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The debonair folds in Clank's sleeves hide a deadly bomb launcher. The gem shaped bombs are made of an explosive piezoelectric element, Volitanium, that can be used as regular bombs or proximity mines.

Weapon Description, SAC

Cufflink Bomb is a weapon developed by the Agency in Secret Agent Clank. It is an explosive weapon that folds into Clank's sleeves on his tuxedo, then throws gem-shaped bombs made of an explosive piezoelectric element, Volitanium, that could be used as regular bombs or as proximity mines.

The Cufflink Bomb is available for free upon reaching the Skyline Rooftops in Asyanica. With use, it can be upgraded to the Wrist Mortar, which enhances its explosive power the long it is in the air. The Proto Wrist Mortar can be purchased in challenge mode for 400,000 bolts.


The Cufflink Bombs are worn by Clank on his sleeves on his tuxedo outfit, and resemble a red gem on a gold cufflink.

The Wrist Mortar is larger, resembling a large amethyst with two rings around it. It enhances the explosive power of Volitanium by coating it with an alloy that destabilizes when exposed to air.


The Cufflink Bombs are explosive weapons with low ammo and a low rate of fire but strong damage and a good blast radius. This means that, when aimed properly, it can defeat multiple enemies at once clustered together, or can deal heavy damage to larger, more resilient targets. As enemies are unlikely to cluster together, the Cufflink Bombs become outclassed later in this regard compared to other wave-clearing weapons, but remain useful against larger, tougher targets.

The Cufflink Bombs upgrade to the Wrist Mortar, which deals more damage the longer it is in the air. This means it is ideal to throw the Mortar further, and that it is best aimed against larger enemies at a distance.

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