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And there are certainly no 'highly explosive plutonium neck collars tied to a red button under my desk'.


Two DreadZone Test Bots demonstrate the functions of the collars: excruciating electric shock and detonation

A Deadlock Collar, also known as DreadZone Collar[1] were collars that were strapped around the necks of DreadZone contestants. They stopped contestants from attempting to escape, and they could shock contestants or be detonated to blow up contestants who had either strayed into restricted areas or gotten boring in each respective case. Dozens of superheroes were held prisoner in this fashion, so DreadZone battles remained entertaining. Clank, Big Al, and Venus finally found the codes to disengage the collars, allowing Ratchet to remove his and let it explode in outer space. All of the other superheroes in DreadZone disposed of their collars after they were freed as well.

Clank describing the Deadlock collar

Deadlock Collar before it explodes

Shortly before Ratchet's forced participation into DreadZone, commentator Dallas claimed that there were no plutonium neck collars tied to a red button under his desk.[2]


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