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A handy little glove that launches CryoBombs that flash freeze enemies. Freeze an enemy and then give them a whack - they may well crack up.

Instruction Manual Weapon Description, ACiT

The CryoMine Glove is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries and invented by the Lombax Kaden[1] in A Crack in Time. It tosses mines which home in on enemies and instantly freeze them for a short period of time, leaving them open to attack.

It is described by the Grummels as the perfect marriage of GrummelNet technology and Lombax ingenuity. Alister Azimuth kept a copy of Kaden's patent for the weapon in his hut on Torren IV.[2]

The CryoMine Glove is available for purchase upon reaching planet Zanifar for 41,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the Blizzard Mine Glove with use. In challenge mode, the Omega Blizzard Mine Glove can be purchased for 287,000 bolts.


The CryoMine Glove is a bright blue glove with black fingers and a capsule containing a frozen liquid. Its mines are spherical and contain a blue frozen liquid. The Blizzard Mine Glove features a much larger capsule on the back of its hand and blue fingertips, and its mines are spiked.


The CryoMine Glove can either toss mines on the air to home in on enemies, or toss mines directly at enemies, to freeze them. It will instantly freeze, but not damage heavily, most enemies, making them open to attack. This can be strategically useful in leaving one enemy vulnerable, or buying the player enough time to attack some enemies while not having to worry about others. As it only freezes one enemy at a time, it is best used against larger enemies that pose a greater immediate threat due to its relatively low ammunition. In many cases, the weapon can be outclassed by the Groovitron Glove which disables all enemies, though the CryoMine Glove is still useful particularly when short on Groovitron ammo. It can also be used effectively with the Plasma Striker, freezing an enemy and making it easy to target their weak spots through the Striker's scopes.

The Blizzard Mine Glove's mines have an area of effect instead. This allows the weapon to be much more broadly useful against all sorts of enemies, as it can be useful against smaller enemies as well. However, it does not change the fact that the weapon still does little to damage enemies on its own and is outclassed by the Groovitron.