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The Deadgrove[1] was a location on planet Magnus. It's a canyon like forest that leads deep underground. The area is full of hostile creatures native to this grove, including Dreadgrubs, Magnus Grove Beetles and Abyss Dreadgrubs, along with benign Critters.

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To make matters worse, the Minions had introduced Gravoids and Wigwump to the Deadgrove. There was once a Tharpod Mining Camp here, but after the Minions took over, they used it for their own purposes. Few minions are stationed here as the Wigwump is highly aggressive.



Orthani Gorge

Orthani Gorge was the first segment of The Deadgrove in 'All 4 One'. In this segment, Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious began to trek through the Deadgrove to locate Commander Spog. It also introduced the Quakehammer.

Root Caverns

Root Cavern was the second segment of The Deadgrove in All 4 One. In this segment, Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious continued their trek through the Deadgrove to locate Commander Spog.

Access Shaft

Mining Camp



The Deadgrove is full of many creatures, most are benign Critters, but it's also home to large predatory insects that would enjoy eating Critters,Tharpods or even visitors from other worlds. Here is a list of creatures seen in the Deadgrove.


  • Dreadgrub: These pesky grubs are found throughout the Deadgrove, feeding on the local Critters for food. If they spot a hereos, they will roll into them with their sharp quills exposed as them ram their prey. A single hit will take them out.
  • Magnus Grove Beetle: A large predatory Beetle found in this grove, these creature charge their prey at incredible speeds. Their armor protects them from frontal attack; however, it's backside is vunerable to just about anything. Jump over the charging Beetle, and shoot a Warmonger at their backside to take it out.
  • Abyss Dreadgrub: Acts and just about looks like a normal Dreadgrub, they are found only in the deepest sections of Deadgrove, known as the Abyss. The Abyss is also home to a massive Wigwump. Use the same moves to take them out, bewary though as you will be fighting a Wigwump while you do that.

Other Creatures

Introduced Wildlife

The Minions have introduced a few aggressive creatures to this already hostile grove. One such creature is the Gravoids native to the Moons of Ebaro, although they are more often found in the Aldaros Plains. Another creature added to the grove is a massive Wigwump native to Sargasso.



The Deadgrove has a very small presence of Minions here, most likely because of the Wigwump. The upper regions are barely guarded at all. Deeper underground appears to be a mining camp operated by Pilot Minions. Their also is a railway line that goes from the Deadgrove to the N.E.S.T, defend by a few stationed Minions. Otherwise the Minions arrive by air from other regions of Magnus. Here are the types of Minions encounterd in the Deadgrove. Enemies

Other Types


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