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The Critter Strike is the latest in molecular reconfiguration! It turns deadly enemies into harmless creatures.

GrummelNet Preview, All 4 One

The Critter Strike is a transformation weapon manufactured by GrummelNet in All 4 One. It can convert certain enemies into animals.

The Critter Strike is first available at the N.E.S.T. base for 10,000 bolts. The elite version can be purchased for 30,000 bolts.


The Critter Strike fires a blue and yellow beam that turns enemies into Pigs when fired long enough. Larger enemies take more firepower to transform, while smaller enemies can sometimes transform instantaneously. When all four heroes fire at one enemy, a powerful burst can turn other enemies in the vicinity into pigs as well. The Critter Strike turns enemies into Pigs by default, however when upgraded its elite mode can morph enemies into flaming boars, which breathe fire to deal damage quickly.

Pre-order mods

The T-Rex mod was available as an early unlock bonus for those who pre-ordered the game at Amazon.com. The mod has three separate iterations, the first transforming enemies into eggs with legs poking out, the second into baby T-Rexes and the third into fiery red T-Rexes. When the elite version is purchased, however, the enemies can morph into baby T-Rexes that will fight for the players as minions.

The Sheepinator weapon from Going Commando was reincarnated as a mod for the Critter Strike in All 4 One. Those who preordered the game at Walmart would receive the mod as an early unlock bonus. This mod also has three separate iterations, the first being able to transform enemies into idle sheep, the second into dark grey rams and the third into fiery red rams.

Both of these mods could only be obtained by pre-ordering the game.