courtney Gears: I'm not your baby!

Narrator narrating: One psychotic killing machine dared to reach for the stars. This holiday season, Vox Entertainment brings you the heartwarming true story of one exterminator's rise to glory. From lowly beginnings as a high school math teacher.

Reactor: Bu-bu-but baby, I'm giving these kids the gift of learning!

Courtney Gears: You're pathetic. Get out of my sight!

Narrator narrating: To spectacular success as a homicidal sports superstar.

Courtney Gears: We're rich! I love you, Reactor! I was always there for you!

Narrator narrating: Share the dream. Live the legend of Reactor!

DreadZone Station 3

Static Deathtrap (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: All right, DreadZone fans. Prepare for the ultimate showdown as Team Darkstar fights their way through the Crusader Tournament and a chance to take on all-star exterminator Reactor!

Dallas Wanamaker: Tonight, on DreadZone- what happens when we force the criminally insane to use strategy and planning? Let's test this lombax's puny mental metal by taking away everything but pre-placed mines!

Marathon (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: This time Ratchet is utterly doomed. We've wired is DreadZone collar to four control nodes placed throughout the arena! If he can't stop their countdown in time, the whole audience gets a fresh serving of lombax pâté!

Reactor Battle (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge, before the boss battle begins.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ladies and gentlemen, here's Reactor!

Reactor: Ratchet, eh? Hmph, you look like a squirrel wrapped in tin foil. I'm gonna take my time taking you apart! Gonna give my fans their money's worth. And, uh, try not to go crying or anything, all right? I want this to look good for the cameras.

Ratchet: Bring it!

(Sometimes when he damages Ratchet.)

  • This is my house!
  • Ta dow! How you like me now!?

(Upon using his punch attack for the first time.)
Reactor: I'm gonna smack that stupid look off your face!

(Upon using his blue wave attack for the first time.)
Reactor: I'm gonna put you in a world of hurt!

(Upon defeating Reactor and obtaining the Crusader ranking.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Please welcome our new Crusader!

Zombie Attack (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Tonight, it's Team Darkstar versus the robot zombies. The zombie team just flew in from Catacrom Four and folks are they dead tired! (laughs) What?!

Heavy Metal (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Let's find out what our next challenge is! Hey, whoa, I-I can't read that. Who's writing these cues, eh? Oh look, there's a typo, that's completely grammatically incorrect. Hey, now where's my lunch, huh?! I'm hungry! What are you people doing back there?!

Endzone (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Hold on to your seats, folks! It's time to play swarmer sucker. To win, Ratchet must prevents warms of charging enemies from reaching the goal zone any way he can!

The Valix Belt

Lost and Found (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We're live, today, from the Valix Asteroid Belt—home of the legendary Gamma Energy Beam! This famous space beacon was purchased several years ago by Gleeman Vox. Now, instead of guiding ships through deadly asteroids, it's the centerpiece of DreadZone's hottest new battlecourse! And just for fun, we've gone ahead and turned the beacon off. Can Team Darkstar turn it back on, or will hundreds of ships crash blindly into the asteroids, hm. Either way, it's gonna be a great show!

(Upon crossing the bridge before reaching the hangar.)
Green: There's a Hovership in that hangar! Let's hit the sky, sir!

(Upon reaching the bolt crank in the hangar.)
Merc: I'm thinking that node opens the hangar door. Let's crank it!

Space Ace (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Our contestant will have to clear the area of all enemies before he can land!


Hovership Controls
Ascend: R2
Descend: L2
Move: Left Left analog stick
Turn: Right Right analog stick
Fire Guns: L1
Lock Target: L1
Fire Missiles: Release L1
Enter or Exit: Triangle

(At some point relatively early on in the challenge.)
Al (communicator): Ratchet, is this a bad time? I can't find my Captain Qwark Tearless Shampoo and Conditioner! And I believe you were the last one to use it!

Clank (communicator): Please, reserve this line for important communication. Besides, you are supposed to be working on the Deadlock collar override.

Al (communicator): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Upon taking some damage.)
Merc: Please tell me this thing has airbags.

(Upon taking more damage.)
Green: Uh, Sir, I'm seeing pieces get shot off this thing that we kinda need

(Upon taking even more damage.)
Green: We can't take much more of this. We don't have the power.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Wow, the little guy pulled it off again! And here I thought we were looking at a half day, Juanita!

Power Up! (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: In stage three, Ratchet's objective is to power up the central lighthouse. But first, he'll need to activate power stations at the north and south ends of the asteroid ring!

(Upon entering the first building.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you are currently in the south power station. You must locate four power orbs. Hack the orbs to power up the station.

(Upon hacking the first two power orbs in the south power station.)
Green: Two down, two to go, sir!

(Upon hacking all four power orbs in the south power station.)
Merc: Nice work, boss. We're all green, baby.

(Upon entering the north power station.)
Clank (communicator): Ah! There are the two security orbs. Hack them and you will have the north power station up and running.

Let the Light Shine Through (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Okay, DreadZone fans! Now Team Darkstar will have to fight their way to the second reflector and reactivate the Gamma Energy Beam!

(Upon reaching the top of the elevator.)
Merc: It's so bright. It's like a lightbulb, so much brighter. Hm, I'm not good with words.

(Upon entering the room with the bolt crank.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, turn the bolt to direct the Gamma Energy Beam.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: People, I am beside myself and boy do I look good and so does Ratchet. We just might have a competitor!

Time Extension! (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Time for another high speed demolition race! Ratchet is racing to beat the clock! Each checkpoint he passes earns him a few extra seconds!

Your Land is my Land (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet must capture each node in sequence before progressing to the next node! If he gets lost, he can ask any of the helpful psychopathic robot killers positioned around the belt for directions.

(Sometimes upon capturing the second node, either one occurs.)

  • Two nodes, one to go boss.
  • One last node and we're cooking with gas!

Ace Toys Suck

Gleeman Vox intercom: Subject 135, choose one of the following items: a Courtney Gears musical lunchbox, a talking Secret Agent Clank bobble-head, or this super cool Ace Hardlight action figure with kung-fu grip!

Eugene: Wow!

Eugene: Ouch! Hey, what's the big idea?!

Gleeman Vox intercom: Subject 136, choose one of the—...

Kid C: Oh! Courtney Gears!

Kid C: Ouch! Hey!

Gleeman Vox intercom: Subject 137, wouldn't you like to play with an Ace Hardlight action figure? All the cool kids are doin' it!

Vernon: Yeah, whatever. That guy's a tool.

Gleeman Vox intercom: Uh, yeah. So if, uh, Ace is uh, a tool, who's action figure would you rather have, huh?!

Vernon: I dunno, maybe that lombax guy who smoked Reactor! He was like (gun pew pew noises)

Vernon: Ow! Mom!

Gleeman Vox intercom: Subject 138..


Hoverbike or Bust (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Welcome back, DreadZone fans! Today we're live from planet Torval. Team Darkstar has dominated the DreadZone circuit so far, but I think their luck will stop here. They've just been sent to one of Torval's massive Ace Hardlight toy manufacturing plants! And although the plant was shut down due to shoddy sales, one of Ace's ships still remains! Team Darkstar will have to find that ship and escape with it before DreadZone's most elite forces hunt them down!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Merc: That's one ugly dude!

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, my nav-grid shows a Hoverbike up ahead. But you will have to deactivate a forcefield to get access to it.

(After hacking the first turret.)
Merc: Good job. Let's keep it up!

(After hacking the second turret.)
Green: One more to go, sir!

Seek and Destroy (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Uh-oh, forcefields! A group of flying drones power the shields by staying in perpetual motion and transferring their kinetic energy. Ha! Even though I just read that off a cue card and don't have any idea what it means, I do know that Team Darkstar will have to destroy the drones to disable the forcefields. And actually I read that part, too. What are you gonna do, sue me?

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, shoot down the swarm of flying drones in order to deactivate the forcefields.

The Turn On (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Team Darkstar has now arrived at the location of the getaway ship. But hey-ho there's nothing there! The ship is hidden. It could take days, even weeks of painstaking searching just to find it!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, if you activate the vector transmitter nodes in that area, I can triangulate the beacons to locate the ship.

(Upon using either of the two grav-ramps next to a bridge on the right side of the map.)
Green: I've seen war. Yeah, I remember the Blathercon War. I was third division. We were on routine patrol and, I dunno where, but we were hit hard. There was fire, smoke, robot parts everywhere! Oh man, some of these kids were just three days out of the production factory! I'm sorry, let's just keep going. Yeah, we lost alot of good robots that day. Phildon 282, Magernus B-1000, Shankluster 2²! They were my friends! (sighs). But enough about that. I was pretty torn up, but I demanded they put me back on the front lines. My CO laughed. He said "You've got no freakin legs!" (sighs) He was right, I was just a memory core sitting on a table hooked up to a voice modulator. They sent me to a repair factory on Vegas 3. That's where I met QA-900. (chuckles) She was a repair bot. She had the prettiest ocular sensors I've ever seen. But that's all history now. Soldiers weren't allowed to access files from factory employees. So QA-900 and I would sneak outside at night and download and upload until the sun came up. One day she was gone. Yeah, they'd found out about our affair and (sighs) turned her into a park bench. To this day, I can't even look at outdoor seating without simulating a tear.

(Upon using an EMP on one of the shock orbs, can also occur later on on Maraxus.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, be careful, those DreadZone shock orbs are lethal. Use an EMP to deactivate them.

Blast of Fresh Air (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: So that's where the ship was, under the statue! Well I just lost fifty bolts. Unfortunately for Ace's ego, Team Darkstar will have to blow up the statue to access the hangar underneath.

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you will have to command your bots to set the explosives on the statue.

(Once the timer finishes counting down.)
Dallas Wanamaker: This is absolutely unbelievable, folks! Ratchet has defeated the Torval battlecourse and escaped from the planet's surface aboard a space shuttle hidden inside the Ace Hardlight memorial! Only on DreadZone, folks! You can't make this stuff up!

News Blues

Juanita Alvaro: Last week we saw the spectacular deaths of leading contestants Agent Bizzaro, Plasma Woman, and Orange Comet. Now, the low-seeded lombax known as Ratchet has surged to the top of the DreadZone rankings.

Dallas Wanamaker: Frankly, I can't believe the little furball made it this far, Juanita! He is a scrappy sucker, huh, isn't he?

Juanita Alvaro: He certainly is, Dallas. He's also a threat to children, endangered species, and common decency.

Dallas Wanamaker: Well, kids and dolphins and whatnot will be able to breathe a little easier once Ratchet has been cut down to size by the Eviscerator in this week's Exterminator Smackdown!

Juanita Alvaro: No opponent has survived even sixty seconds against his razor sharp titanium blades.

Dallas Wanamaker: Mmm! I bet he doesn't have any trouble getting a close shave, Juanita! (chuckles) You get it?

Juanita Alvaro: Shut up, Dallas. You're not that funny.

DreadZone Station 4

(Upon returning to the Containment Suite.)
Clank: Well... (chuckles) Since you asked, I have sixteen terabits of tri-directional asynchronous bandwidth on my core CPU.

Venus: Ooh! That is a lot of throughput!

Clank: Oh, heh, well. I, ahem.

Ratchet: Hey, Clank!

Clank: I- I will call you right back!

Ratchet: Who is that?

Clank: Oh, uh, nobody, really.

Ratchet: Was that the tech droid you were talking about? Hey, did you get those blueprints?

Clank: Y-yes!

Ratchet: Oh, yeah! You the man!

Clank: But I have learned many other heroes are imprisoned at this facility. We must help them, Ratchet!

Ratchet: Well, sure. But how?!

Clank: I have noticed that the security monitors tend to go inactive when there is a big arena match-up.

Ratchet: So if I fight one of the exterminators in the arena, it'll buy you some time, huh?

Clank: It is dangerous, but it is the only way.

Ratchet: No sweat! Those guys are toast.

Murphy's Law (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Due to what can only be described as miraculous luck, Ratchet has made it all the way to the Vindicator Tournament! But, before he earns the rank of Vindicator, he'll have to survive the Battledome's deadliest challenges yet and then take on the Eviscerator!

Dallas Wanamaker: It's time for the weapon cycling round! This time, Juanita and I will choose which weapons Ratchet can use from moment to moment. Are you ready, Juanita?

(Halfway during the second round.)
Dallas Wanamaker: You folks at home can dial the number at the base of the screen now to vote for your favorite weapon!

(Near the end of the second round, note that the actual weapon switch occurs only once the round finishes, this is the same for the other triggers.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Here comes the audience choice weapon in three, two, one! There it is!

(Near the end of the third round.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Let's see how he does with this!

(Near the end of the fourth round.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Try this one on for size you filthy lombax!

Air Drop (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, what's this? Team Darkstar must dodge a massive bomb drop from a fleet of dreadnoughts? What psychos thought this challenge up?! Eh, what's that? Reactor and Shellshock? I didn't even know they were friends! Say, did they used to carpool? Hm, I'm sorry? Oh, that's right! Let's go to the action!

Eviscerator Battle (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge, before the boss battle begins.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Welcome to the match-up of a lifetime, DreadZone fans! Our challenger, known for his exploits in organized crime, his dabbling in the occult, and his hatred of sunshine, puppies, and chocolate, here's Ratchet!

Juanita Alvaro: His opponent is a master of disembowelment and a fantastic chef. Ladies and gentlemen, the Eviscerator! Dallas, I predict this match is going to be very quick and very bloody. I almost feel sorry for little Ratchet.

Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro: (laughs)

Dallas Wanamaker: Yeah, she didn't mean that, folks.

(Upon defeating the Eviscerator and obtaining the Vindicator ranking.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Make way for our new Vindicator!

Ratchet: Hey, Al. I got here as soon as I could.

Al: Silence! Can't you see I'm trying to concentrate!

Ratchet: What are you doing?!

Ratchet: Clank, are you sure this is safe?

Clank: It is an acceptable risk.

Al: Shh! I just need to close one more circuit!

Ratchet: Al, you're a genius! You did it!

Al: I know!

Al: (screams)

Ratchet: No!

Ace Hardlight: Looks like somebody broke the rules.

Ratchet: (grunts)

Ace Hardlight: Put it back on.

Ratchet: You're... (coughs) Dead, Ace.

Ace Hardlight: Ooh, that's good. I like that spirit, but save it for the arena. (laughs)

Ratchet: This never should have happened. It's all my fault.

Clank: No, Ratchet. Ace Hardlight did this, and Gleeman Vox gave the order!

Ratchet: They made a mistake bringing us here, Clank. Now they're gonna pay for it.

Clank: Exactly.

Higher Ground (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh! This just in, folks—the Tower of Power has been totally re-engineered by our very own DreadZone interns, and these guys are idiots! They have a hard time boiling wate,r let alone designing an arena challenge! Team Darkstar is in serious trouble.

The Corkscrew (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ohoh, right folks, here's a DreadZone favorite! Team Darkstar will have to shoot the grind rail calibration orbs in order to align the track. Oh, good luck!

The Poor People of Stygia

Gleeman Vox: Tonight on Vox is a very special episode of DreadZone!

Gleeman Vox: Planet Stygia, it's a world ravaged by continual meteor storms. Why, if not for Stygia's powerful defense shield, the entire planet would be decimated in a matter of hours! But somebody dismantled the shield's power supply! Who would do such a horrible thing to the poor people of Stygia! I don't know, but it sure makes for good reality HV! (chuckles)

Gleeman Vox: Stay tuned for the hottest episode of DreadZone yet! And if you live on Stygia, the last one! (laughs)


Junking the Jammers (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Planet Stygia, a beautiful world with pink sand beaches, friendly service, and giant meteor storms pummeling the surface! We're live from the Tempus Control Station thousands of feet above the ground where powerful meteor shields protect the people below! But not today because we've turned them off! Can Team Darkstar destroy the jamming devices and save Stygia? Only time will tell in this final round as the fate of an entire planet rests in their hands!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
On-screen: Destroy shield generators to lower force field

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you will have to use the Landstalker to destroy the power units on either side of the force field. You must hurry, the people of Stygia are in danger!

(Upon reaching the second forcefield.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, I gotta tell you, folks. This one's a long shot, but we've seen Team Darkstar pull through some tight spots before!

Energy Collector (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, talk about bad luck! Team Darkstar has damaged the control tower. The shields are down... the shields are down! Was that too dramatic?

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Looks like Team Darkstar will have to turn on the shields manually. Too bad that's impossible! They'll need tech bots, supercomputers, and a big silver key! All right, I'm kidding about the key, but wouldn't that be great? It would be fun, wouldn't it?

Clank (communicator): I have a plan. If you can deactivate the lightning collectors, I can manually re-calibrate them from here.

(After some time has passed.)
Dallas: Team Darkstar is enjoying a brief break of the action. Woah look at that, it's almost noon! Time for a virgin bloody mary.

Juanita: What are you doing?

Dallas: This one's for you, sexy!

Juanita: Just stay on your side of the pod.

(Upon deactivating the first lightning collector.)
Merc: First one's taken care of.

(Upon approaching the first swingshot target.)
Merc: Boss, if you miss the swingshot, you will face a painful horrible death. No pressure, though.

(Upon deactivating the second lightning collector.)
Merc: Two down, let's keep up the momentum.

(Upon deactivating the third lightning collector.)
Merc: Three down, boss. We're almost there.

(Upon deactivating all of the lightning collectors.)
Green: That's it! The dishes are done, sir! Sorry, uh, boot camp slang.

Shields Up! (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Poor Ratchet, he's got a Hovership with no place to go. After re-calibrating the lightning collectors, the next step was to hack the control points on the shield's core. Bingo bango the shields are up! Too bad the station's core took a direct hit? Too bad the radiation is everywhere?! Too bad I said bingo bango?! Who writes this junk!?

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Green: Sir, Merc and I will go. You've brought us this far. We owe it to ya.

Merc: We'll hack the core's control points. Just make sure you cover us with the Hovership!

Green: Keep us covered, sir! I don't wanna go home in a trash bin!

(After about half a minute into the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Frankly, I'm amazed the little sucker is still alive! How about you, Juanita?

Juanita Alvaro: The lombax does display an amazing ability to escape with his miserable hide intact, Dallas. So disappointing.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Clank (communicator): Excellent work, Team Darkstar!

Merc: You can't stop a leatherneck. We adapt and survive!

Shield Survival (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, no! DreadZone has launched an all out assault on the shield generator! If Team Darkstar doesn't fend off the attack, the people of Stygia will be flattened like a pancake! With syrup and butter and a little orange garnish. Oh, no! Can I have breakfast for dinner or is that just weird? Oh, right. Stygia, Team Darkstar, and DreadZone bad guys. Uh-huh, I'm on it.


Jail Break (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Today our superstar contestant has his work cut out for him! His bots have been scattered throughout the prison under heavy guard. To escape, Ratchet will need to free each of the captives, then fight his way through an army of killer robots!

Clank (communicator): Hurry Ratchet, they've confined your combat bots in separate blocks of the prison. Make your way to alpha block to release your first bot.

(Upon approaching Merc's cage.)
Merc: Bust me outta here boss, I'm ready to fight.

(Randomly while fighting the enemies, only one can occur.)

  • You gonna need my help.
  • Hey! Leave some bad guys for me!
  • I got front-row seats to a slaughterfest.

(Upon freeing Merc, the first two lines can appear in any order, of the last two only one will actually occur..)
Merc: Let's get it on!

Dallas Wanamaker: Not bad! Ratchet has freed the first bot and he's on his way to beta block.

  • We need to take down that shocker.
  • We need an EMP to take down the shock field on that floor.

(Sometimes after using an EMP on the shocker.)
Merc: Floor's clear, boss! Better hurry or you'll be doing the electric slide!

Total Control (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet must capture all three control nodes in the prison yard to unlock the portal to beta block!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Merc: Boss, if you wanna find the nodes, use your map.

(Sometimes upon bumping into an enemy.)
Merc: Hah, that's gotta be good for a few points.

(Upon capturing the first node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet comes out of the gate hard and fast, seizing the first node in record time! He's got two more to go.

(Upon capturing the second node.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Just one node remaining and Ratchet shows no signs of slowing down! This guy is a walking highlight reel!

Leave No Man Behind (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The atmosphere is tense as Team Darkstar makes their way through delta block!

(Upon entering the first room with the hacking orbs.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Hmm. They're gonna have to hack those orb locks before they can open the gate to delta block!

(Upon exiting either of the turrets in the challenge.)
Merc: Boss, you sure about that? We could use that turret.

(Upon hacking through the first door.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet's performance has been impressive. I don't believe we've ever had a contestant make it this far through the Maraxus Prison.

Juanita Alvaro: And I sincerely hope it never happens again.

(Upon approaching the shock orb.)
Merc: We need to take down that shocker. An EMP should do the trick.

Showdown in Delta Block (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: What do you think, Juanita? Does Ratchet have what it takes to make it through delta block and rescue that last combat bot?

Juanita Alvaro: The question is, could he do it with a king amoeboid eating its way out of his underwear? I think we'd all like to find out.

(Upon landing on the bottom floor.)
On-screen: Stand on the button to lower cage.

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, I have spliced through communications. I will be short as this could be traceable. Stand on the buttons to lower the containment cell. I will try to contact— (static)

(Upon freeing Green from his cage.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Wow! He's freed the second bot!

Green: Thank you, sir. I'd kiss you but I don't have lips!

(Upon clearing all the waves of enemies.)
Dallas Wanamaker: I'm totally blown away! That was without a doubt one of the greatest performances in the history of DreadZone!

Speed Trap (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We're back with a grueling test of reflexes and nerve! Ratchet has two alternatives in this lethal desert race. He can drive through each checkpoint under the time limit or he can end up splattered across this hellish wasteland like a carton of lombax yogurt!

Spider on a Wire (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We just can't get enough of this place! Get ready for a no holds barred Landstalker death duel. Don't forget, Ratchet will have to keep an eye out for bonus targets that can boost his score!

Yay Ace!

Dallas Wanamaker: Shellshock, Reactor, and now Eviscerator! Cut down in their prime! Victims of that loathsome little lombax. But just who is this Ratchet?

Juanita Alvaro: Our Vox News investigation has uncovered shocking untold stories from his dark, sinister, evil past. The destruction of civic property, illegal hoverbike gangs, inadequate dental hygiene!

Dallas Wanamaker: Ah! Be strong, Juanita! Because there is one man that can put an end to this menace, Ace Hardlight!

Ace Hardlight: Ace Hardlight fans, prepare yourselves. I'm gonna make this one messy! We'll see who the real hero is. When I'm through with that furry freak, nobody's even going to remember who he was.

Juanita Alvaro: Thank you, Ace. The Galaxy is rooting for you. We're all rooting for you.

Ace Hardlight: Thanks, babe.

DreadZone Station 5

Swarmer Surprise (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: We're back in the Battledome as Ratchet begins the Liberator Tournament! No contestant has made it through this baby all season and frankly I don't expect that to change today. Even if he does survive the series of rigged challenges an deadly traps, Ace Hardlight will be waiting to turn him into lombax filet!

Accelerator (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Mom always said what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. On DreadZone, what does kill you gets us better ratings, yeah! In this round, Ratchet will run and shoot faster and faster with each opponent he defeats! Oh, wonder what Mom would think of that!

Ace Hardlight Battle (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge, before the boss battle begins.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ooh! Listen to that crowd, Juanita! It's nights like this I'm glad I gave up my ballet dancing career!

Juanita Alvaro: Tonight we bring you DreadZone's most highly anticipated match-up, yet. In one corner, the undefeated grand champion exterminator. A legend in his own time: Ace Hardlight!

Dallas Wanamaker: And in the other corner, weighing in at ninety-seven and a half pounds. Most of it probably fluff or fat, Ratchet.

Ace Hardlight: This is it, runt. I almost wish it wasn't going to be over so quickly. Just try to keep it interesting while it lasts, would ya? (laughs)

Ratchet: (growls)

(Randomly during the fight.)

Ace Hardlight
  • Hey lombax, you feel lucky?
  • Maybe I should start trying.
  • Am I being too easy on you, hero?
  • (shouts) A true hero never shows pain.
  • I'm the greatest hero that ever lived!
  • You don't know the power of Ace Hardlight.
  • I eat guys like you for breakfast, lombax.
  • Let's see whose action figure they buy now, lombax.
  • This is as far as you go, lombax. I'm the star around here.
  • Extermination is my job, (laughs) I can't help if I love it.

(Sometimes when he uses his hologram ability.)

Ace Hardlight
  • I'm gonna walk all over you.
  • I've always thought the world needed more of me. And now they get it!

(Sometimes when he uses his homing attack.)

Ace Hardlight
  • And now, for my finishing move!
  • You're nothing compared to Ace Hardlight.
  • Now you'll see why they call me "The Great One".

(Upon activating his shield for the first four times, the lines are in consecutive order.)

Ace Hardlight
  • (shouts) That one actually hurt.
  • (shouts) I should've killed you a long time ago, runt!
  • You little rodent! You're gonna pay for that.
  • (groans) Must fight! Ignore pain.

(When Ace runs out of medpacks.)
Ace Hardlight: Hey! I'm out of medpacks! Uhm, not that I need 'em.

(After defeating Ace Hardlight and obtaining the Liberator ranking.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Watch out for the new Liberator!

Ace Hardlight: Ratchet! (coughs) You can't beat me! You're just a half sized rodent with a big wrench.

Ratchet: Stay down, Ace. Don't embarrassing yourself.

Ace Hardlight: Embarrass? (coughs) Embarrass?! I'm Ace Hardlight! (coughs)

Ratchet: You were a hero once, Ace.

Ace Hardlight: Ratchet! (coughs) Don't let Vox do to you what he did to me. (gasps) You're the hero, now.


Ratchet: You want to see me, Vox?

Gleeman Vox: (chuckles) My boy! You're the grand champion of DreadZone! The whole galaxy wants to see you!

Gleeman Vox: Don't you see, kid? I've been doing everything in my power to make you a star! I've transformed you from a worthless nobody into the hottest celebrity in the galaxy.

Ratchet: Right. So that's why your news show is slandering me every six seconds.

Gleeman Vox: Slandering?! Wha-..? I was building up your bad boy image! Oh... (tsks) And this is the thanks I get.

Ratchet: Whatever.

Gleeman Vox: Now, now, don't be such a baby! I'm about to offer you the opportunity of a thousand lifetimes! I'm making you the new captain of the Exterminators, the star of the show! Think of it, we'll make billions!

Gleeman Vox: We'll sell Ratchet action figures, Ratchet sports shoes, Ratchet deodorant, Ratchet breakfast cereal, earmuffs, and cologne! Soft drinks, hard drinks, energy drinks, breath mints!

Gleeman Vox: (chuckles) You'll get record deals, movie rights, reality shows, video games, and commercials commercials, commercials, commercials, commercials! (wheezes)

Gleeman Vox: And... and then-...

Ratchet: No deal, Vox.

Gleeman Vox: What did you say?

Ratchet: I'm not your puppet, Vox! You actually think I'd kill other heroes to get rich? You're not just corrupt, you're stupid.

Gleeman Vox: Why you! You just signed your own death warrant!

Ratchet: So we're done then?

Gleeman Vox: Let him go.

Robot C: Yes, sir?

Gleeman Vox: We're gonna need one final DreadZone campaign. Have them prepare that, um, experimental one we developed.

Robot C: Sir, you don't mean the Gauntlet of Doom, do you?

Gleeman Vox: Yes...

Robot C: But, sir, it was mathematically proven to be unbeatable.

Gleeman Vox: And?

Robot C: Right away, sir.

Boo Ratchet

Dallas Wanamaker: My friends, it is a black day for DreadZone fans across the galaxy. Ace Hardlight, champion exterminator and respected philanthropist was brutally cut down by the maniac contestant known as Ratchet, aka the "Butcher of Bogon".

Juanita Alvaro: Fans reacted to Ace's defeat with shock and outrage.

Juanita Alvaro: Boo, we hate you Ratchet. You cheated.

Dallas Wanamaker: Ratchet is a malicious criminal, he must be punished!

Juanita Alvaro: Bowing to public pressure, Gleeman Vox acted quickly to address the issue.

Gleeman Vox: Fans of DreadZone, I share your pain for the loss of the mighty Ace Hardlight. I encourage you all to express your grief and sympathy by purchasing this limited edition Ace Hardlight memorial action figure on sale now for only two hundred and ninety-nine bolts.

Juanita Alvaro: A Vox News investigation later revealed that Ratchet used banned performance enhancing drugs.

Dallas Wanamaker: In accordance with DreadZone regulation C6-5, Stroke Nine, paragraph two, Ratchet has been sentenced to meet his fate on the Gauntlet of Doom! This special event will be broadcast live, tomorrow night only, on DreadZone!

Ghost Station

The Grinding Chase (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: I cannot believe this, folks! We are live from some blarg-awful station out in the middle of nowhere! Ratchet and Clank, aka Team Darkstar have conquered nine planets, survived hundreds of arena battles and even defeated DreadZone's grand champion Ace Hardlight! Who would have ever imagined this? Now in a drastic and downright vindictive move, Gleeman Vox has sent Team Darkstar to the Ghost Station! The course is unbeatable, unbearable, unthinkable, and I'm having an aneurysm just talking about it!

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Clank (communicator): Do not worry, Ratchet. I will make sure you get out alive. My nav-grid shows an abandoned supply ship on the other side of the station. There is a grind rail nearby that will take you to the station's core. I will give you more information when you get there.

(Upon stepping onto the third grind rail.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Look, we know this is gonna end with Ratchet splattered halfway from here to Florana, why don't we skip it, and head back to my condo for a cocktail and a dip in the jacuzzi, hmhm?

Juanita Alvaro: No, I prefer to stay here where the real action is.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: You know, I was just bluffing earlier. I knew Ratchet would pull it off! So, about that cocktail jacuzzi thing.

Running the Gauntlet (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, isn't that a shame! Team Darkstar's only escape has been cut off! Wonder how they'll get past this one?

Clank (communicator): They are onto us, Ratchet. DreadZone has activated a forcefield blocking you from the supply ship. However, if you can capture the control nodes in that quadrant, I believe I can override the forcefield.

(Upon approaching the first node.)
Green: Sir, if we don't make it out alive, I just want to say it was an honor serving with you.

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Merc: Boss, I wasn't worried. Were you?

Prison Break (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Nothing's easy in DreadZone, baby! Team Darkstar thinks they have a clear escape but come on, folks! We're not letting 'em go that easy! I mean this whole battlecourse is intended to send them to the grave!

Clank (communicator): Oh dear, you are still stuck. It appears there is a six phase theta glyph-encrypted forcefield blocking your escape. I am unable to crack the encryption from here. However, if you destroy the encryption computers that control the forcefield, that might short it out.

(Upon entering the room, without ordering your bots to begin to hack.)
Green: Sir, request permission to begin hacking.

(After four orbs have been hacked.)
Green: Bypass complete, two orbs to go sir.

(After five orbs have been hacked.)
Green: Almost there sir, one more orb and that door's open.

(Upon entering the next room.)
Green: This could be a setup, sir. Last thing we need is to get killed in some tragically ironic way.

Escape (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: The impossible has been achieved! Team Darkstar has actually survived through the Ghost Station's infamous Gauntlet of Doom! It looks like it's all over, or is it?

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, we must make sure they can never use this station again. Destroy the station's outer turrets that guard the power cores. Then, destroy the central core and bring the station down. We will deal with Vox when you return.

Dallas Wanamaker: Parents with impressionable children may want to turn off their holosets now. (chuckles)

Juanita Alvaro: Children with impressionable parents may want to pretend they are watching The Reading Robot.

(Upon destroying all of the outer turrets.)
On-screen: Destroy the green power nodules around the station to shut down the central core.

Clank (communicator): Good, Ratchet. Now in order to shut down the central core, you must destroy all the green power nodules around the station. I am updating them on your minimap. Can you see them?

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Clank (communicator): You did it, Ratchet! Now, come meet me back at our containment area. I have a plan!

DreadZone Station 6

(Upon returning to the Containment Suite.)
Clank: Ratchet, I have found a way to shut down the containment fields and release all the heroes!

Ratchet: You're kidding! That's amazing!

Al: He's had help!

Ratchet: Uh, Al?! You're alive! They said your body was beyond repair!

Al: No biggie. I got a new one! Check this out!

Ratchet: Whoa! Okay! So, what's the plan?

Clank: We have acquired schematics for the entire Battledome. There is a central computer on the control level that regulates power to the containment fields.

Ratchet: So, what? Reprogram it? Hack it?

Al: Blast it! Just blow it up and the fields go down!

Ratchet: Okay. So, how do I get to the control level?

Clank: I have reprogrammed the Battledome shuttle to take you there. But it is a one-way ride.

(Upon entering the planet select before going to the Battledome control level.)
Clank: Ratchet, when you are ready, you can take the shuttle to the Battledome's control level.

(Upon selecting to go to the Battledome's control level at the Battledome shuttle.)
On-screen: Attention: Tampering with the in-flight control system has been detected. In accordance with DreadZone flight regulations, this shuttle will deactivate upon arrival at the Battledome. Should you choose to travel to the Battledome, be advised there will be no transportation back. Would you like to travel to the Battledome now?

(Upon arriving at the Battledome control level.)
Ratchet: Clank, come in. Can you hear me? Something just doesn't seem right here.

Ratchet: Not good.

Gleeman Vox: Well, well, well! What have we here, DreadZone fans? A contestant attempting to sabotage the Battledome? How exciting! If he succeeds, the rest of the contestants go free! But if he fails, I've wired the Battledome with six gigatons of nitroglycerin. If Ratchet doesn't disarm the detonator before time runs out, the Battledome with be blown into a trillion pieces!

Ratchet: That's insane!

Gleeman Vox: Au contraire! If I was still on the Battledome, then it would be insane! But I happen to have a truly lovely view of the action from a remote location.

Ratchet: What about the thousands of fans in the Battledome? You gonna kill all of them, too?

Gleeman Vox: Of course not! You are! Unless you shut your cake-hole and get moving. Go on, now. Your audience is waiting. (laughs)

Sneaky Lombax

Dallas Wanamaker: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to uh, to the f-final episode of DreadZone. Oh, god, we're all gonna die!

Juanita Alvaro: Uhh, um, the mood is positively electric as the audience braces to find out if they will survive the next ten minutes. I can't believe I'm reading this.

Dallas Wanamaker: I had my whole life ahead of me. (sniffs) I was gonna be a ballet dancer!

Juanita Alvaro: Pull yourself together you blubbering idiot!

Dallas Wanamaker: Thank you, Juanita. Superstar contestant, Ratchet, faces his toughest challenge yet. To deactivate the Battledome's formidable defense systems and defeat Gleeman Vox, himself. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ratchet for being such a great role model and a pillar of our community! If anybody can save us, it's you, Ratchet.

Juanita Alvaro: We're rooting for you, little buddy.

Destroy the East Generator (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Clank (communicator): I am so sorry, Ratchet. I did not realize I was leading you into another one of Vox's traps. There is still a way out though. If you can destroy the three fusion generators on the control level, it will release the escape shuttles, and both the fans and the heroes will be saved.

(Upon reaching the flaming platforms.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, the station will be blown to bits any moment. Please hurry!

(Upon reaching the next gap, after the elevator.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Come on Ratchet, you can do it! If you can't, we'll all die!

(Upon destroying the east generator.)
Clank (communicator): Excellent, Ratchet. Now, deactivate the second generator. But hurry, time is running out!

Destroy the West Generator (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Tonight, on a very solemn episode of DreadZone, everybody dies! (cries) Oh, no!

Juanita Alvaro: Dallas, you're embarrassing yourself.

Dallas Wanamaker: (cries) Mommy? I don't wanna go bye-bye!

Juanita Alvaro: Dallas, this is not the time! Oh, baby, you're a baby, good baby, baby no cry.

(Shortly after.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Why, why?! Oh, not me! I'm too pretty to die!

Juanita Alvaro: You won't, Dallas. Now straighten up! Look at you, crying on galaxy-wide holovision. You are a selfish, selfish man!

Dallas Wanamaker: Thank you, Juanita! Your searing dose of verbal abuse was refreshing! I can't even tell ya. Oh, and the whole mommy baby thing! Mmm, sexy! Baby needs a changin'!

(Upon entering the third room.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you are running out of time. The generators are overloading!

(Upon crossing the first set of flaming platforms.)
Clank (communicator): Several escape shuttles are leaving the Battledome! Keep working, Ratchet!

Destroy the Central Core (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: I suppose since we're all about to perish horribly, I should own up to a few things.

Dallas Wanamaker: First of all, Timmy Aberdeen, I'm the one who set your backpack on fire. I'm sorry you couldn't get it off in time. And Susie Binkleton, I was the one who put the tyhrranoid in your locker. Hey, I heard the therapy is going well though. Chin up, kid!

Dallas Wanamaker: And finally to you, Juanita. My dear, sweet Juanita. I apologize for the last six years of rude jokes, harassing innuendo, and all those friendly little pinches in the elevator. But who are we kidding, you love it!

(Upon using the grind rail to cross a gap.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, can you pick up the pace, please? The station is seconds away from exploding!

Defeat Gleeman Vox (gameplay)

(Upon starting the challenge, before the boss battle begins.)
Clank: Well done, Ratchet. The containment fields are deactivated. The station is no longer on lock-down.

Ratchet: Good. Now get on a shuttle and get out of here.

Clank: Sorry, Ratchet. I am not leaving without you.

Gleeman Vox: Oh for the love of blarg, cut out the sappy melodrama before you lose my entire audience.

Slugha: Yee-haw!

Gleeman Vox: I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I'm gonna give DreadZone fans the finale they've been waiting for! It's a little one act play I call Death of a lombax. (laughs)

(Randomly during the fight.)

Dallas Wanamaker
  • Folks, I'm gonna break character for just a second and say... watch out! If you don't we all die!
  • Oh, oh this is great. Darkstar is toast! I might as well put my head between my legs and kiss my ankles goodbye.

(Randomly during the fight, often prior or during an attack.)

Gleeman Vox
  • Jackpot!
  • Don't turn that dial!
  • Hey lunchbox, eat this!
  • Here comes the big guns!
  • Here's a ratings booster!
  • Time for the season finale!
  • Time to pump up the action!
  • We'll see you in the re-runs!
  • You looked a lot tougher on HV.
  • Keep it lively, it's sweeps week!
  • You got a prize, time to collect!
  • It's time to put you into syndication.
  • Give the fans what they want, die!
  • Parental discretion is strongly advised.
  • Show's over, lombax. Thanks for playing.
  • It's good to always keep the audience guessing!
  • Let's do another take. Put some feeling into it!
  • Heroes never die! They keep coming back as re-runs.
  • So, the audience wants a show? I'll give them a show.
  • Oh! Nobody saw that one coming, it's called... a twist.
  • Here's a little something I whipped up for the afterparty.
  • Hah! The only time when you're gonna be seen is in re-runs!
  • And now, Ratchet's destruction brought to you by Gleeman Vox!
  • Maybe we should re-up your contract? Here, talk to my lawyers.
  • Vox News special report: Team Darkstar is about to be crushed!
  • Oh it's good to be the boss. I don't like someone? I just do this.
  • Congratulations! You made it to the bonus round. Let's see what you've won!
  • I'm gonna toy with you for a while, we haven't peaked in the ratings quite yet.
  • Awww, you could have been on every kids lunch box, Lombax! Now they're gonna bury you in one.

(Sometimes upon using his hologram move.)

Gleeman Vox
  • Here ya go Ratchet, meet some of your fans!
  • Behold the miracle of holographic technology. The galaxy's greatest warriors digitally rebroadcast for your destruction.

(Sometimes upon using his missile move.)

Gleeman Vox
  • Bombs away!
  • Look out below!
  • It's bomb time!

(Sometimes upon being damaged.)

Gleeman Vox
  • Oof!
  • Yeowch!
  • You son of a...!
  • Nice shot, hairball!
  • (yells) Stop the cameras!
  • Ow! That's it. Now I'm fighting dirty!
  • That's it, I'm rolling credits on you!
  • (shouts) That's all right! I always like close fights.
  • You little rat, I should've popped your top four episodes ago.
  • (groans) That's enough fun for one day, lombax! This game is over!

(Sometimes upon damaging Ratchet.)

Gleeman Vox
  • Hero? Never believe what you see on HV!
  • That's it lombax, drive my ratings through the roof!

(Sometimes upon Ratchet's death.)

Gleeman Vox
  • Vox kills Ratchet! What a headline.
  • (laughs) Gleeman Vox, champion exterminator!
  • Hero dies in a nasty way, (laughs) I love black comedies.

(When Vox uses the hologram move for the first time.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Ooh, looks like Vox has some tricks up his sleeve. This is gonna be one heck of a match!

Juanita Alvaro: Considering that we die if Team Darkstar loses, that's an understatement.

Dallas Wanamaker: An understatement, an undergarment, the underworld of professional mustache twirling, whatever it is, it's hot!

(When Vox switches to the bigger mech.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Oh, no! This could be disaster for Team Darkstar. I put five-hundred bolts on this match!

Juanita Alvaro: Dallas, our lives are hanging to balance and you are gambling?!

Dallas Wanamaker: Oh don't pretend like you care. You! Never! Cared! Oh, there we go! I popped a blood vessel, again! All right, can somebody get me a tissue?

(Either one, after Vox changes his mech.)

Gleeman Vox
  • Allow me to slip into something more comfortable.
  • Here's a third act twist. The big bad guy just got bigger.

(Upon starting the second phase of the fight.)
Gleeman Vox: This year on DreadZone, an audience favorite, the giant mech climactic battle!

(After the fighting resumes.)
Juanita Alvaro: I can't look! Is Team Darkstar dead? Dallas, what's happening?! Dallas, what are you doing?!

Dallas Wanamaker: Nothing, just keep your eyes closed—ow!

(Upon taking out approximately 75% of Vox's hit points.)
Juanita Alvaro: That's right, take him out Team Darkstar! Destroy him, destroy his family, make him cry into his next life! (screams)

Dallas Wanamaker: I've never seen that before! Ladies and gentlemen, Juanita has eaten the cameraman!

Death of a Salesman

Gleeman Vox: (wheezes and coughs)

Ratchet: It's over, Vox.

Gleeman Vox: No. (coughs) But it will be soon.

Overhead speaker: Destruct sequence initiated. Sixty seconds until Battledome detonation.

Gleeman Vox: The escape shuttles all left long ago. (chuckles) Now we'll both die together, on live holovision!

Slugha: (gasps)

Gleeman Vox: It'll be the best ratings I've ever had!

Ratchet: Even if I don't make it out of here alive, at least a lot of other heroes escaped tonight.

Gleeman Vox: (coughs) Enjoy your pathetic idealism... (coughs and gasps) For the last few seconds of your life!

Gleeman Vox: What?!

Clank: Get in, Ratchet. There is no time remaining.

Ratchet: Just a sec.

Slugha: Whoa!

Gleeman Vox screaming: No!

Overhead speaker: Five seconds until detonation.

Clank: Hold still, Ratchet.

Vernon: Whoa! (laughs) Check out that explosion! That was awesome!

Kid C: (laughs) Let's do it again!

Eugene: Move! It's my turn to look!

Dallas Wanamaker: No it's my turn you little brats! Get outta here! Don't you know how to respect your elders, hm?

Dallas Wanamaker: (yells) Did you see what she just-... (screams)

Vernon, Kid C and Eugene: (laughs)

Clank: What? This was the last shuttle. What else could I do?

Al: Hey, I fixed the com-link. We've got incoming calls!

Kid Nova: Ratchet, Clank! Hey, it's Kid Nova. What can I say, I thought I was a goner back there. I owe you guys big time!

Hydro Girl: Hey, Ratchet? It's Hydro Girl. If you're ever back on Aquatos, promise you'll look me up, okay?

Ratchet: Eh, well, Aquatos is nice this time of year.

Clank: Well, why not?

Al: More calls coming in!

Qwark: Ratchet, Clank? It's me, Captain Qwark! There's a nasty rumor going around about heroes being kidnapped. But don't worry, it's baloney! I mean, come on. Nobody came to capture me, right?! Just imagine making a show about galactic heroes without Captain Qwark, hah! Well, anyway, you guys missed the last three meetings of the Qwark Cadets Fan Club. But, don't worry, we've got extra copies of the newsletter. And I even saved some of the snacks! Hope you like custard!

You make me feel like a young boy again!

Nefarious: Lawrence, what's going on?! You said we were coming within range of a space station!

Lawrence: Well, we were, sir. How was I to know it would suddenly explode?

Nefarious screaming: Lawrence!

Lance: Oh, Janice. It's been so long! Too long. Say you'll never leave me again for that nasty villain, Englebert.

Janice: Oh, Lance! You make me feel like a young boy again!

Lance: Say what?

(After the cutscene plays.)
On-screen: Start game over in Challenge Mode? Choosing 'Yes' will return you to the beginning of the game with all of your current experience and items. Choosing 'No' will send you to just before the final battle, as if it never happened.


(Upon starting a conquest game.)
Merc: In Conquest mode, win by earning bolts for your team. Bolts come from wasting enemy players and capturing nodes. Now go make me some cash!

(Upon approaching a node for the first time in lock-strafe mode.)
Merc: Use circle to equip your hacker ray. Aim at a node and hold R1 to capture it.

On-screen: Tap Circle to equip your Hacker Ray. Aim at a node and hold L1 to capture it

(Upon approaching a node for the first time in third person mode.)
Merc: Use your hacker ray to capture that node! Press R2 to equip it and press circle to capture it!

On-screen: Tap R2 to equip your Hacker Ray. Aim at a node and hold Circle to capture it

(Upon successfully capturing a node for the first time.)
Merc: Nodes are strategic locations that can be captured by either team. Captured nodes provide upgrades, vehicles, and spawn points for the team that controls them. Team's nodes can be customized with upgrades. Vote for the one you like!

(Upon earning a node upgrade.)
On-screen: Node upgrade earned!

(Upon capturing a node, X representing the amount of time available to vote for the node upgrade.)
On-screen:Use the directional buttons to vote for Level 1 Upgrade: XX

(After voting for a node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: After voting, your time will have to wait a certain period of time before the upgrade becomes active. So don't get antsy!

(Upon selecting a node upgrade, with X being the node upgrade chosen and Y being the amount of time remaining.)
On-screen: X upgrade in Y seconds

(Upon obtaining the Extra Turrets node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: Quad turret upgrade doubles the number of turrets defending your nodes.

On-screen: Extra Turrets upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the Force Field node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: The spectre force field upgrade puts protective Holo-Shields around your nodes!

(Upon obtaining the Force Field node upgrade.)
On-screen: Force field upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the Missile turret node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: The Missile turrets upgrade transforms your node turrets into missile turrets!

(Upon obtaining the Missile turret node upgrade.)
On-screen: Missile turret upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the Teleport Network node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: Teleport network upgrade allows you to travel between your nodes using teleportation pads.

(Upon obtaining the Teleport Network node upgrade.)
On-screen: Teleport Network upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the Player turret node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: The Phantom turret upgrade activates the man-powered turrets at your nodes.

(Upon obtaining the Player turret node upgrade.)
On-screen: Player turret upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the Power turret node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: The overrider turrets upgrade increases the power of the turrets defending your nodes.

(Upon obtaining the Power turret node upgrade.)
On-screen: Power turret upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the Capture resistance node upgrade for the first time during a game with hacker orbs.)
Merc: You just got the hacker ray jammer!

(Upon obtaining the Capture resistance node upgrade for the first time during a game with bolt cranks.)
Merc: You just got capture resistance!

(Upon obtaining the Capture resistance node upgrade.)
On-screen: Capture resistance upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the ammo pad node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: Ammo pads upgrade activates the ammo refill pads at your nodes.

(Upon obtaining the ammo pad node upgrade.)
On-screen: Ammo Pad upgrade acquired!

(Upon obtaining the health pad node upgrade for the first time.)
Merc: The health pads upgrade activates the health refill pads at your nodes.

(Upon obtaining the health pad node upgrade.)
On-screen: Health Pad upgrade acquired!

(Upon capturing a node.)
Merc: Node Captured!

On-screen: Node Captured!

(Upon a player from the opposite team attempting to capturing a node.)
Merc: A node is under attack!

(Upon a player from the opposite team capturing your node.)
Merc: You just lost a node.

On-screen: Your team has lost a node!

(Upon capturing a second node for the first time in a conquest game.)
Merc: Your team's captured nodes periodically add to your bolt total.

Merc: Your team can choose more powerful upgrades by holding more nodes at once.

(Upon approaching a pickup before capturing the node.)
Merc: You gotta capture this node before you can grab the powerup!

(Upon starting a king of the hill game.)
Merc: In King of the Hill mode, win by staying inside the hill for the specified amount of time.

(After the first time the hill moves.)
Merc: The hill can periodically move to different locations.

(Each time the hill moves.)
Merc: The hill just relocated.

(Upon starting a Juggernaut game.)
Merc: In Juggernaut mode, the first person to get the specified number of kills as the juggernaut is the winner.

(Upon becoming the juggernaut for the first time.)
Merc: You are now the juggernaut! You got more health, and fully upgraded weapons, but you can't enter vehicles! Aww, too bad!

(Upon becoming the juggernaut, where X is the player who became the juggernaut.)
On-screen: X is now the Juggernaut!

(Upon attacking the juggernaut.)
Merc: Work as a team to take down the juggernaut! If you can finish him off yourself, you will become the juggernaut!

(Upon defeating another player as the juggernaut.)
Merc: As the juggernaut, you're healed every time you waste another player!

(Upon smashing a health crate as the juggernaut.)
Merc: Tough luck! The juggernaut can't heal from crates. You'll have to defeat your opponents to heal!

(Upon the juggernaut defeating a player while invisible.)
Merc: The juggernaut is invisible! You can still see him on the radar and can temporarily reveal him by hitting him.

(Upon starting a deathmatch game.)
Merc: In Deathmatch mode, be the first to score the specified number of kills to win!

(Upon starting a Capture the Flag game for the first time.)
Merc: In Capture the Flag mode, win by bringing the enemy team's flag back to your base!

(Upon capturing a flag in a Capture the Flag game for the first time.)
Merc: You have the enemy flag! Return to your team's base to capture it.

(Upon capturing a flag, in which X represents the team who's flag has been captured.)
On-screen: The X Team's flag has been picked up!

On-screen: Press Circle to drop the flag.

(Upon dropping a flag, in which X represents the team who's flag has been dropped .)
On-screen: The X Team's flag has been dropped!

(Upon approaching your flag with flag return disabled for the first time.)
Merc: This game has flag return disabled. Touching the flag will not return it to your base.

(After obtaining charge boots for the first time while in lock-strafe mode.)
Merc: Double tap L2 to activate the charge boots.

(After obtaining charge boots for the first time while in third person mode.)
Merc: Double tap R1 to activate the charge boots.

(Upon obtaining charge boots.)
On-screen: You got the Charge Boots!

(Upon approaching a jump pad for the first time.)
Merc: Use jump pads to access higher areas.

(Upon picking up a weapon for the first time.)
Merc: You just picked up a weapon! You can find more weapons around the battlefield. Weapon pickups also contain ammo. Now get out there!

(Upon picking up a weapon mod for the first time.)
Merc: When you pick up a mod, you automatically equip it to your current weapon.

(Upon picking up the morphing mod.)
On-screen: You got the Morphing Mod!

Merc: Morphing mod!

(Upon picking up the napalm mod.)
On-screen: You got the Napalm Mod!

Merc: Napalm mod!

(Upon picking up the freeze mod.)
On-screen: You got the Freeze Mod!

Merc: Freeze mod!

(Upon picking up the acid mod.)
On-screen: You got the Acid Mod!

Merc: Acid mod!

(Upon picking up a weapon, where X is the weapon obtained.)
On-screen: You got the X!

(Upon being morphed for the first time.)
Merc: Hah! You've been morphed! You'll change back in a while.

(Upon picking up an ammo pack for the first time.)
Merc: You just picked up a ammo pack. If you don't need it, then you're not shooting. If you're not shooting, then you're probably dead!

(Upon picking up an weapon pack for the first time.)
Merc: You just picked up a weapon pack. When you kill a player, their weapons drop into a weapon pack.

(Upon picking up an weapon pack.)
On-screen: You picked up a Weapon Pack!

(Upon walking over an ammo pad.)
On-screen: All ammo maxed!

(Upon approaching a swingshot target for the first time in lock-strafe mode.)
Merc: Jump towards swing targets and hold down R1 to latch on with the swingshot.

(Upon approaching a swingshot target for the first time in third person mode.)
Merc: Jump towards swing targets and hold down circle to latch on with the swingshot.

On-screen: Jump towards a Swingshot target and press Circle to swing.

(Upon picking up health for the first time.)
Merc: You just picked up a health bonus. Remember, you can't pick up health if you're not damaged.

(Upon picking up a damage powerup for the first time.)
Merc: Quad damage gives you a serious power increase for a short period of time.

(Upon picking up a damage powerup.)
Merc: Quad damage!

On-screen: You got the damage powerup!

(Upon picking up a shield powerup for the first time.)
Merc: The allied shield powerup absorbs most of the damage you take for a short period of time! What's wrong?! Can't take the pain?

(Upon picking up a shield powerup.)
Merc: Allied shields!

On-screen: You got the shield powerup!

(Upon entering any vehicle for the first time.)
Merc: Press R1 to fire a vehicle's weapons.

(Entering a vehicle with a passenger side for the first time.)
Merc: Press L1 to swap to the passenger seat!

(Upon using the gravity boots for the first time.)
Merc: Gravity boots. Our way of saying 'Screw you, nature'! You can walk on metallic walls and ceilings. You can go home and scare your momma! I don't care!

(Upon dying for the first time.)
Merc: Use the directional buttons to select your spawn point!

(Upon dying and waiting for the respawn timer, in which X represents the timer itself.)
On-screen: Respawn Timer: XX.XX

(Upon the timer completing.)

(Upon the game concluding in a draw.)
On-screen: DRAW!

Dallas Wanamaker: We've got a draw!

(Upon winning a challenge without teams.)
On-screen: Player 1 wins!

Dallas Wanamaker: You win!

(Upon blue team winning a challenge.)
On-screen: Blue Team wins!

Dallas Wanamaker: Blue team wins!

(Upon red team winning a challenge.)
On-screen: Red Team wins!

Dallas Wanamaker: Red team wins it all!

(Upon orange team winning a challenge.)
On-screen: Orange Team wins!

Dallas Wanamaker: Orange team are the winners!

(Upon orange team winning a challenge.)
On-screen: Green Team wins!

Dallas Wanamaker: Green team wins, baby!



(Upon fully charging the Beta Ravager for the first time.)
Al (communicator): Your bots accumulate attack power each time they take a hit or deal damage! When the power meter reaches full you can order them to deliver a devastating special attack.

On-screen: When the Ravager symbol appears, press Up [Up] to order your bots to use their super attack.

(Sometimes if there are available bot upgrades.)

Al (communicator)
  • Hey, Ratchet. I know you're busy with the fighting and the jumping and the hurting, but I have a new bot upgrade for you!
  • Ratchet, I've seen assorted cheeses more dangerous than your combat bots. Bring them back to my shop, and I'll give them some upgrades!

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)

  • You're alive! Ah well, there goes that bet.
  • It's just me, robot repairman extra-ordinaire!
  • Sasha always reminded me of a young Greta Gearbox.
  • I don't watch the DreadZone matches, they're too scary.
  • My dream is to have a vid-comic detailing the life of Al!
  • Good job Ratchet! You really like blowing stuff up, don'tcha?
  • Okay, who needs their servos cleaned? It's getting ripe in here.
  • The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle isn't as uncertain as you'd think.
  • Boy, you combat bots are really banged up. What, are you new at this fighting stuff?
  • Ah ha! I figured it out! Well, I'm not that surprised, that I figured it out that is. Oh forget it.
  • Don't you hate it when you're looking for something, but you're holding it? (laughs) Now where's my drill?
  • Has anyone seen my retrofitted electronic pincher device? Oh, (yells) it's attached to my butt, oh that smarts.
  • Can you try not to mix the motor control engines with the low-res solar modules! They're very hard to distinguish.
  • My favorite vid-comic is a rare Captain Qwark where he meets his evil twin brother, Commander Quasar! Oh the irony!
  • I spent five hundred bolts for a special edition Captain Qwark vid-comic where he says "poo poo" on every other page!
  • When I was young, my father used to say "Al, you are an energetic degenerate!" Little did I know, that that was a good thing! As least if you're talking about Fermi Gas. Ahem, now, where was I?

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)
Al: Ah if it isn't my two favorite combat bots. Keeping Ratchet alive, I see.

Green: Yes sir. I-I mean, Al.

Al: Hm, I don't know, I liked sir.

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)
Green: Back in the bot shop, time for some R&R.

Al: I hope that stands for 'responsibly removing your RoboBar wrappers'. This place is a mess!

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)
Green: Hey Al, did I ever tell you the story of when I was a prototype? I always dreamed of being a combat bot.

Al: Yes, seven times! Enough already!

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)
Merc: Hey! What'd you do with my macro assimilators?!

Al: I'm adjusting them, hello?! Fine, do it yourself.

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)
Green: Al, what happened to the VG-9000 we were playing between battles?

Al: Well, I thought it was more important that we concentrate on our work here. Besides, you were getting too close to my highscore on Ozorg's Revenge.

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)
Green: Hey Al, tell me again what it's like to be married to Courtney Gears?

Merc: Al's not married to anybody! He's messin' with you.

(Sometimes while idling nearby Al, and upon visiting him.)
Merc: Hey? Hey! Somebody get me a droonk.

Al: Droonk?! It's drink. Who programmed your language memory? A washing machine?


(Upon earning enough Dread Points to unlock the Ghost Station.)
Dallas Wanamaker: Travel to the Ghost Station battlecourse is now open!

(Sometimes during most challenges.)

Dallas Wannamaker
  • Run Ratchet, run!
  • Don't forget to order the DreadZone home game!
  • Have you ever wondered what's in the special sauce?
  • Oh, this is more fun than a busload of cheerleaders!
  • You know, I gotta get me one of those battlesuits, Juanita!
  • What I wanna know is how Ratchet uses the bathroom in that suit?
  • Remember, don't try any of this at home. Go to a friend's house!
  • They say war is hell, Juanita. But where does that leave DreadZone, eh?
  • Have you ever seen the diablo in the pale moonlight? I have and it's fantastic!
  • Folks, I hope everybody's pee-pee'd 'cause we're not breaking for commercial anytime soon.
  • If Ratchet was a tough cookie, what kind of cookie would he be? I'm gonna go with snickerdoodle!
  • Will the person driving a mint-green Manray Five please report to security, you're parked in my space!
  • You know, sometimes I think I should have taken that job on Annihilation Nation. They've got a great dental plan!
  • Interesting fact, folks: DreadZone started out with two guys fighting over a breakfast burrito! And the rest is history!
  • Folks, just a reminder, tomorrow is kick your best friend in the pants day! Free popcorn for everyone who participates!
  • This guy needs a catchy, little... kinda shtick. You know, a nickname! "Ratchet, The Radical Rockin' Rodent Guy"! What do you think?

(Sometimes during any Landstalker challenge.)
Dallas Wanamaker: I wonder if the Landstalker is stick or auto.

(Sometimes during any Puma challenge.)

Dallas Wannamaker
  • Ratchet's driving like a Tempus Blix beast with a death wish.
  • Don't scratch the paint on that Puma, we're giving it away at bingo night!

(Sometimes during combat, can also rarely occur outside of it.)

Dallas Wannamaker
  • Team Darkstar is unstoppable!
  • I think explosions are pretty!
  • Whoa! This announcer is impressed.
  • Team Darkstar simply won't give up!
  • Team Darkstar is in rare form tonight!
  • Oh man! These guys are hot! (sizzling sound) Did you feel that, Juanita?
  • You don't sell the steak folks, you sell the sizzle, and Ratchet is hot!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Ratchet is an animal! What's that? He is an animal? I knew that.
  • Man, look at him go! You know, for a little guy this lombax can really put the smack down!
  • Oh this guy should have his own fitness machine, his own shoes, his own fat burning barbecue!
  • One thing about Ratchet—you give him any lip and he'll feed you a lead sandwich! You better believe that, Juanita!
  • And that lombax is terminating with extreme prejudice! It's a good thing we're out of range, Juanita! We are out of range, are we?
  • Ratchet's got this match on ice, ladies and gentlemen. The juice is cold and the generic brand X gelatin is definitely jiggling!
  • This guy is gonna sell a lot of commercial time, Juanita! Let's just pray we don't have any more wardrobe malfunctions! (laughs)
  • This is what they mean by gratuitous violence, Juanita. Hm! I'm going to call my kids and tell them to stop watching, just as soon as I have kids.

(Sometimes upon taking damage.)

Dallas Wannamaker
  • Oh man, even I felt that one!
  • Uh-oh, Ratchet is looking weak!
  • Malay, mayday! Lombax going down.
  • Ooh, I can't look. Is he still alive?
  • Ho, there's one for the highlight reel!
  • Ooh, I could feel that one from in here!
  • I think Ratchet is slowing down a little!
  • Ratchet is bumping off baddies left and right!
  • Go on! Put that furry sucker out of his misery.
  • Ding dong! The bells are ringing in Ratchetland.
  • Wow! I wouldn't wanna be the cleaning crew tonight!
  • Ratchet can take a licking, but he won't keep ticking.
  • Yowch! Our viewers can feel that one in Bogon, Juanita!
  • Ratchet! Now going out in the proverbial blaze of glory.
  • Oh man, that last hit was like a spanking from my mommy!
  • Hold on to your youngest folks! Ratchet is out for blood.
  • What a hit! We're moments away from lombax paste, everyone!
  • I hope Ratchet has a will because he's gonna need one soon!
  • Ratchet's about to fight the bag and step out the door! That means dying.
  • Looks like Team Darkstar is about to become team dead-star pretty soon! (laughs)
  • You know I bet at against Ratchet at ten-to-one, and all I have to say is; I'm rich!
  • Team Darkstar is making their mark in DreadZone! Team markstar is making their dark in redzone! Oh dear I've gone cross-eyed.

(Sometimes upon completing a challenge with no ending dialogue.)
Dallas Wanamaker: What a match, folks! I know I wasn't expecting that outcome! Ratchet has moved up in the rankings, surpassing Mustachio Furioso, Illustrious Lana, and Mailbag!


(Sometimes during combat.)

  • Hmm. Not bad, but Ace Hardlight would have done it better.
  • Oh, come on! Will somebody just kill this little runt already?
  • This creature is clearly much too dangerous to be set free. He must be destroyed!

(Sometimes upon taking damage.)

  • (laughs) Take that lombax!
  • Ohhh, I just love to watch him suffer!
  • This is my favorite part! You know, when they die!

(Sometimes when either combat goes down.)
Juanita: (gasps) Oops! One of his bots just went down. Aww, too bad, it was the cute one too.

(Sometimes when both combat bots are downed.)
Juanita: Look, his bots are down. He's gonna die!

(Sometimes upon completing a challenge with no ending dialogue.)
Juanita: (gasps) What, he survived? He must have cheated!


(Upon dying too many times in too quickly in any difficulty over 'Couch Potato'.)
Clank (communicator): If you're having a hard time or need a better workout, you can adjust the game's difficulty level whenever you load your game.

(Upon dying even more too many times too quickly in any difficulty over 'Couch Potato'.)
On-screen: Would you like to lower the game's difficulty level?

(Upon upgrading your maximum nanotech level for the first time.)
Clank (communicator): Defeating enemies automatically upgrades your DreadZone weaponry and improves your maximum nanotech level!

(Upon either of your combat bots being incapacitated for the first time.)
Clank (communicator): One of your combat bots is incapacitated. Use the revive command to bring him back to life.

On-screen: Press Down [Down] to resurrect your bot.

(Upon entering the weapons menu for the first time.)
Clank (communicator): This is the weapons screen! Here you can select any weapon you own and modify it. To modify a weapon, select the weapon you want and press X. You will see at the top of the screen the weapons which are available, with the statistics of the weapon just below. Each weapon can equip a powerful omega modification. These black market upgrades can inflict massive amounts of damage. To add, modify, or change an omega mod, scroll down to the omega mod button and press X. The list of available omega mods will be displayed.

(Upon upgrading a weapon for the first time.)
Clank (communicator): Vox has designed his weapons to gain experience as you use them, which allows them to be upgraded. Upgraded weapons not only do more damage, but can be modified!

(The second time any weapon is upgraded.)
Clank (communicator): Here is some good news. Each time your weapon upgrades, it unlocks a new alpha modification slot for you to use.

(Upon entering the weapons menu after obtaining four different alpha mods through upgrading weapons.)
Clank (communicator): An alpha mod can only be equipped onto a single weapon at a time. You will need to add and remove the mods in order to put them onto different weapons. Select a weapon, scroll down to the alpha upgrade, and press X to enter the alpha modification menu.

(Upon entering the 'Alpha mods' sub-menu in the weapons menu.)
Clank (communicator): Multiple alpha mods of the same type can be equipped on the same weapon. A pool of available upgrades for each weapon will appear above the bottom row of upgrades. You can unequip an alpha mod at any time and place it back into the alpha mod pool.

(Upon entering the 'Omega mods' sub-menu in the weapons menu.)
Clank (communicator): Select any omega mod which is available for that weapon, and then press X to equip it. That omega mod will now always work with that weapon, until you change it, or take it off, use it wisely. Once you have purchased a new omega mod, it can be equipped if your weapon supports it. Remember, some weapons are not compatible with certain omega mods. Take some time to configure your weapon mods, proper use of your mods will greatly improve the firepower of your weapons.

(Upon purchasing enough weapons to unlock that secondary quick select.)
On-screen: Hold R2 and press Square to access your secondary quick select.

Clank (communicator): Ratchet, there are additional gadgets available on your secondary quick select screen!

(Upon purchasing the Fusion Rifle.)
Clank (communicator): Fusion Rifles are a good long-range weapon which can be zoomed in to accurately shoot enemies from far away.

On-screen: Press and hold L2 to use the scope and Left Left analog stick to zoom in / out

Clank (communicator): Try using the Fusion Rifle to destroy those enemies.

(Once your vehicle reaches half health.)
On-screen: Move onto vehicle pad to heal

Clank (communicator): You can drive over a vehicle pad at any time to repair vehicle damage!

(Upon entering the locations menu without enough medals to continue to a new planet.)
Clank (communicator): To unlock the next stage of the DreadZone circuit you must earn the medals on all currently unlocked planets. Defeat the DreadZone campaigns on each planet to earn medals.

(Upon entering the locations menu without enough Dread Points to continue to a new planet.)
Clank (communicator): You must earn Dread Points in order to unlock new planets. You can earn them by beating the Dread Challenges on any accessible planet. Challenges can be completed in any order once they are unlocked.

(Upon straying too far from the other player during co-op mode.)
Clank (communicator): Be careful not to stray too far from your partner, Ratchet. If you get too far apart, both of your collars will explode!

(Randomly while idling around Clank.)

  • Ooh, nice suit Ratchet.
  • Your skill is improving.
  • This deadlock collar is quite uncomfortable.
  • That new armor should protect you quite well.
  • I have been following the rankings Ratchet. You are becoming a contender.
  • So Ratchet, do you still find the life of a gladiator glamorous? (chuckles)
  • Some of the heroes have been imprisoned for a long time. Plasma Man has been here since he was Plasma Boy.
  • I am currently searching for a way to override the deadlock collars. But until then, try not to lose your head. (chuckles)
  • I have been monitoring your progress, Ratchet. You are doing an excellent job. But please, do not feel obliged to thank me.
  • My tech bot friend is quite helpful. Although her reasons to see me are arbitrary, and unrelated to our escape. I think she likes me.
  • I really can not stand reality HV. I liked the golden age of holovision with shows like Edward, half man half sand shark, or Billy and the Tongor Beast.
  • I am meeting with my tech bot friend for classified turret schematics. Ratchet, do you think I should wear cologne? She prefers the smell of turbine exhaust.
  • Vox has several layers of security. Hacking through it has been tough. But I did manage to unlock his communication network. He chats around the galaxy with other slugga lovers. His screenname is 'Voxy_loves_slugga'.

(Randomly while idling in the containment suite.)

Clank (communicator)
  • Ratchet, you need to choose where you're going to compete next.
  • Ratchet, when you are ready to choose where you are going to compete next; enter the planetary transport.
  • Ratchet, they have requested you move onto the next tournament before doing anything else. The planetary transport is waiting.
  • Ratchet, they have requested you move onto the next tournament before doing anything else. The Battledome transport is waiting.

(Upon earning enough Dread Points to unlock planet Sarathos.)
Clank (communicator): Your status on DreadZone now allows you to access planet Sarathos.

(Upon earning enough medals and Dread Points to unlock the Avenger Tournament.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you are now able to compete in the Battledome's Avenger Tournament! Make sure you are ready, this will not be easy.

(Upon earning enough Dread Points to unlock planet Kronos.)
Clank (communicator): I have checked your rankings, Ratchet. You have earned enough Dread Points to advance to planet Kronos.

(Upon earning enough Dread Points to unlock planet Shaar.)
Clank (communicator): Your Dread Point score now allows you to advance to planet Shaar.

(Upon earning enough medals and Dread Points to unlock the Crusader Tournament.)
Clank (communicator): You have qualified for the Crusader Tournament.

(Upon earning enough Dread Points to unlock the Valix Belt.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you have now unlocked the Valix Belt campaign.

(Upon earning enough medals and Dread Points to unlock the Vindicator Tournament.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you have now qualified for the Vindicator Tournament! You know, Captain Starshield holds the all-time scoring ranking for this tournament.

(Upon earning enough Dread Points to unlock planet Stygia.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, planet Stygia is now available for travel.

(Upon earning enough medals and Dread Points to unlock the Liberator Tournament.)
Clank (communicator): Ratchet, you now rank high enough to compete in Battledome's Liberator Tournament. Most heroes never finish this one, be careful.

Gleeman Vox

(Sometimes after approximately 40 seconds while idling in the containment suite, note that only one line can occur at a time.)

Gleeman Vox (intercom)
  • Attention all contestants. Remember that you are on live holovision at all times. Put your smiles on, and let's keep the action lively out there.
  • Attention heroes, we are detecting high levels of radiation in the containment area. If you reside next to, or near Uranium Man, you will die shortly.
  • Attention, contestant. The Battledome is open all hours for your convenience. Hone your combat skills and improve your rank, all on live holovision.
  • Please be considerate of other contestants by keeping the interplanetary transport as clean as possible. After all, your mother doesn't work here. Except for you, Captain Nightingale.
  • Attention heroes and heroines. Any attempt to access the containment suites of other contestants will result in immediate termination. Captain Lightspeed just found out the hard way.


(Sometimes upon being ordered to do a specific task.)

  • Yes sir!
  • I'm on it!
  • A-okay sir!
  • Affirmative!
  • Sir, yes sir!
  • Aye, aye, cap!
  • Target acquired!
  • You can count on me!
  • Yes, drill sergeant!
  • Just what I was thinking!
  • Response program affirmative!
  • Anything for the commander, sir!
  • That's what I was trained for sir!
  • Heck I'd do it for fun! In a simulator.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to use an EMP.)

  • EMP, sir!
  • Deploying EMP, sir!
  • One shocker coming up!
  • Preparing the EMP, sir!
  • Whoa! Look at that sucker fry!
  • Yes sir, cover me, I'm going in!

(Sometimes upon being ordered to turn a bolt crank.)

  • This node will be ours in a sec, sir.
  • They won't let us take it for free. Watch for enemies sir!
  • This'll be like spinning the blades on the R500 Roto Plow back home. That plow was my friend.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to hack into a security orb.)

  • Just let me get this Hacker Ray working.
  • Sir, activating Hacker Ray. Give me cover!
  • Yes sir! Hacking was my specialty at the academy.

(Sometimes after finishing hacking the final orb in a group.)
Green: Security orbs activated sir, ready for your next order!

(Sometimes upon being ordered to set a grind cable.)

  • Deploying grind cable, sir!
  • I'll set up the grind cable, sir.
  • Grind cable, eh? We used to have these back home.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to fire the Ravager.)

  • Termination program alpha!
  • You might want to stand back, sir. Things are about to get ugly.
  • I hope you're sure about this sir. This baby will destroy everything in sight!

(Sometimes upon being ordered to set an explosive charge.)
Green: Preparing to completely obliterate the target sir. Wish me luck.

(Sometimes when healing Merc, his other generic lines can also play.)

  • We've got a man down, sire!

(Sometimes prior to switching to, or while using, a different weapon.)

  • Attack!
  • Wolverines!
  • Enemies targeted!
  • Deploying attack!
  • Yes sir! Now... sir?
  • Okay here goes nothing.
  • Soldiers, commence fire!
  • Targeting vector initiated!
  • Trigger fingers don't fail me now!
  • (screams) This one is for you Q8-900!
  • You can do it, remember your training and you'll be just fine.
  • Yes sir! This'll be just like shooting Tellurian wingbats back home!

(Sometimes upon being ordered to regroup.)

  • Sir, are you in danger?

(Sometimes upon finishing off an enemy.)

  • (cheers) That wasn't so bad!
  • Chalk another one up for the good guys!
  • (cheers) We never saw anything like that in boot camp!

(Sometimes upon encountering new enemies.)

  • Watch for enemies sir.
  • I've got trouble over here!
  • More bad guys, should we run?
  • Sir, we've got a face off up ahead.
  • Sir, these guys came out of nowhere!
  • Enemies up ahead sir, what's your order?
  • (screams) Oh man, I hope I don't get shot.
  • Bogies up ahead, where did these guys come from?
  • Enemies ahead, sir. These guys came out of nowhere!

(Sometimes upon taking damage.)

  • I'm under fire!
  • I'm getting all shot up over here!
  • I'm not gonna last much longer sir!
  • Sir I'm falling to pieces over here!
  • Hey, stop shooting at me! Time out! Time out!
  • (shouts) The pain! The agony! (sighs) What a world.

(Sometimes upon being destroyed.)

  • Man down!
  • Man down! Go on without me.

(Sometimes when a combat bot is destroyed.)
Green: We've got a man down, sir!

(Sometimes after being revived.)
Green: Thanks sir, I thought I was a goner for sure.


(Sometimes at the start of a challenge, if nobody else is talking.)

  • Now pay attention this time.
  • Hey boss, do you read Chaucer?
  • My trigger finger's getting itchy!
  • You're not falling asleep, are you?
  • How many times you want to do this?
  • Come on, I need to blow something up.
  • Let me at 'em, let me at 'em! I'll tear 'em apart.
  • Boss, when this is all over, I'd like to do it again. And again.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to do a specific task.)

  • Uhhuh.
  • Why not.
  • I'm game.
  • Roger that.
  • No problem.
  • You got it.
  • Watch my back!
  • Sure thing, boss.
  • Consider it done.
  • Who's your daddy?!
  • Thought you'd never ask!
  • Gimme something hard to do.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to turn a bolt crank.)

  • Boss, cranking nodes makes me dizzy!
  • I didn't sign up to spin around in a circle! Aww, hell.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to use an EMP.)

  • Launching EMP!
  • EMP baby! This'll be fun!
  • One EMP coming up, I hope you like your bad guys fried!
  • Let me get my shades on first, there's gonna be some lightning.
  • You might wanna cover your eyes boss, it's gonna get bright in here.
  • Didn't your momma ever tell you not to put your fingers in a light socket?

(Sometimes upon being ordered to hack into an orb.)

  • You got it boss, but save some bad guys for me!
  • You got it boss, then can we get back at shooting stuff?
  • Hacked orbs, coming up! Just make sure I don't get my butt shot off.

(Sometimes after finishing hacking the final orb in a group.)
Merc: Boss, I got them hacked, let's go.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to shield another bot.)

  • Yo!
  • Got your back!

(Sometimes when healing Green, his other generic lines can also play.)

  • All right, who hired the newbie?
  • Relax, kid, you're gonna be just fine.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to set a grind cable.)

  • Boss, allow me.
  • Laying a path for you boss.
  • I was thinking the same thing!

(Sometimes upon being ordered to fire the Ravager.)

  • Bring the pain!
  • I'm the pain-man.
  • Time to deal some hurt!

(Sometimes upon being ordered to set an explosive charge.)

  • Let's do some damage!
  • I'm blowing some stuff up. And that's a nice way to say it.

(Sometimes prior to switching to, or while using, a different weapon.)

  • Yeehaw!
  • Hey Green, watch and learn!
  • Watcha gonna do when I come for you!
  • I'm going to own your sorry robot can!
  • (laser gun noises) (laughs) I love this game!
  • They won't know what hit 'em. (laughs) Yeah they will.
  • Hey Boss, watch this, you could learn a thing or three.

(Sometimes upon being ordered to regroup.)

  • You rang?
  • Riders, mount up!
  • You got it, heading back!
  • You heard the man, regroup!
  • I'll finish what I was doing later.
  • What's up boss, find some action over there?
  • Come on boss, I'm in the middle of kicking butt! Oh all right.

(Sometimes upon encountering new enemies.)

  • Incoming!
  • We got snakes on the trail up ahead.

(Sometimes after the end of a fight.)

  • Okay I'll admit it, that was tough, I broke a sweat release hose.

(Sometimes upon encountering a beam turret.)
Merc: Aww! I see an itty bitty turret! Boss, can I blow it up? Pretty please?

(Sometimes upon taking damage.)

  • We're taking a beating out here!
  • You wanna play with the big boys?
  • Hey DreadZone, is that all you got?
  • Hey boss, are you awake? We got a firefight going on!
  • Ow! (shouts) Hey! (shouts) Hey, now you're making me mad!

(Sometimes upon being destroyed.)

  • I need a medic!
  • You got time to revive me?
  • I'm not napping, I'm down!


(Upon approaching any teleporter.)
On-screen: Triangle Use Teleporter

(Upon approaching the Battledome shuttle.)
On-screen: Triangle Fly to Battledome

(Upon approaching the Planetary Transport.)
On-screen: Triangle Fly to Battledome

(Upon approaching the Puma.)
On-screen: Triangle Drive Puma

(Upon approaching the Landstalker.)
On-screen: Triangle Drive Landstalker

(Upon approaching the Hovership.)
On-screen: Triangle Fly Hovership

(Upon approaching the Hoverbike.)
On-screen: Triangle Ride Hoverbike

(Upon approaching any turret.)
On-screen: Triangle Take Over

(Upon approaching any vendor.)
On-screen: Triangle Activate Vendor

(Upon approaching the Rank-O-Meter.)
On-screen: Triangle Use Rank-O-Meter

(Upon approaching a spot to plant an explosive in co-op mode.)
On-screen: Triangle Plant Bomb

(Upon idling near any bolt crank.)
On-screen: Bolt Crank: press Square, then walk around bolt

(Upon commanding a bot to turn a bolt crank while having the Puma parked on the node.)
On-screen: Please move the vehicle away from the node

(Any time either of the combat bots are down.)
On-screen: Press Down [Down] to resurrect your bot.

(Upon earning a skill point, where [skill point] is the skill pointed earned and Y is the amount of bolts received.)

[skill point]

Skill Point - Y bolts

(On pick-up of ammunition, where the X represents the count, and [weapon] the weapon you picked up ammo for.)
On-screen: Got X [weapon] ammo!

(Upon upgrading maximum nanotech.)
On-screen: Max Nanotech Increased!

(Upon upgrading a weapon in co-op mode, where X is the weapon and Y is the level.)
On-screen: X has reached level Y

(Upon upgrading a weapon in co-op mode and receiving a mod, where X is the mod obtained.)
On-screen: Received X Mod

Rank-O-Meter leaderboard

(Upon viewing the Rank-O-Meter for the first time.)
Rank-O-Meter: Welcome to the quasar 0115 gladiator ranking station.

(Randomly each time upon entering the Rank-O-Meter, with less than 15,000 Dread Points.)

  • Are you done yet?
  • Other heroes make fun of your stats.
  • I am surprised you have lasted this long.
  • You should reflect on how terrible you are.
  • You are not very good with a weapon, are you?
  • With your stats, I am surprised you are alive.
  • Get out there and get your stats up contestant.
  • Here to check your rankings? I would not look if I were you.
  • You're furry, much like a captive affection recipient. Or a pet.
  • Interesting. According to your size and smell you should have been removed with the rest of the waste.

(Randomly each time upon entering the Rank-O-Meter, with 15,000 or more Dread Points, but less than 75,000 Dread Points.)

  • Your numbers are improving.
  • Your rankings are sub-par, contestant.
  • Perhaps you can request a shave and a haircut.
  • Does it bother you that you are shorter than most heroes?
  • You are getting better. Congratulations for surviving this long.
  • Congratulations, contestant, there are now other contestants worse than you.
  • You are small, fuzzy, and weak. Allow me to double-check your rankings to see if they are correct.
  • If you feel your ranking appears in error and should be higher; please realize, you are not that good.

(Randomly each time upon entering the Rank-O-Meter, with 75,000 or more Dread Points, but less than 105,000 Dread Points.)

  • Hello contestant.
  • You seem to be getting better. That is why you are alive.
  • Welcome back Ratchet. My environmental sensors smelled you coming.
  • Your rank is satisfactory. Allow my emotional protocol to invoke surprise.
  • Attention! Something small and furry has wandered into the ranking station. Oh, it's you Ratchet, welcome.
  • If you're finished reviewing your rankings, please leave. I have a date with the security forcefield generator.

(Randomly each time upon entering the Rank-O-Meter, with 105,000 or more Dread Points, but less than 200,000 Dread Points.)

  • Hello hero.
  • Welcome back.
  • It appears I was wrong about you.
  • Hello hero, you are quite the gladiator.
  • Your ranking appears to be that of a contestant twice your size.
  • Your rankings are getting better contestant, or should I say, hero?
  • Contestant, have you hacked into my database, or are your rankings actually competitive?

(Randomly each time upon entering the Rank-O-Meter, with 200,000 or more Dread Points, and prior to the defeat of Ace Hardlight.)

  • Hello hero.
  • Please, take your time.
  • Hero, how was your battle today?
  • Please review your rankings at your leisure.
  • So nice to see you again, please, check your rankings.

(Randomly each time upon entering the Rank-O-Meter, after having defeated Ace Hardlight.)

  • I am unworthy to be in your presence, hero.
  • Your heroic presence rattles my friction sensors.
  • My circuits can no longer process stats of this magnitude.
  • You are now the highest ranked contestant in DreadZone history.
  • Congratulations hero, you have surpassed Ace Hardlight's record for career-point total.