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Corson V is a planet first appearing in Rift Apart and home to an enormous, bustling city called Megalopolis. It serves as both the tutorial level and later the final level in the game, similar to Veldin in the original Ratchet & Clank. Not much is known about the planet or city, but the city name, the prominent amount of logos and advertising in Corson V could suggest the planet or city is owned by Megacorp, similar to Megapolis or at the least has strong ties to them.


Festival of Heroes

It is here that Captain Qwark organizes the Festival of Heroes, to celebrate the heroic accomplishments of Ratchet, Clank and of course himself. The festival is hosted by Qwark himself, along with Ratchet and Clank's old Q-Force ally Skidd McMarx and enemy turned acquaintance, space pirate Rusty Pete. The festival is interrupted by the recently rebranded Thugs-4-Less; Goons-4-Less attempting to assassinate Ratchet and Clank under orders from Dr. Nefarious. Clank had rebuilt the broken Dimensionator from the duo's previous adventure and was planning on gifting it to Ratchet so he may find his lost race the lombaxes, in another dimension. Nefarious stole the Dimensionator during this and was pursued throughout the city. While attempting to use the device against them, Ratchet shoots the Phase Quartz power core and damages it causing the dimensions themselves to begin unraveling, leading the Dimensionator to become more and more unstable and sending Nefarious flying in an explosion to another part of the city. After making their way through the sky train station and a taxi stand, Ratchet and Clank catch back up to Nefarious and battle him in his party crasher. Before he can be defeated however, he opens a rift before the Dimensionator eventually explodes to bring Ratchet and Clank with him to a dimension where he always wins.

Emperor Nefarious' invasion

Much later, Emperor Nefarious, an alternate dimension counterpart to Dr. Nefarious, seeking to expand his empire's reach, invades Ratchet and Clanks dimension using a newly built dimensionator and begins his conquest of their universe with Megalopolis, attempting to turn their dimension into his own. Ratchet, Clank and their new allies within a resistance force against the emperor, follow him and attempt to fight back his invading armies. An enormous battle then takes place against the Emperors troops and his giant robot, imperial power suit. Ratchet manages to disable it with the help of the Space Pirates and the Savali monks by destroying its bio-mechanical heart from the inside. Ratchet and Clank's dimensional counterparts and allies Rivet and Kit then battle the emperor himself and finally defeat him together. The Dimensionator is retrieved just before the emperor can attempt to overclock it and destroy all the dimensions in his rage and he starts to be pulled into a rift by an angry kraken. While the emperor attempts to resist being pulled in, Dr. Nefarious confronts him and having felt nothing but contempt for his counterpart in the time he came to know him, delivers the final blow to Emperor Nefarious, sending him to his presumed doom. Clank then uses his knowledge of fixing dimensional anomalies he came to understand throughout the adventure with the Dimensionator to fix the damage that was done and stops the dimensional cataclysm from occurring. Afterwards, the city celebrates Ratchet, Clank, Rivet, and Kit's success.


The Festival of Heroes in Megalopolis

The planet has a climate and geography very similar to that of Earth, with the orbital view showing green landscapes, blue oceans and skies. Megalopolis is quite densely populated with many different races, full of extremely tall sky scrapers and huge building structures, similar to that of Metropolis, Megapolis, and Meridian City.

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