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The Dayni Moon is a location in the Solana Galaxy featured in Size Matters. It is a small moon known for its agricultural facilities in the Farming Cooperative, where robot farmers grow a variety of crops. Due to Dayni's rotation speed, it often changes from day to night in a matter of minutes.

Ratchet and Clank traveled to the Dayni Moon while following Luna. While there, Clank also competed in several Clank Challenges taking place in a farm-themed arena.


After finding Luna in the Technomite City on Challax, they learned she was a robot controlled by the technomites. Before Ratchet could confront her, she flew off, using rocket boosters in her feet. The two hurried past Luna to return to their ship, ignoring Captain Qwark on the way, and chased her down to the Dayni Moon. In "Win more fabulous prizes", Clank competed in several challenges against other robots for bolts and other prizes.

In "Catch Luna", Ratchet and Clank fought through several robots, as well as the planet's local were-sheep, before reaching Luna to confront her. There, she revealed that the technomites were creating an army of Ratchet clones since their own robots are no match for him. She claimed they were doing this out of vengeance for being taken advantage of, as their technology was widely used but they were never credited.[1]

After defeating Luna, Clank attempted to hack into her to receive coordinates to the technomite factory producing the clones, but was electrocuted in doing so due to Luna's access nine protocol,[2] and then infested by technomites. This meant that Ratchet had to use the Shrink Ray to jump inside Clank in order to repair him and reactivate the anti-virus software to remove them. After he did so, the two left to Quodrona, to stop the technomite factory.


Map layout of the Farming Cooperative.


The Dayni Moon is covered in green farmland spread across tall rocky mountains and smaller plateaus that reach high into the air. The farmland is very fertile, with several crops on large patches of soil, as well as other flora, such as trees. This farmland forms the basis of the Farming Cooperative. The moon has a very quick day and night cycle, frequently shifting between the two.

Farming Cooperative

The Farming Cooperative comprises several metal towers, as well as wooden barnyards with antennae, spread across the tops of cliffs and mountains. It is operated by robot farmers, each wearing straw hats and a typical farmer's attire, and is populated by a species of sheep known as were-sheep, which change their forms and become hostile at night. The farmers also grow several crops across the soil patches, including one field of wheat grown atop a mountain, and keep haystacks nearby. Along the paths are metal lamps that light up at night.

The Farming Cooperative is also home to an arena where Clank Challenges take place. This is a wide, hexagonal arena in the middle of a wooden building resembling a barnyard, that is separate from the rest of the Farming Cooperative that Ratchet visits. As well as the same robots from Metalis, farmers also feature as contestants, and were-sheep as hazards.

Behind the scenes

Dayni Moon is the only location in the Ratchet & Clank series with a day-night cycle, which is a major mechanic for the enemies in the level. Its name "Dayni" is likely a reference to its day/night setting.


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