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Ms. Cute Anastasia Bot also known simply as Ms. Bot, is the Agency's premiere field-support Operator, Ms. Cute Anastasia Bot helps countless Agency agents through life-or-death situations on a daily basis, including Gadgebots and Clank himself.

She boasts a Ph.D in Secret Agent Motivational, Behavioural, and Psychological Support With a Smile, a degree she pioneered. Offering equipment hot drops, on-demand intel, and recon, Ms. Bot is one of the most under appreciated - and woefully single - covert operators in the Agency's service.

Her voice is very similar to that of the HelpDesk Girl but her appearance is drastically different. In the end she is the one to debreif President Phyronix about Clank's mission and how Ratchet was wrongfully accused.

Concept art


  • Due to the nature of the game, being based on spy work, it could be assumed that she is based on Ms. Moneypenny from the 007 series.


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