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The logo for the Constructo line of weapons

A Constructo weapon is a weapon from the new Constructo line of weapons, which could be customized with Constructo mods to change the functionality of the weapon to the player's liking.[1] These mods could change the ammo type, trigger, and barrel among other things. The color scheme of a Constructo weapon could also be customized using one of several pre-made color schemes or custom one.[2] There were three Constructo weapons: the Constructo Pistol, the Constructo Bomb Glove, and the Constructo Shotgun.[3] When a Constructo weapon reached V5, it became a Mega Constructo weapon.[4] The Constructo weapon slogan was: "Versatile weapons for the versatile traveler."[5]

GrummelNet preview

"Are you tired of having to purchase a different weapon for every occasion? Then try GrummelNet's new Constructo line, and take charge of your arsenal. Each weapon can be modified with any Constructo-approved upgrade: Rate of fire, ammo type, specialty triggers. If you can dream it, Constructo can deliver it! Now available in three flavors: The Constructo Bomb Glove, Constructo Pistol and Constructo Shotgun."


Ratchet, finding a Constructo Mod

A Constructo mod was a collectible item found throughout the Breegus System. There were a total of 21 Constructo mods. These mods were used to modify the Constructo weapons. The three Constructo weapons were the Constructo Pistol, the Constructo Bomb and the Constructo Shotgun. Each constructo weapon had about 12 modifications for it.


Each weapon in the line had upgrades to be unlocked. The upgrade system acted a lot like the weapon mod system from earlier games. Ratchet sometimes found scattered constructo mods around levels. They took the form of an orange case with the Constructo line symbol on it, which contained a shiny piece of intel within them that would glow when opened. As soon as he found it, he was given the chance to modify his Constructo Weapon.

Constructo Pistol

The Constructo Pistol was the main constructo firearm that Ratchet had in his arsenal. The player could edit the trigger, chamber, upgrade and paint. They could choose a preset paint style or customize the primary, secondary and trim colors. The upgrades varied in between having the bullets ricochet, or for them to explode on impact. The trigger changes were about how the pistol released the stock. It included having a multi-shot system, single shot system or charging up system.

Constructo Bomb

The Constructo Bomb was a Bomb Glove-like weapon which acted like many explosive weapons in the previous games. The player could add an "effect" to it, although it was only an aesthetic attribute; it boosted the uniqueness of the weapon. Such effects included a spinning, sparking disc attached to the weapon. Upgrades included having the blast radius changed, and also having smaller bombs explode along with the main bomb.

Constructo Shotgun

The Shotgun was a lot like the previous shotgun-type weapons, like the Blitz Gun. It allows the player to take out multiple enemies. The mods allow the barrel and shell to change, and the player can add an upgrade such as stunning, or extra damage. The barrel can be changed to sacrifice spread for range and power, or range for spread and so on. The shots' mods only allow for more power, really, but can really change a battle's outcome.

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