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Now, you sure you wanna go in there, friend? These ears have heard some mighty disturbing stories about this old island.

Darkwater's Cove was the location on Merdegraw where Ratchet, Talwyn, and the Smuggler went after Hoolefar Island was attacked. Ratchet and Talwyn solved three different riddles to get the Fulcrum Star until Ratchet fell into Darkwater's trap and Talwyn got captured. In the end, Ratchet got out Darkwater's trap and returned to the Smuggler to rescue Talwyn. The Smuggler sold Ratchet the Alpha Cannon for weapons he needed.



Other creatures

Space Pirates

The Musical Organ


  1. Copy and follow along the musical tune.
  2. Make flavors for the Pirate Bartender.
  3. Match the skull's shadow.
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