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The courier ship[1][2] is a vehicle in Ratchet & Clank. It is a Novalian courier vessel granted to Ratchet and Clank by the planetary chairman Agnogg Buckwash, to replace Ratchet's homemade ship after it crash-landed on the planet. The two used it up until Umbris, at which point, he acquired Qwark's tour shuttle.

The courier ship is absent from the 2016 re-imagined game. Instead, the Plumber simply repairs Mr. Micron's ship after crashing it on Novalis.


Ratchet and Clank acquired the ship on Novalis during "Find a new ship." After exploring the Tobruk Crater, they found Agnogg Buckwash escorted down to the planet by blarg birdbots. After freeing him, Buckwash left his ship in fear, believing Ratchet and Clank to be torturers or assassins, and gave them an infobot in fear. When he learnt that they simply needed a new ship, he gave them his courier ship.

Later, in Qwark's headquarters on Umbris, Captain Qwark trapped Ratchet and Clank in his headquarters to fight a blargian snagglebeast. After "Destroy the Snagglebeast," the two were unable to get out from the snagglebeast' lair, and had to find a new ship. They eventually picked up Qwark's tour shuttle, which Clank agreed to start for Ratchet on condition that he would help the Commando on Batalia. Thereafter, the two temporarily used Qwark's shuttle.


Concept art of the Courier ship

The courier ship is a dark green bulky vessel with a box-like appearance. It has at least six engine ports in its rear sides, and two on the top. It is longer than Ratchet's homemade ship, with a smaller cockpit, but a large cargo area. It is also slower than a lot of Ratchet's other ships.

Behind the scenes

The idea for the courier ship was for it to be a slow, clunky, durable vehicle similar to a mail truck.[2]

The model for the courier ship appears in the Insomniac Museum in the 2016 game.


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