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The Constructo Shotgun is a constructo weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in A Crack in Time. It comes with a customizable barrel, chamber, and optional upgrade, all affecting its performance, while its paint can affect its appearance.

The Constructo Shotgun can be obtained at the Battleplex Arena by winning the Gold Cup. It can be upgraded to the Mega Constructo Shotgun with use. In challenge mode, the Omega Constructo Shotgun can be purchased for 255,000 bolts.

There is a challenge in the Raritanium Cup at the Agorian Battleplex called "Fire Proof", in which contestants may only use the Constructo Shotgun and the wrench.

Constructo mods

Constructo mod Available at In-game description
Spread Barrel Default This barrel carries enough stopping power to take out an army of Cragmite assassins, making it an ideal choice for intergalactic assaults.
Double Barrel Korthos Omega A favorite of galactic authorities across Polaris, this barrel sacrifices a small amount of distance for double the bullet spread.
Choke Barrel Korthos Tau This modification sacrifices bullets spread in exchange for significantly increased range and power.
Pellet Chamber Default This chamber produces a standard blast of lethal energy rounds capable of mangling any opponent!
Lance Chamber Zanifar, Tombli Outpost This chamber creates kinetic shards designed to impale and destroy anyone in your path!
Slug Chamber Lumos, Krell Canyon This chamber creates heavy slugs powerful enough to redecorate the battlefield with whatever's left of your enemies!
Galvanic Upgrade Agorian Battleplex, Agorian Roulette This upgrade stuns your foes with supercharged energy rounds, giving you a tactical advantage on the battlefield.
Perforator Upgrade Bernilius Sigma This upgrade is designed to provide any ammo type with enough velocity to perforate your foes, as well as anyone unlucky enough to be standing behind them.
Detonator Upgrade Agorian battleplex, The Exterminator This upgrade adds a powerful sticky-bomb to each round that detonates seconds after it makes contact!


Constructo Shotgun artwork icon

Constructo Shotgun artwork

The Constructo Shotgun is a two-handed rifle supported by a left hand grip. Its appearance varies on which chamber and barrel it has equipped.

The Constructo Shotgun's paint job can also be customized by the player.


The Constructo Shotgun is a versatile weapon, and its performance varies based on which mods it has equipped.

The basic Spread Barrel is a single barrel with a moderate area of effect and range, that is broadly useful. The Double Barrel has double its bullet spread, giving it a larger area of effect, but a shorter range, making it more useful in close combat against multiple enemies. The Choke Barrel significantly increases the range and power, but greatly reduces its area of effect, making it more useful against larger enemies, rather than groups of smaller enemies.

The Pellet Chamber fires standard energy rounds at enemies. The Lance Chamber fires shards instead, and gives the weapon a slightly greater range. The Slug Chamber fires heavier, more focused shots at enemies.

The Galvanic Upgrade causes the weapon to stun enemies, making it strategically useful to slow enemies in close range. The Perforator Upgrade causes all blasts to pierce through enemies and damage enemies behind them regardless of the chamber selected, making it more useful at damaging multiple enemies. The Detonator Upgrade attaches a sticky-bomb to each blast that causes it to detonate afterwards, giving it a potentially greater area of effect and damage.