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Creatures! For years, they've been something of a rite of passage on Magnus.

Dr. Croid on critters., A4O

Critters were collectible creatures. There were over 50 unique species of critters all around planet Magnus when the heroes were on the planet. After collecting a certain amount of critters, one of the Croid labs would be unlocked. After increasing milestones of critters collected, more labs were unlocked.

The critters were essential in unlocking the RYNO VI Protosuit as each completed secret lab would result in a RYNO VI part.


Magnus's original Critters were small and usually harmless creatures taken as pets by the native inhabitants of Magnus the Tharpod's. The close relationship between the Critters and scientifically minded Tharpod race was close to the point where almost every Tharpod on the planet had one.

What no one realized; however, was that most of the critters were possessed by the inhabitants from the planet Toranux known as Loki, a race of energy beings that requires host bodies to survive yet despises all life in the universe. One day a Tharpod scientist named Frumpus Croid stumbled upon the existence of the Loki.

Frumpus was experimenting with his own Critter, Mr. Dinkles, and discovered the existence of a strange form of Cosmic energy that was in fact the Loki Master he and his assistant Nevo Binklemeyer, built a Proto Plasmic Energy Extractor to remove this energy from Mr. Dinkles for further study.

This gave the Loki Master the idea to start placing his race into the bodies of more powerful creatures and broke into the lab to steal the Extractor and kidnapped Nevo forcing him to begin building a Robotic Army. Frumpus, unaware of what was really going on, built a search drone known as Ephemeris to find Mr. Dinkles.

Seeing an opportunity when the drone did find them the Loki Master forced Nevo upgrade and re-purpose the drone to start collecting the fiercest creatures throughout the universe, the pieces of the Toranux home world, and critters from across the universe to serve as host bodies for the Loki race while the Extractor was being perfected.

Unfortunately for the Loki's plans, and the creatures themselves, the Critters escaped confinement and began wandering aimlessly around the planet often winding up as food for the predators that were given free reign around the planet. Towards this end Vac-U 4000 equipped Minions were dispatched to round up the Critters.

In order to protect the RYNO VI Protosuit Dr. Croid created a series of elaborate obstacle courses that require a certain amount of Critters to unlock and which people would have to guide a Cursed Snarflap through.

Types of Critters


Planet Critters
Magnus Leafmuncher Grobulus, Crimson Shroom Grobulus, Grobulus Prime, Cursed Snarflap, Feathery Flurkitten, Spiny Groon
Terachnos Droopy Crumptofox, Fuzzy Crumptofox, Surly Mountain Crumptofox
Fastoon Forest Dwelling Brakterbeak, Camouflaged Brakterbeak, Primordial Brakterbeak
Vaknar III Blue Tort Blumple, Sandy Blumple, Cantankerous Case Blumple
Aranos Arrogant Brown Owlatort, Spotted Grey Owlatort, Mischievous Arctic Owlatort
Lumos Muddy Brown Malletong, Striped Pink Malletong, Arctic Chilled Malletong
Gorn Green Eyed Oculorp, Sub-Tropical Oculorp, Marsh Dwelling Oculorp
Oozla Purple Menace Vroktopod, Briny Vroktopod, Infected Vroktopod, Fire Red Slugnarg, Coastal Slugnarg, Dry Gulch Slugnarg
Smolg Slimy Swamp Klartopod, Yellow-eyed Klartopod, Green Bumpy Klartopod, Sea Green Sharnapod, Violet Sharnapod, Angry Sharnapod
Reepor Grove L'arvid, Forest Dwelling L'arvid, Toxic Sludge L'arvid
Merdegraw Ruby Skurtch, Common Rock Skurtch, Poisonous Skurtch
Yeedil Hopping Blue Dralnop, Famicomb Dralnop, Royal Purple Dralnop
Quantos Mud Brown Crabalrus, Skittish Ocean Crabalrus, Regal Crabalrus
Endako Blue Horned Drakocktor, Raging Purple Drakocktor, Hot Lava Drakocktor, Sea Foam Drakgoon, Creeping Willow Drakgoon, Rare Golden Drakgoon


Critter Strike

  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • T-Rex

Notable Critters