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Crushto was an aquatic creature fought by contestants in the Imperial Fight Festival at the Mukow arena.


Pre-Tools of Destruction

Crushto was a creature native to the oceans of Praxus Seven, found by fishermen with his fins missing and was given cyborg arms and legs. He was made a gladiator at the Imperal Fight Festical, were he officially endorsed neo-fit ice water.

Tools of Destruction

Ratchet and Clank battled and defeated Crushto during their visit to the arena.


Crushto was a giant amphibious creature that had cyborg arms and legs. He was a fan of sushi.


His strength was moderate, his armor was strong and he was capable of attacking up to a moderate range. His two most common attacks were shooting missiles from the missile launcher that was connected to his right arm, and shooting his bullets from the machine gun on his left arm at you. He also tried to blow you off the arena floor into the lava or sucked you into his mouth as a snack. The best way to get rid of this monster was to continuously use strong weapons against him, like the Predator Launcher and the Shard Reaper. About 4 shots from the Alpha Cannon killed him in less than 5 seconds.

Crushto had a large amount of, what could be called, invincibility periods where weapons did not damage him at all. Such periods were when he first landed on the arena or when he was switching attacks.