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Freeze enemies in their tracks with GrummelNet's latest freeze weapon!

The Cryoshot description when viewed in a Weapon Pod., FFA

The Cryoshot was a freeze weapon identical to the OmegaTech Frost Cannon in appearance. However, it shot out balls of ice instead of a beam of ice. It could kill a Grungarian Brawler in 3 shots. Once upgraded to LVL3, it became the Alpha Cryoshot.

Due to being superior to the Freeze Mod, it presumably froze enemies at temperatures even colder than -253 °C.

In the 2016 video game and film, Cora Veralux uses this weapon to put out flames that were on Qwark. In the latter, Qwark and Ratchet also use Cryoshots during their battle on the Deplanetizer.

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