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The Darkstar Fission Tether is perfect for electrifying enemies on the battlefield. Activating multiple tethers will activate a lethal energy chain!

GrummelNet Preview, All 4 One

The Darkstar Fission Tether is an electric arc gun manufactured by the Terachnoids in All 4 One.

The Darkstar Fission Tether is first available at the N.E.S.T. base for 15,000 bolts. The elite version can be purchased for 60,000 bolts.


The weapon is primarily effective within a group. Electricity jumps between each team member's gun, creating electric "wires" that shock enemies. Its elite version carries more electrical energy causing a more powerful chain, similar to the Tesla Spikes.

Behind the Scenes

The Elasta-Shock, a cut weapon-like object from All 4 One shown at Gamescom 2010, works the same as the Darkstar Fission Tether. The weapon was also previously named the Darkstar Fission Rifle before release.

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