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The Constructo Pistol is a constructo weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. It is a pistol with a customizable trigger, chamber, an optional additional upgrade, all of each affect its functionality.

The Constructo Pistol could be upgraded to the more powerful but otherwise identical Mega Constructo Pistol with use at level 5. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Omega Constructo Pistol for 96,000 bolts.

Constructo mods

Constructo mod Available at In-game description
Pull Trigger Default Constructo's reliable single-shot trigger.
Rapid Trigger Lumos, Krell Canyon Turn your pistol into a fully-automatic assault weapon!
Charge Trigger Torren IV, Molonoth Fields Release a lethal burst of ammunition based on how long the trigger is held!
Coil Chamber Default This modification uses electromagnetic propulsion to fire high-velocity rounds at your enemies!
Blast Chamber Quantos, Zolar Forest Annihilate the opposition with a blast of supercharged protons.
Beam Chamber Phylax Tau Destroy your foes with a class-three thermal laser beam.
Ricochet Upgrade Nefarious Space Station This modification's omni-bounce converter makes it possible for your ammo to ricochet off walls and deal even more damage!
Scorcher Upgrade Vapedia, Valkyrie Citadel This modification fires a pyrocidic compound at your foes that keeps working after you've moved on to other endeavors.
Impactor Upgrade Agorian Battleplex, The Art Of Negotiation This modification coats each shell with an explosive chemical compound designed to detonate on impact.


Constructo Pistol artwork

The Constructo Pistol is a basic one-handed pistol. Its appearance varies greatly on which modifications it has equipped.

As well as modifying the parts of the weapon, the player can also modify its paint job. By default, it will be colored orange with blue effects. The primary, secondary and trim colors can all be painted, in addition to the colors of the effects of the weapon. Preset paint jobs included the default style (a grey finish), the Gunmetal style (a blue and white), the Spartan Scarlet style (red and black) and the Pacifier style (pink and white).


The Constructo Pistol's performance varies depending on its equipped trigger, chamber and upgrade. For the most part, however, the Constructo Pistol is a versatile weapon useful against all types of enemies. While it can be outclassed in certain areas,

The basic trigger, the Pull Trigger, allows the weapon to fire rounds at enemies at a medium rate of fire, while the Rapid Trigger gives it a much greater rate of fire. The Charge Trigger allows the player to charge up the weapon by holding the fire button, before releasing to unleash a much more powerful blast. Upon acquiring either Rapid or Charge Trigger, there is no reason to use the Pull Trigger. Rapid Trigger is more broadly useful and is strong against larger waves of enemies, while the Pull Trigger is more specifically useful against larger enemies. As the Pistol with the Pull Trigger is outclassed by weapons such as the Plasma Striker, the Rapid Trigger often makes more sense.

The chamber of the weapon affects the rounds fired by the weapon. The basic Blast Chamber fires supercharged protons, the Beam Chamber fires a longer laser beam, and the Coil Chamber fires electrically charged waves at enemies. The difference between each of these is negligible, though both the Beam Chamber and the Coil Chamber have a greater blast radius than the Blast Chamber.

The Ricochet Upgrade allows the weapons' rounds to bounce around the room, making it much more useful in close spaces and against mobs of enemies packed closely together. The Scorcher Upgrade leaves a damage over time flame on the enemy that makes it more useful against larger targets which take more damage. The Impactor Upgrade makes the rounds explode on impact, giving the weapon a slightly better blast radius. Each of these upgrades varies in their usefulness, and which one the player uses will be down to preference.

Behind the scenes

The Constructo Pistol appears as a weapon for Ratchet in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The weapon also appears briefly in the 2016 movie, where Ratchet wields it when he threatens to take Qwark in "by force, if necessary". In this instance, the pistol shoots out an extending boxing glove.