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Cyrus was Qwark's Markazian manager for Unicop. He first appeared in Ratchet & Clank: Issue 3: Lost and Spaced as an antagonist, corrupting Qwark to become the Galactic President instead of Artemis Zogg.



After finalizing his box office hit, My Blaster Runs Hot, Qwark began Unicop, a movie about a half unicorn and cop. However, through the process of the film, Cyrus, Qwark's manager, noticed some people were giving bad reviews on the movie. Unicop was later cancelled and Cyrus claimed to Qwark that he would never speak to him again.

Galactic President

Just before Qwark was about to promote the campaign of Artemis Zogg as Galactic President of Polaris, Cyrus appeared behind Qwark. Qwark was confused to why Cyrus was there as he said he'd never speak to him again, but Cyrus simpily said the past was old and he's all about the now. When Qwark told him about his support for Artemis Zogg, Cyrus convinced him that he was the one that should become the Galactic President and Artemis Zogg is old news. Qwark agreed that he should have more than a "supporting role" and declared himself the new candidate for Galactic President, effectively winning, which deeply sadening Artemis Zogg and causing his facility to close.


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