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A Cragmite Warrior battling on Fastoon

A Cragmite Warrior was the fully grown form of the Cragmite species and the deadliest creature to exist within an eight galaxy radius of the Polaris Galaxy. They were the primary soldiers to serve under the Great Cragmite Empire.


Cragmite Empire and Great War

The Cragmite Warriors once terrorized the entire Polaris galaxy, extinguishing hundreds of species and obliterating entire planets in their headlong rush to conquer it. Thanks to the brave effort of the Lombaxes, the Warriors along with the rest of their race were declared extinct at the end of the Great War and were all transported to another dimension, X2-49. Despite this, many throughout the galaxy still lived with the fear that the Cragmite Warriors would someday return.

Tachyon's Rule

Cragmite Warrior TOD.jpg

Later, the Zoni gave Clank a vision of a Cragmite Warrior, warning that "they would return." Their prediction came to pass. Percival Tachyon would successfully bring back the Cragmite Warriors from their interdimensional prison using the power of the Dimensionator. Ratchet encountered many of them throughout various planets as his journey continued.


After Tachyon's defeat, it is assumed the remaining Cragmite Warriors were defeated as they were not seen again after the Cragmite Emperor met his fate. Qwark later confirmed in an interview that the Cragmites were banished to a currently unknown location.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Concept art of a Cragmite warrior

Cragmite Warriors were very damaging with their attacks and also had the ability to teleport around like other Cragmites. Their main form of attack was a shot of three green energy blasts, but they could also swipe at Ratchet if he came too close.

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