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Slimey Cragpole, say hello to Mr. Zurkon's little friend!

Mr. Zurkon, ToD

Cragpoles were the smallest form of Cragmites that attacked by spitting acid out their mouth. Young Cragpoles tended to hang out in large groups and swarm toward any nearby prey. They also burst from the bodies of fallen Cragmite Warriors and Cragmite Hunters. As unintelligent as they were ugly, they did not pose much of a threat except when they were in large numbers. While their main mode of attack was to get up close and chomp on Ratchet's ankles, they could also belch out short-range projectiles.

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  • The name Cragpole may be a portmanteau of "Cragmite" and "tadpole", the latter is an early stage in the life cycles of frogs.
  • They bore sriking resemblance to cerullean swarmers and cerullean centipedes, as they looked almost identical to swarmers and had the same attack of centipedes.